Prompt: Spuffy, Long quiet moment.

AN: takes place during The Gift, while Buffy and Spike are getting weapons at her house.

There wasn't time for this. Really there wasn't. They had things to do. A battle to fight. A world to save.

And yet.

She was frozen. Transfixed by her little sister's bedroom. Everything was in exactly the same place it was yesterday morning. The bed unmade. Textbooks and three-ring binders scattered across the desk. Clothes all over the floor. Three glasses sitting on the nightstand. If she tried hard enough, she could almost pretend that Dawn was just downstairs watching T.V.

She heard tentative footsteps making their way up the stairs. She could make a big deal about him coming upstairs, and maybe she should, for no other reason than the distraction it would provide. But it felt like they'd brokered a fragile sort of peace, here in the shadow of the apocalypse. And really, she just couldn't muster the energy.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him slow down, until he finally pulled to a halt, his arm nearly brushing her own.

"The weapons are by the front door. You get everything you needed?"

"What? Oh. Yeah. Right here."

She shook the bundle of clothes in her arms, and tilted her face up towards his. "We should get going."

Spike shrugged. "We got some time."

She didn't move.

He made a move, like he was going to walk away, and she before she could stop herself she blurted out, "Am I crazy?"

He stopped. "A lot of the time, yeah. Not about Dawn though."

"A year ago, she wasn't even real."

"She's real now."

"Yeah, but-"

"And you love her."

"Of course I do. More than anything."

"That's it then isn't it? If you love someone, you do what needs to be done, fuck what anyone else says."

Buffy pretended not to notice how resolutely he wasn't looking at her.

"Besides, are you seriously telling me that there's even the slightest chance of you being talked out of rescuing her?"

She smiled. "No."


Her eyes fell to the stuffed cat Dawn had gotten on her seventh birthday. "I meant what I said earlier."

She didn't have to look at Spike to know he was smiling.

"Me too."


They stood in silence, shoulder to shoulder, staring down the end of the World.