Okay, I'm in love with dark stories where Danny's critically injured and Vlad is the only person that can help at the moment, but I've only found one good one so far. I got annoyed and wrote one. :D Enjoy!

Darkness, snow, and red. That's all Danny could see, could tell of the world. All he knew was darkness, snow and red. Of course, he'd known much more before this, but what had caused this was a pain for him to think about, so he tried his best not to. He knew if he didn't get help immediately, he'd black out and probably never come to.

Slowly, with the arm that wasn't so banged up that it felt numb, he reached in his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. Very painfully, he dialed a number, and brought the electronic to his ear. He prayed silently that it would pick up. He was his only hope now…


"Vlad…" Danny squeaked out softly.

"Who is this?" Vlad didn't recognize Danny, he was used to the brave voice that always came from him, and also annoyed Vlad to no end.

"Danny… Vlad, I need…help." Danny barely got that sentence out, barely hanging on to consciousness.

"Daniel? What's wrong?"

"I…think I'm dying."

"What! Daniel, pay attention. Where are you? How badly hurt are you?"

"I'm…in a forest…behind FentonWorks… and I can't tell. I can't lift my head…"

"Okay, Danny I'm coming to get you as fast as possible. Try to stay conscious." Danny nodded, not wanting to waste energy on an "ok".

It was about fifteen minutes later when Vlad landed behind FentonWorks. He saw a fresh trail of blood in the snow, and some footprints next to them that seemed very fresh. He took off, following them as fast as possible, and when he found Danny, he wasn't alone. Jack was standing over Danny, who was laying face down in the snow. Jack had an evil glint in his eye, even though Danny was in human form.

Jack raised a very big ecto gun, and aimed at Danny. Vlad gasped and flew at a terrifying speed, sweeping Danny out of harm's way right as Jack pulled the trigger. No one was hurt, but Jack now knew what Danny's savior looked like, and there was no doubt he'd hunt him down. Vlad didn't care though, he knew he could handle Jack. He was mainly worried about Danny, who had several large scrapes and cuts all along his face and body, his side had a huge gap in it, which was clogged up with dried blood, thankfully. He had a huge scrape on his head, his hair matted with blood, but worst of all, his left arm. His left arm was so twisted and broken that it was purple, swollen and there was a bone sticking out of Danny's arm. Just looking at it made Vlad wince.

Vlad cradled Danny gently in his arms, careful not to budge or bother his severely broken arm. He sped as fast as he could possibly go, pushing the limits of his speed, toward his mansion. Glancing down at Danny, who was growing paler by the minute, Vlad muttered one single prayer. "God, please don't let me be too late."

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