I felt relived as I flickerd my eyes open. There stood; the mind reader, the human, Jasper, Alice, A blond girl, Emmett, Charlise,Esme, and a tan muscular boy. He wasn't wearing a shirt and I noticed a tattoo on his right shoulder. They where all staring at me, how long was I out? I thought Felix killed me?

"He did." Th mind reader answerd. Then how.. he cut my thought off "The Volturi may be old but they arn't wise." he said making me wonder ment. "they didnt burn your ashes only pull off your arms." Now I understood. "you see a vampire can be put back together..." I cut him off " unless you burn the pices. I know. It wasn't my first time loosing an arm."

"Oh, I see" The mind reader confermed, as I noticed that I herad two hearts beating. The first was the humman girl but who else? The tan male smelt of wet dog, I didn't smell blood.

"Bree this is Jacob Black," the mind reader said with no emotion. Jacob noded in my direction.

"So where am I? I asked the male I remember as Charlise.

"This is our house, the Cullen house. And now your house. We have noticed your self control. We belive that you can join in on our eating have problebly noticed, our eyes are gold. They turn black when we're thirsty." he answerd.

"Yes, Riley told us thats there like that because, your old. Is that true?"

"No" Esme answerd. Then Charlise took over. "Our familys diet consits of animal blood only. We protect the people in our area as does Jacobs tribe."


"I'm a wearwolf" Jacob expained "but not furless howl at the moon type more of like fuzzy and loving at times and a fearce vampire slayer in others."

"Ok, well that explaind the howling," I joked. No one laughed.

"So, how long was I out?"

"About five months." Jacob answerd. "don't worry I counted."

Alice cleared things up. "One of the newborns- new vampires- got its arms aroung him and crushed his ribs instantly. They just finish healing, its faster since hes a wolf.

"this is our family," Charlise stated. "This is Bella," the humman steped forward." Edward," The mind reader. "This is jasper and Alice," the short spiky haird girl smiled and waved. "Emmett and Rosilie," the blond girl and the short brown haird muscular male waved. "and of cours this is my wife Esme and you know im Charlise. Our coven is full of talented vampires; Edward reads minds, Alice can see the future, and Jasper controls mood."

"Well that explains alot." I joked as Jasper grined a little.

I thought for a moment, the wlls are made of glass and its about noon... another one of Rileys lies. Fred! "Oh, no!"

"Whats wrong sweetie" esme asked me is the most genal voice ever.

"One of my friends left before the fight. His names Fred. He told me to get Deigo and meet him in Veince, but he would only wait a day. It would be hard to find him, he has the power to.. well its hard to explain. you see he can make him-self so revolting you can't even think about him. He can also make you forget he exists for however love he wants."

"Well does he have self-control?" Esme asked

"Even better than me."

"Then we will leave tonight."