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Robin POV.

The whole team stood in front of Batman in the cave.

"These next two weeks this team will be working with top notch BAU team from Quantico. They will help you to train in behavioral anaylisis and hostage situations. The team will be arriving soon. We will meet them in Central city with Flash." Batman finished and walked over to the zeta beams. We all walked over and stepped in to be teleported to the meeting place. Wally stood close to me.

"Do you think that they'll be okay with you know, us?" He asked. I shrugged and grabbed his hand in mine.

"I don't know. But if they do have a problem with it they can deal cause I wouldn't give you up cause some people who will only be here for like two weeks okay? I mean really, if we can tell Bats and live than we can deal with a couple of normal human people okay?" Wally nodded and blushed a little too. M'ggan was looking at us and smiling and I flashed her a grin back. Just than Flash came to a stop right behind us.

"Hey kids!" He said. We all waved and him and Wally exchanged a quick hug. As soon as that was done Wally came back to me and we once again linked hands. Finally three black government SUV's pulled up. Out came a strict looking guy in a suit with black hair, an older guy that looked like he'd done this a long time with grayish black hair, a well built black bald guy, a nerdy looking white guy with brown short hair, two blondes one who was tall and thin and one who was short-ish and stocky, and finally a black haired lady.

"Young Justice this is SSA Aaron Hotchner." Batman said. We all nodded. After that Batman nodded and left.

"That's SSA Derek morgan, Jenniefer 'JJ' Jareau, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, and the computer analist Penelope Garcia." I said pointing to all of them in turn. They all had different looks of shock on their faces.

"How did you know that? I personally locked, double locked, backed up and did everything possible to keep hackers out!" Garcia said.

"Your talking to the boy who could hack into the BatCave at age seven. The boy who hacked into the justice leage system at age nine. And the boy who can hack pretty much any tech ever invented in under ten minutes since he was ten. This is the master hacker." KF said. Artims rolled her eyes along with Conner while Kaldur and Megan sighed and I just shook my head and punched his arm.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"Your big mouth. Now come on we need to get them to the mountin before tonight, I have patrol."

"Aw, I thought Bats was letting you off the hook for this thing."

"Nope. Besides do you think I would really want to miss patrol. That's like you missing a meal!"

"Hey, I've missed meals before." Every one on our team looked at him with an eyebrow arched. Flash just chuckled and ruffled his hair before running off to do who knows what. Our team lead them into the zeta beams. We all paired up and walked up to the mountine hide out. While we were doing that I hacked in and made sure that Batman had programmed the guests into it already. After that everyone walked in and went to hang out in their respective rooms. I went to my computer lab and wally went to his chem lab. I started to work on the various amounts of homework I had that needed to bee done before tomorrow. I made sure that none had my name just in case someone who didn't need to see it found it. Just as I was about to start my sience work Kaldur walked in.

"Hello Robin. here is quite the computer person. I hope it's alright that I brought her to your lair."

"Lair?" Garcia asked.

"Yea, it's my lair. I spend most of my time in here, hacking other files, doing homework, protecting the teams files and information and other such things. I was just working on my chemistry homework."

"Oh, I don't want to interupt."

"Nah it's okay. It'll be totally aster."


"When it comes to somthings that Robin says it is best not to try to understand unless you happened to be with him when he made it. I most be going now." Kaldir said as he waved and walked out. I snuck into the shadows and pulled out one of the spare chairs I had back there before coming out and psuhing it towards the woman.

"Hey KF, this is Rob, I need help with this Chem stuff. You coming over?"

"I'll be there in about a second. I want to put on civies."

"Bring mine, and my sunglasses and I'll change in the bath room."

"K, on my way, loves you Robby."

"Dude! The tech girl was in here."

"Opps, my bad. I'm sorry dude."

"No your not."

"Your right I'm not. Oh well too bad she knows our dirty little secret. The rest of the team will figure it out eventually."

"Ugh, guess your right. Let's make it hard ok? Like an on off thing. Sometimes we'll act all together-y and than we'll act like the other isn't even there."

"K. I'm here by the way. And any one on this com link, Artims, Kaldur, Megan, Conner, no telling the plan. That means you Megan."

"I won't tell promise!"

