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Danny grinned as he flew down to the lab, "Vlad! I found it! I found the-"

"Cure. I know." Vlad chuckled. He pointed to the microscope. "You left the clues." Danny grinned even more.

"Shouldn't we go ahead and administer it?" He asked, wanting to get it over with as quickly as possible.

"Calm down Danny, we should put it in a syringe and test it on a ghost to make sure it won't destroy your ghost half if we use too much." Danny nodded at this.

"Who then?" he asked. He and Vlad stared at each other in thought for a moment before a smile slid across each of their faces, a certain ghost coming to mind that they wouldn't mind seeing less of.

"Let go of the FEARSOME and AWESOME Box Ghost before you suffer his WRATH!" Box Ghost yelled out as Danny and Vlad tugged him across the Ghost Zone. Danny and Vlad glanced at each other and rolled their eyes at the annoying ghost at the same time.

"Will you be quiet?" Danny called back to the square obsessed ghost.

"NEVER!" Danny and Vlad huffed at this. They quickly made it back to Vlad's portal, where they entered and quickly hand cuffed the Box Ghost to a small pole that was holding two shelves up and apart from each other.

"We aren't going to do anything to you, we just need a sample of ectoplasm." Danny said, not looking at him as he flew around the lab. After getting a small syringe and a bowl that held the amount of needed ectoranium, he held out his hand for the Box Ghost to give him his arm. Looking unsure, the box obsessed specter held out his arm. Danny took a sample of ectoplasm from him and inserted it into the ectoranium. It did the same exact thing as with his ectoplasm. That meant it wouldn't hurt a full fledge ghost. "Done. Thanks!" Danny smiled before letting the ghost go. They did this process on several ghosts, all ranging in amount of power they had. The result was always the same. Finally, they began getting small ghosts similar to the ones Danny's dad used to test on and simply inserting the amount of ectoranium and water into them. Danny only allowed this because the results kept coming back the same, and they needed to know what it would do if inserted into a ghost. They found that it increased the ghost's levels of ectoplasm, and their power level. It didn't seem to have any terrible after effects however.

"I guess that's it then. It'll work." Vlad said, smiling and transforming back into his human form. Danny smiled back and nodded. "Want to celebrate with dinner, then?" Vlad asked. "We can order Nasty Burger if you want." Danny grinned.

"Yeah, that sounds good." Vlad nodded and took out his cell phone and ordered take out from Nasty Burger. After the order was through, Vlad slipped his cell phone into his suit pocket and grabbed the keys from the counter where he left them before they went into the ghost zone.

"I'll go pick the order up, why don't you go take a shower? You smell like ectoranium and ectoplasm." Vlad chuckled and Danny did too. Heading to the stairs, Danny transformed back to Fenton.

"You mean you don't like that smell? Maybe I should make it into a candle for you and give it to you on Christmas then." Danny laughed and disappeared up the stairs. Vlad shook his head and started towards the stairs himself when Danny popped his head out in the open to say something else. "Oh, and Vlad?"

"Yes Daniel?"

"Thanks, for everything." Danny smiled.

"You're welcome. And you're not going to stop thanking me any time soon, are you?"

"Nope!" Danny exclaimed, disappearing back up the steps. Vlad chuckled him and followed him out and left to pick up their dinner.

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