Me- "Okay so in this the BAU team is going to be a little OOC."

Robin POV.

I was doing light running on the treadmills because the cut on my side hadn't healed fully yet.

"You seem to enjoy combat." I turned my head and saw Morgan walking in.

"Yea. It's a lot of fun, but stealth can be just as fun."

"Really. I don't typically like going on stealth cases. I prefer to break down the unsubs door and chase the unsub."

"That sounds like somthing Superboy would do. No offense but your both the big brute type. Although you seem to be more careful when your around Reid." I said as Morgan took the tread mill next to mine.

"Well, I guess since you and Kid flash are a thing it's okay to tell you that Reid and I are together."

"I know. Garcia told me after she learned that me and KF were together, so we were going to see which team could figure out the couple but than the whole scratch thing happened and I think KF gave us away."

"You really think that thing is a scratch? Didn't your parents ever tell you to never under-estimate a wound or anything."

"No. I mean, my parents taught me my gymnastics and acrobatics but they weren't crime fighters. I'm Batmans adoptive son. My parents were great people but they were murdered. I don't remeber the details I was only around seven when it happened. All I can remeber is a man in a two-tone mask and watching them fall after the tight rope snapped."

"Wasn't there a net."

"No. There never was when my parents went on. They were the stars of the show. Sure they put the nets on when I went out but that was only because I was seven. I loved what we did and I loved the faces people made when we did it. Than after the accident Batman found me and took me under his wing. He taught me how to fight and how to hide emotions, he also showed me how to do basic hacking and use the different weapons. From that point on I became Robin, boy wonder... don't call me boy wonder though. I really have no idea how it started but it is the most annoying name they could've come up with."

"Wow, you've been through a lot kid. I don't know how you feel exactly, but there was one time where the cops in my home town thought I had commited murder. They never found who really did it but it's what caused me to join the FBI, another thing was when my dad was killed right in front of me."

"There have been a few times were I nearly saw Batman killed. It mostly happened when I was ten, there was a really close call between him and the Joker but he was okay." I admitted I stopped running and went to go get a drink out of the mini fridge in the room. Morgan walked over and I handed him one too.


"Thanks for listening." He nodded and we sat in silence.


I was running around my lab doing about three different experiments and pieces of homework at one time. I barely heard the door open and close but I did realize when I hit something and fell down, hard. I looked at the person I hit and saw Reid.

"Ohmybadtotallydidn'." I said rapid speed as I helped him up and went over to stir one of the experiments and grab a quick snack.

"What exactly are you trying to do?"

"Oh, well, what I'm trying to do is take energy drinks like cocaine and monster and make them into a soild form so that I can put them into my suits snack slots for long missions so that I'll have plenty of energy with out having to carry around a ton of food. Because being a speedster means that I have to have a ton of energy because my body breaks stuff down super fast. So what about you Reid?"

"Well, I just finished this book and wanted to come and see if you were busy which I guess you are... I can just go."

"No, it's fine, I like the company, Rob is busy working out so you can stay here and just talk about your family or your past."

"Well, I guess I could tell you about my past. When I was six my mom was diganosed with paranoid schitzophrania. So I had to grow up pretty fast because my dad left when I was sevem. By the time I was twelve I was a senior in high school and I gradutated collage at the age of fifteen. After that I joined the police acadamy and than the BAU. I've been kidnapped a few times and was forced into a addiction one time when I was kidnapped."

"Wow, your a lot like Rob. His parents were killed when he was seven and after that he was found and raised by batman and taught all his crim fighting stuff. He can be really secrative but it's a lot of how he grew up. I mean when Joker and Riddler, and guys like that are after you, you don't go around with out alot of secrets. Bats won't even let hi show his eyes because apperantly it will give away who he is and Batman isn't the most trusting guy out there."

"I see. I've been known to be pretty untrusting my self, but I believe that it has to do with the fact that I don't want people to get close to me because they might leave me or get hurt."

"I get the idea. It took me for ever to get Robin to open up to me and even than it's only bits at a time." I said. Reid nodded and I finished my experiment.

"This is going to be a total aster!" I said. Robin and Morgan walked in.

"KF...what is that?"

"This is soild cocaine."

"...You know that only an idiot like you would try to make and energy drink solid right?"

"Hey, I need the energy!" I said as I took a sample bite.

"Oh, this is going to be so an aster, heavy on the dis."

"No way, there will be no dis in my aster!"

Artims POV

I sat in the weapons room cleaning my arrows and bow when Prentiss walked in.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked.

"I like to look at weapons, and thought it would be neat to see what you guys had."


"You know I was a lot like you."


"Yea. When I started on the team I felt out of place and like I didn't belong. But over the years it got better because I found my place and we became like a family rather than a team. It was nice."

"Yea, but do you have a sister who's evil, and a dad who wanted you to prove yourself by killing people?"

"No, can't say I do but there was a while I spent in russia and I wasn't a good person while I was there. And I'm not saying that I know exactly how you feel because no one ever does but I am saying that you'll find your place in this team at some point." I nodded and she walked out with a small smile.

