Author's Note: This story was started about 5 years ago by my friend who goes by the screen name RedGold. She wrote two chapters and then hit a writer's block. I always hoped this story would be finished. A few weeks ago I asked RedGold if I could have her plot bunny and write it and she agreed. She wanted a angst ridden story, but I decided to take the bunny and run a different way.

WARNING: This is an AU parody romance and IS NOT CANON. Some reviewers have gotten upset that my stories are not canon. AU means Alternate Universe. That means if I want Vader and Palpatine to break dance and start singing show tunes like they're in an episode of Glee…I can do that.


Planet: Wayland

Mount Tantiss storehouse Throne Room:

"You had that choice, Jedi Skywalker. And more—you could have ruled beside me. Instead, you chose death," bellowed Joruus C'baoth. Luke, Mara and the dark Jedi were standing in what was left of the throne room of the Mount Tantiss storehouse. For the last half hour the building had been tore to shreds by the C'baoth. The clone of the once great, and long dead, Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth had been using parts of the walls and roof as projectiles to attack Luke and Mara Jade.

Luke was kneeling on the floor trapped by debris and rubble from the building with more falling down on him as the aged dark Jedi railed against him. Luke at this point didn't care about himself. He needed to get Mara, his sister, Han and the rest of their party out of here. Mara was Luke's biggest concern. She had taken multiple Force lightning hits. Luke could feel her pain and frustration wash over him in waves through the Force.

"What about Mara?" Luke asked C'baoth, hoping he could bargain for her life.

"Mara Jade is no longer any concern of yours," roared C'baoth. "I will deal with her later."

"No," Mara snapped. "You will deal with me now."

Luke looked over to his friend and was shocked to see she had found a way out of the stones that half buried her moments earlier. Luke was astonished at the amount of determination and strength in the Force she possessed. Mara glared at the dark Jedi and charged, her lightsaber leading the way. C'baoth threw up a barrage of stones to fend off Mara's attack.

Luke struggled to help his friend, but his fight with C'baoth and his clone Luuke Skywalker had left him weak and fading in and out of consciousness.

Luke was startled when his sister's voice cried out in his head. She was trying to help Mara by guiding her toward C'baoth.

Luke yelled in frustration. He was the Jedi and should be leading this fight, but he was near helpless in his condition. Luke looked up and saw his lightsaber. If only he could only grab it with the Force. He reached out picturing the weapon in his mind. He could see it move off the rubble, but he didn't have the strength to call it to himself or to throw it at the crazed Jedi. Then he realized a few feet from the saber was Karrde with his two pet vornskrs pulling wildly at their leashes. Luke strained and found enough energy to lift the saber high enough to cut the tethers. Mara and Leia needed a diversion and hopefully these animals could provide it.

The Vornskrs sprinted toward Joruus, snarling, with teeth bared. It was enough of a distraction for Mara to rush up to the mad Jedi and plunge her blade into his heart.

With the last of his energy Luke hauled Mara away from the clone before he burst into an explosion of dark Force energy.

Luke fought to remain conscious after their ordeal. He became cognizant of his sister digging him out of the debris as he coughed and spit out dust and grit out of his mouth.

"I'm okay Leia," Luke assured her as he looked around the room, searching for Mara. He spotted Han covered with dust and looking exhausted. Luke noticed he was clutching his right arm with his left hand as blood dripped out from between his fingers. He then saw Karrde and panicked when he noticed the smuggler was holding a limp Mara Jade in his arms. For a moment Luke feared his friend was dead, but no, he could feel her through the Force; she was only unconscious.

"Mara needs to get medical attention!" Karrde's yelled, his voice choked with emotion. "We need to get her to the Wild Karrde."

Luke stumbled to his feet and moved toward his friend but was stopped by Han.

"Kid, before this place blows up from under us," Han said, "I need you to see something I found earlier."

"I think it can wait, Han." Luke said anxiously as he attempted to move around him towards Mara.

Han grabbed him with his good arm. "Luke, you really need to see this, now!"

The way Han said it made Luke pause. "Luke," Han continued, "Karrde is taking care of Mara. They called for a shuttle, but I need you to come with me and check something out before we evacuate."

"Okay Han," Luke said confused as he limped after the injured Corellian. Han brought him down a short hallway and to a small room full of medical equipment.

"I found this," Han said pointing to the corner of the room. Luke gave him a curious look but entered the dimly lit chamber to see what Han was so concerned about.

"Oh Fierfek!" Luke gasped upon seeing what Han was pointing at. Luke suddenly felt dizzy and blackness started to envelope him. Han swiftly came up and grabbed him.

"You okay, Luke?"

The Jedi shook his head. "Yes, but I need to get out of here."

Leia walked into the room behind them. "What are you two doing?"

Luke's head shot up. "Leia you really don't need to see what's in here. Please leave."

"Don't come in, Leia," Han agreed.

She gave them a stubborn look. "Don't coddle me you two." She brushed past them to see what the two men were hiding. Luke could see the blood drained out of his sister's face as she silently turned and left the room. "You're right. I didn't need to see that."

Luke's head started to throb. "Han get me out of here and we can discuss this."

Despite his pain and concern for his brother-in-law Han couldn't help but chuckle at his wife's discomfort. "I told you, Princess."

Han dragged Luke out of the room and set him down against the wall. "Do you want me to destroy it, Luke," Han asked.

Luke shook his head. "Take it with us; we'll deal with it later."