Chapter 4: Cleaning up Gotham

While the Dark Knight and the Grinch were working to clean up Gotham quite literally after the rampage left by Gotham's villains, meanwhile, Baby Face and Ms. Manface were prepared to deal with the Joker and Two-Face whom soon found themselves a bit tied up.

"I'm going to bury you two in coal since you were quite naughty this year see" laughed Baby Face.

"Bah, you don't have the guts to do it" said the Joker, "I've buried many people not just with coal but other assortments."

"Well this time will finally be your turn" said Baby Face.

Baby Face along with Ms. Manface placed both the Joker and Two-Face in a hole, then the two villains could hear a bulldozer coming toward them lifting large amounts of coal.

"Ready to unload honey" laughed Ms. Manface.

"Ready as ever" laughed Baby Face.

But as Baby Face was about to pull the lever, a Baterang out of nowhere struck the lever destroying the lever making the operation useless.

"The only one who needs a cleanup is you for making a mess of this place" said Batman as he stood on the platform of the invention itself.

"What kind of contraption is that, and is that who I think it is?" asked Baby Face referring to the Grinch.

Baby Face along with Ms. Manface turned the bulldozer toward the invention and tried to ram it, the Dark Knight ended up leaping on the bulldozer and giving Baby Face a good punch sending him tumbling off the bulldozer. Ms. Manface did her best to fought with the Dark Knight, as Baby Face was preparing to take out a gun, the Grinch ended up sucking up Baby Face in the vacuum sending him to the jail cell where the other villains are.

"Baby Face!" cried Ms. Manface as she noticed him being sucked up.

"And now your turn" said the Grinch.

The Grinch turned the vacuum toward Ms. Manface sucking her up as well.

"Well, now that's over could you give us a hand here?" cried the Joker to the Dark Knight.

"And you two are down there because?" continued Batman.

"Baby Face was going to bury us in coal" replied the Joker.

"Good thing you showed up" said Two-Face.

"So are you two going to help me clean up Gotham or are you going to join the other villains?" asked Batman to the two villains whom were still tied up.

"We'll be good" replied both the Joker and Two-Face.

As the Dark Knight untied both the Joker and Two-Face, the two villains ended up helping out both the Dark Knight and the Grinch continue to clean up Gotham. But after the cleanup, the two villains found handcuffs placed around their wrists by the police.

"But we helped cleanup!" cried the Joker.

"Yea, it's going to be Christmas soon!" added Two-Face.

"I believe you can let these two go for now" continued Batman.

"We'll take your word" said the police officer whom allowed the Joker and Two-Face to walk free.

"I sure hope those two don't cause anymore trouble" said the Grinch to the Dark Knight.

"Fancy at having a part-time job at the mall?" asked Batman to the Grinch.

"As always" laughed the Grinch as he along with the Dark Knight headed that way.

As the two headed to the mall, the Grinch signed up to become the mall Santa Claus while the Dark Knight acted typically as security. A certain Bat-Mite who was viewing the scenes below was grateful that his hero the Dark Knight was an ally of the Grinch and visa versa to which the scene ends from there.