One look is all it takes.

~Cars 2 ©PIXAR 2011~

That first shared glance had meant so much more than it entitled.

Sally had been speeding over the slim bridge, an amazing waterfall the same color blue as her paint cascading behind her, casting a rainbow of colors as sunlight hit it. Her tires spun smoothly over the faded asphalt, aqua eyes catching the light as she turned them towards him.

Lightning had been silenced in thunderstruck awe.

But the moments that followed only cinched it for him—the tale she told of Radiator Spring's former glory and the changes he later went through to help everyone in town, and finally, restoring the famed neon lights.

The look they'd shared, the feeling that rippled through them as their fenders touched—blissfully unaware of their fellow denizen's knowing glances—had been impossible to explain. It was as if they were puzzle pieces—searching for each other, and destined to be together. And for that one moment, without a word exchanged between them, the world had finally made sense for one certain race car.

This was what he'd been waiting for.

After being with each other for so long, Sally could read him like a book.

It didn't matter how much nonchalance he put into his posture or voice, nor would any amount of jest drive the Porsche off topic.

Lightning still didn't want her to meet Francesco, despite any assurance on her part that she'd chosen him, not the Formula One as her boyfriend. And that it didn't matter how handsome, or how insanely open-wheeled and fender-less he was….

"I already told you that I like your fenders."

The stock car only harrumphed in response, not daring to even think of how alike he sounded to the late Doc Hudson with his crass. Radiator Springs was nearly empty, though steadily filling as it neared noon. The race held in the town's honor would commence an hour after, ensuring another large 'boom' for not only the townsfolk, but the settlement itself.

The couple passed by Flo's café, both raising a tire in greeting to the Motorama car preparing for the onslaught of tourists that were soon to come. Sally set her gaze on the garnet stock car again, "C'mon, Stickers. Jealously doesn't suit you."

"I'm not jealous," Lightning replied defiantly for the umpteenth time."I just don't get what you see in that Formula car."

The Porsche groaned at her boyfriend's retort, "You're impossible."

McQueen grinned, his engine revving almost silently in the peaceful tranquility of the town, "You know you love me."

Sally only rolled her eyes, but chuckled under her breath. She didn't bother arguing, but could help and quip, "Only on Sundays, Stickers."

The race car pouted as only he and a petulant child could, making his girlfriend snicker as planned. They were both silent for a few moments, cruising comfortably along their home's main street.

When Sally looked back towards her boyfriend, he was swaying his back bumper far more than necessary, as if trying to get a good look at the decal he'd just had made. The Porsche chuckled with a shake of the hood.

"You just can't wait to show Francesco that new sticker, can you?"

Lightning grinned wickedly in response,"Nope!"

The race was swiftly beginning, and the stock car had to get to the impromptu race track. The Formula One had already sped off with sporadic revs of the engine, fuming silently.

Lightning chuckled at his girlfriend's attempt to cover up her obvious crush on the Italian car, nudging her fender with his own, "That's why I love you, Sally."

There were actually several reasons for his affections towards her, but he didn't bother mentioning them. There was no reason to.

And as for Sally, just hearing those words was enough.