"No thinking it either." I said. Megan sighed and I turned to wally who was in his civies. I looked over at Garcia.

"Hey, don't look at me. I love messing with the rest of the team. And just so you two know Morgan and Ried are a thing. Don't tell. We'll see who's team can figure it out first."

"Alright. A matter of witts. Here are you civies Rob. Yes the glasses are there, and no I didn't do anything to them this time." I nodded and went to the bathroom next to the mini kitchen to change and left my uniform in there. I quickly put on a pot off coffee and grabbed juice for wally.

"Here Wally drink this."

"Can't I have coffee?"

"No. Because last time you did that we had to put flooring in where ever you ran."

"Not my fault. I thought it was milk." I rolled my eyes and sat back down to look at the paper in front of me that looked like german, only I would understand it than. (AN: IDK it robin/ dick knows more than one languge so in my book he does!) Wally helped me figure it out by leaning over my shoulder and pointing stuff out.

"Hey baby girl, juinor g man wants to know if you could find him the nearest book store."

"It's two blocks down on your right, take a left and walk point five miles than stop. It's called 'Wankos wacky books.' It has books of every color, shape, size and lexial level." I said over my shoulder I finally finished my homework and turned to put it away and got a glimpse of their faces.

"How do you know that Robin?"

"Um because I have a memory of the whole city so I know the quickest way to get to a location and which way will have a place that I can sneak away to gotham at. Speaking of which. I gotta go, don't wanna miss patrol. Later KF, tell all I said bye and I'll see you later."

"K, will do Rob. Hey wait!"


"Your uniform for one, and two keep the com on so you can help me with math."

"Your a genius in sience and chem yet you fail ever so massivly at math."

"Not my fault, I can only use so much awsome-ness at a time."

"Your a disastor, heavy on the dis. Fine. I've really got to go now. Oh, and Garcia there is coffee in the mini kitchen and a bathroom on the other side of the hall. So feel free to stay in here as long as you like. MM will probably show you to your room. Artims and KF here, will not stay the night but AL, Supy and MM will. MM will probably try to connect you guys to her mental links. It is totally normal."

"Um.. Okay. Someone may want to warn reid though."


"Because Reid has a mother who has paranoid schizophrenia."

"What's that bird boy?"

"She hears voices and isn't always right. Kinda like supy on a bad day when Megan forgets the whole mind control thing."

"Yikes. I would be worried about it too." I walked out of the bath room uniform in place and damino mask upon my face.

'Hey that rymed robin.' I rolled my eyes mentally to Megan who just giggled back.

"Okay, I'm leavein g now KF. Hey wait. Tomorrow is friday, and the last day before winter break! It's going to be totally aster!"

"You know that means?"

"That Batsy will be gone for that time on some mission or other?"

"Well yes that, but also that we can have a Christmas party here!"

"I don't know I don't want to leave, you know who, home alone. I wonder if BatGirl will be visiting, that could make it better. I'll ask tonight and tell you tomorrow." KF nodded and I walked out. Before leaving I stopped by the gym to do a quick acrobatic warm up session. As I was finishing Prentiss walked past.

"Wow. Your really good. I remeber this one show I went to, the flying graysons? Your as good as them. I wonder what happened to them." She said. I internally winced.

"The preformers were killed. I don't know the details, it was before batman found me. It was really sad because they did weekily preformances for the orpahnge I was at." I thought back to the fact that it was mostly true because I didn't know the details, it was before batman found me and I didn end up at the orphanage that we preformed a free show for once a week.

"That's to bad. I'm glad that you have a home though... You do have a home right you don't just live in a cave?"

"Haha, no."

"To which?"

"Which do you think?" I said before walking out towards the Zeta beams to gotham. I waved goodbye to the team as I walked out. Once I was safly inside the bat cave I let a few stray tears fall at the memory's of my parents, the accident and the fire. (AN no idea if this really happened, I don't know about Robins past so I made it up!). Batman put a hand on my shoulder and we went out for patrol.


Me- "Sorry for the drama bum, didn't want it to end that way. but it did. No one will figure out who Robin is so it's okay. But yes the team may end up having to do somthing with Bruce wayne and wayne manor. IDK what for now."