Favourite Things
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"Silver white winters that melt into springs, these are a few of my favourite things." A collection of winter and Christmas stories, featuring our favourite Digimon characters, seasons 01-04.

Disclaimer: I own a towel with Tai, Agumon, and Greymon on it. But other than that, I don't own anything Digimon related. It is, however, the coolest towel I've ever had. :D

1: Snowball Fights

Minamoto Kouji was never the biggest fan of winter.

As cold-hearted as he often came across, he much preferred the subtle coolness of autumn or spring to the extremes of winter and summer. Sure, he liked Christmas, and sure, the occasional snowfall was welcome, but overall Kouji just wasn't a fan of winter.

He was outside one winter day, walking his dog like he always did. He'd traded in his bandana for a black and blue tobogan cap, because the bandana did nothing to keep his ears warm. His hands were gloved with a thick pair of navy blue gloves, and the rest of him was heavily armored against the cold weather. But nothing could have prepared him for the blast of snowball that hit his left shoulder-blade.

Tora began to bark as Kouji spun around, looking for the source of the snowball. "Who hit me?" he yelled. The response was merely another snowball, this time hitting him square in the right cheek. Kouji slowly bent to the ground and picked up his own ball of snow, watching out of the corner of his eye for his attacker. This time, he was ready to dodge as the snowball barely missed the top of his head. Kouji threw his own snowball in the direction of his attacker, and grinned as he heard the snowball impact.

"Kouichi! Get out here and fight me like a real man!"

The alleged attacker stepped slowly out from behind the bush he'd been using as cover, and grinned as he let loose another two snowballs towards his younger brother. Kouji dodged one, and walked right into the other. He growled and picked up another handful of snow, throwing it at his brother. This turned into a full fledged war, the two brothers dodging and throwing, hiding, and eventually tackling. By the time the sun had started to set, the two were out of breath, red faced, and completely soaked by snow. One last tackle into the snow by Kouji, and the brothers were done. They sat in the snow for a few moments, catching their breath, before Kouji spoke.

"You came all this way just to ambush me?"

"Pretty much."

The twins looked at each other, then erupted into laughter. Tora barked alongside with them, even though he clearly didn't know what was so funny, and he definitely hadn't been pleased at being used by Kouji and Kouichi as a fort to block incoming snowballs.

Finally, Kouji stood up and looked to his brother. "It's getting late. Come to my house, we can have hot chocolate, and you can just stay the night tonight. Okay?"

"That sounds great, thank you."

The brothers and the dog made their way back to the Minamoto household, tracking snow and water into the entryway. Satomi saw the mess and jumped instantly into mother mode, ushering them into Kouji's room to get dry clothes, immediately preparing hot chocolate, and helping clean up the mess that the twins had tracked into the room.

As Kouji sat at the table with his brother, drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall outside as the sky darkened, he smiled contentedly. Maybe he didn't hate winter so much afterall.

A/N: I got this idea right before I fell asleep last night. It's based slightly on an actual snowball fight I've had. There was tackling and dodging and throwing. The lives of many snowmen were lost that day. We were never the same since...

You may never know who comes next in this story. It all will come as inspiration strikes. :D