SuperBoy POV

I practiced in the work out room by hitting the punching bag and than going to stand in the sun. As I stood there and absorbed the sun light the blonde woman walked in. I think her name was JJ.

"Hey. Having fun?" I shrugged.

"You know my son likes to play outside. I always have to put his sunscreen on because he burns so easily." I nodded my head.

"You don't talk much do you? You know there was a time when I felt I couldn't live up to everybodies expectations. I felt like I was useless and didn't belong with the team. But I learned that everybody has a job on the team and you have yours on this one. I''ve seen you and M'gann together and I can tell that you are a couple and that you protect her. Your the protector of this team. When every one else is hurt your the rock they can lean on for support and the one who will catch them when they fall. So you don't need to worry about not being able to do what Superman can because this team needs you the way you are." She gave me a friendly hug and walked out leaving me to think about what she had said.

"Thank you." I wishpered after she was gone.

Aqualad POV

I sat under water in the pool to think in a calm and quite place. I had my head tilted back and watched when I heard Hotch enter. I swam to the top but kept my gills under water.

"Hello, I presume you wish to speak?"

"Yes. Your a good leader, and your team respects you, but you seem distracted."

"Yes. I'm afride it is a recent incident that has me distracted. I fear I may need to take a leave of absences in order to collect my self."

"Tell me about it."

"It is my friend Tula. Before I left atlantis to study under my king, we were always together. Than I knew it was my duty to study under my King and I left. After two months of not conntacting them I returned to visit them. Unfortunatly it would seem that in my absence Tula and our other friend had gotten together. I than had to leave in a fight. I no longer know if my queen and her child are safe nor if my friends are safe."

"It can be hard to overcome a heart break. My ex-wife was taken by a man we had been tracking for years. He almost got my son as well. And despite the fact that she was my ex-wife I still had feelings for her but my job took me away from her to often."

"Yet you are still a great leader and fighter."

"It didn't happen over night. But spending more time with my son helped me cope. You should try spending time with some one who is important to you." I nodded and just as he was about to leave Kid Flash, Reid, Morgan, and Robin all came running in.

"Itlduthtthswsging2banaster" (I told you this was going to be an aster!)

"KF this is the exact OPPOSIT of an ASTER this is so heavy on the DIS that even SUPERMAN wouldn't be able to left it!"

"Is not!"

"KF your Running on water!" Kid flash stopped and looked down which was all the time it took for him to slip into the water. He waited until he was at the bottom before pushing off and into the air to run on the water again. Robin sighed and sat down by the edge of the pool.

"What is he doing?" I asked.

"Kid crazy energy made his energy drinks in to energy bars and ate one whole." Robin explained. I sighed and got out of the pool to calm down the over hyped up speedster.

Miss Martin POV

I was sitting on the counter in the kitchen trying to decide what I should make the teams for dinner. When I heard foot steps I turned around and saw Rossi walking in.

"Hey, want some help?"

"Really? That would be great!" I said.

"What do you want to make?" He asked.

"I don't know, I havn't really made that many plates based on earth food I usally make cookies though."

"How about I show you how to make an Itailan dish?"

"Hello Megan! That would be so cool! What do we need?"

"Tomateo sauce, spaghiti noodles, and a big pot filled with water." I nodded and got it all out.

"What now?"

"First we are going to take the water and get it boiling." I turned on the stove and we sat down ot wait for it to boil.

"So tell me about your self." He said.

"Well, back on mars I had seven sisters who looked exactly like me. So when my uncle Jo'hn offered the chance to come to earth and be apart of the team I took it. I was afride that the team wouldn't want me or that I would just get in the way because of my lack of training but it was really cool. Than Superboy and artims joined and the team was even nicer! Hello Megan, what about you?"

"Well, I grew up in Italy and became a profiler before moving to join this BAU, than I went into retirement and spent time with my wife. After gideon left the team I came back. Than about a year ago my ex-wife wanted me to help her commite suicide and I did. Because she didn't want her illness to take her first."

"That is so sad." I said as I floated over to check the water and see if it was boiling it was so I dumped the noddles into it and sat back down.

"Anything else I should know about you?" I asked.

"Well, I'm a good cook." He said I giggled before checking the now bubbling noddles. I drained them like he said and than poured in the sauce and a couple spices he told me to add. Once it was done I called the two teams for dinner. They all walked in but Robin was half dragging Wally.

"Robin! Your going to re-re-open your wound!" I said.

"Well *pant* KF crashed *pant* hard after his *pant* energy rush." He said after he put wally in his seat. The crashed speedster woke up a little bit.

"Roby~ what are we doing?"

"Eating Dinner than youare going to carry me back to my room if I don't fall asleep in my food after carrying you."

"Did I crash again?"

"Worse than that time you ate three bags of sugar and drank a bottle of MT Dew."

"Sorry buddy. I woves you?"

"Not right now I don't. You are forbidden from ever eating that again ever!"

"Never ever?" He asked. Robin rolled his eyes behind his glasses but didn't say anything.

"Well, this is interesting..." Reid said.


Me- "I hope that the BAU was mostly in character but IDK if they really were."