Raven and Kyuubi
Naruto x Raven
Author's Note
Nelo Akuma has given me permission to make an adaption of the Lord and Raven. Why do I keep making stories? Because I want to have something for everyone and what other way then doing various fandoms, pairings, and going with ideas no one will touch upon? Well here we are good people, enjoy another Naruto x Raven story that isn't full of angst. (Let's face it. Either these crossovers are badly written or so full of angst you choke yourself or are hardly updated. *Not mine of course ;)* So yeah, enjoy a story that while like others it has its dark and sad moments it doesn't have enough despair to where you want to kill yourself.
Story Start

Naruto had a lot of fun toying with the humans, and well alien. The spiky haired one seemed to be so damn suspicious and edgy around him. All he knew was he was going to enjoy his stay with his cute little mate. She had a large pair of breasts for her age, not to mention hips as wide as her shoulders. Her slender form and ashen skin was quite exotic as well. Not to mention her deep and sultry, but still very feminine voice sounded delicious in his ears. Right now though his sexy mate was resting on top of him, her head resting on his chest as he stroke her hair. A few of his tails caressing her legs as he inhaled her scent.

Raven groaned and twitched when his tail rubbed against her thigh. Raven opened her eyes, and saw the playfully face of the King of demons. ''Morning Raven. How are you this morning?''

''Good,'' she answered, shying away as her face heated up. She was not used to such intimate contact at all. She squealed as he began suckling her neck and rubbing her hips. ''M-My lord.''

''Only when I'm dominating you or we're around others my little bird. I rather you call me Naruto when were in private.'' he purred as he flipped them over and continued nibbling at he neck.

Raven moaned, her hands ran through the whisker as her instincts began to take over. He purred in content and she couldn't help but smile at his antics.

''My L...I mean Naruto. I was hoping we could take a trip into my mind and that you could meet with my emotions.'' she said as his fuzzy tails continued to caress her legs. The demon looked thoughtful for a moment and removed his arms as he sat up, resulting in Raven straddling his laps.

''That's interesting,'' he said as he pressed her for more information. He was curious about these emotions with Raven, his only encounter with a manifestation of a subconscious emotion was Yami Naruto. Removing herself from his lap much to his displeasure Raven brought forward a mirror.

''This is the mirror to the domain known as Ravenmore. It's a separate dimension formed in my mind outside the normal realm of time and space. The personifications of my emotions live here and help me keep in control of my power.'' she said as she began to channel her power into it. Granting him entry the two of them were ported into the alternate dimension. The trip through nearly left Naruto breathless. He found himself standing in a field of flowers as he looked up over head at the starry night. The faint noises of carnival music could be heard in the background causing his ears to twitch.

''Hiya foxy-man!" Naruto found himself tackled by an unknown force. If it wasn't for the fact he was forewarned where he was going he would have most likely attacked said person. The person was a raven, clad in a pink cloak and a rather adorable smile on her face. ''Are you here to play with me?''

Naruto couldn't help but chuckle. The pink clad emotion was adorable, like a hyperactive little sister. ''Of course little one. What emotion are you?'' he only needed one guess but he wanted to be sure.

''Happy!'' she burst out into a fit of giggles.

''Well Happy I'm Happy to meet you.'' he said as she broke out into a larger fit of giggles. ''I appear to have lost Raven. Can you take me where the others are?''

''Okay, but you'll play with me right?'' she asked while doing cartwheels. "So wanna play hide and seek?"

''Later,'' he chuckled. Happy grabbed Naruto's hand and began leading him away, skipping merrily. They soon exited the filled of flowers and carnival music and came across a large building designed like a library.

''So who lives here?'' he asked, only for a Raven clad in yellow and wearing large circular glasses to appear.

''I can answer your inquiry,'' the yellow clad Raven spoke. ''I am Knowledge.'' she answered him.

Naruto greeted her with a friendly smile. He was curious on how that Knowledge itself could be personified as an emotion but he decided he could worry about things like that later. ''Well Knowledge do you know where Raven is?''

''She is most likely in Affection's realm. It's where she feels her most calm. Follow me.'' she said as she led him down a long hallway and opened a door. Steps began to materialize out of black energy as they entered another building modeled after a museum. Naruto looked in awe as he saw several pictures, several of their team mates but many of a woman who looked like an older version of Raven. Finally he came to a stop in a room where Raven was conversing with a lavender clad emotion. ''There you are.'' he said as they both looked up.

''Naruto, our lord, it is a pleasure to meet you face to face,'' she greeted him with a warm. ''I'm affection.'' she said as she rubbed his cheek. ''I look forward to getting to know you.''

''I look forward to getting to know you as well,'' the demon king said as he stroked her cheek with one of his tails before turning to original Raven. '''I take it we will be heading somewhere else?'' he asked as she nodded.

''Indeed,'' she began. ''Affection's domain is the closet to the center point of realms where we will all be gathering.'' she said as she walked over to him and grasp her hands. Speaking a soft chant she and Naruto were cocooned in her power and teleported to a platform along with the other emotions who appeared in bleachers. Colors of Red, Orange, Green, Grey, Brown, and a few others were appearing. Naruto watched in interest as Raven stepped forward to converse with her emotions.

''I have gathered you all here for an announcement pertaining to the Naruto...our lord and future, Mate.'' her cheeks flared up, an action mirrored by several of her emotions as the more crass of them made some cat calls and cheers. ''Trigon is dead..'' now that one brought about massive cheers. ''As a result the restrictions I placed on you are going to be removed.'' an explosion of chatter was the result of the announcement as it took Raven a few moments to calm down her counterparts. Naruto watched with apt attention as the conversation came to a close. Once it was finally finished the emotions began to clamoring around the blond. Suffice to say it was going to be an interesting day.