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A/N: I've had some pretty bad writers block lately, on this story and any others that might come out. Mostly due to an evaluation of my writing and realising that I could be doing a whole lot better than I am. Guardians of Life and Death may be undergoing a rewrite as a result.. I've already started the process, and I already like the first chapter so much better than the one I posted. Ah. Anyways. So here's my latest installment of this story. My 2nd ever story from the point of view of a digimon, but the only one posted (on this account... I wish I hadn't lost the passwords to BOTH of my previous accounts Dx). I like it. I may do another digimon POV sometime. Maybe Veemon. He seems fun. :D Anyways. I've been attempting to write things with more details, thoughts, and descriptions involved. I'm much better at dialogue than I am description, which is one of the things that I'm working on in my potential (probable) rewrite of Guardians.

But what am I doing, babbling here in this Author's Note? This is silliness. :p Read the actual story! Reviews are welcomed. And if anyone would like to suggest an idea of a winter-themed oneshot that they'd like to see, PM it or review it! I like ideas. :D

Disclaimer: Roses are red and I like black tea. Digimon Adventure doesn't belong to me. (Or any of the other Digimon seasons, for that matter.)

5: Gatomon and the Snowball Fight

Ah, winter. A time where humans and digimon alike felt a chill in their bones that seemed as if it would never leave. A time where everything seemed cold and dead, and yet full of life and joy. It was a time of year that contradicted itself in every way. Everything was cold and lifeless, trees were dead for the year, leaves had fallen, and the temperature was always dropping steadily past the point of freezing. However, it was also full of joy. Christmas was coming, everyone was happy, and snow somehow had this ability to cause one to have the time of their life and freeze to death at the same time. It was an odd time of year, winter.

The cold winter morning our heroes awoke was no exception. They opened their eyes, stretched, yawned, and stepped up to greet the morning, all with their own different reactions to the wonderland of white that greeted them.

"Wow!" was the exclamation of our more innocent, childlike heroes. They looked out their own respective windows, excited for the moment when their humans would return to take them out and play together. One even ventured to step outside, although the little orange guinea pig was forced to fly back into the warmth of his room quickly, as it was much colder outside than his body was made for.

Others, however, were less impressed. One in particular, who had spent the beginning of her life journeying around various terrains in her search of purpose, had seen more snow and ice than this, and was unamused as she took a cat nap on her partner's pillow, curling her long, purple tail around her. She remained in this position for a good 42 minutes, until she was awoken quite brutally by an orange dinosaur, her digital brother of sorts.

"Wake up!" he cried excitedly, jumping onto the bed. The force of his body caused the bed to act as a springboard of sorts, launching the small cat into the air. She landed gracefully on all fours, then turned to give her dinosaur brother a disdainful glare.

"I was in the middle of a cat nap," she growled, blue eyes narrowed. The orange dinosaur smiled sheepishly.

"I'm sorry, Gatomon. But I had to wake you up somehow!"

"And why, Agumon?"

"Well... Some of the rest of our friends want to go play in the snow while our partners are at school! And it just wouldn't be the same without you!" Agumon grinned, eyes closing in elation as he jumped off the bed. "So come on, Gatomon! Gabumon and the others are waiting at the park!"

Gatomon narrowed her eyes and (grudgingly) followed Agumon outside. She wasn't built for the cold. Not like Agumon, who was so full of fire that he made the perfect heater when one was cold. Not like Gabumon, whose thick coat and arctic build made him perfect for this sort of weather. Or even Gomamon, who was made for conditions of ice and snow. Gatomon just wasn't made for the cold. She liked the snow...from her warm, cozy spot on the Kamiya's couch, curled up on her partner's lap, lapping up small drinks of warm milk from the mug Kari held in her hand... Yes, that was her favourite way to enjoy the snow. Not from the outside, where the cold wind bit into her very core and the snowballs that would inevitably be thrown would make her fur wet and dripping with that absolutely horrible mixture of water and ice.

Still, she followed Agumon, knowing he wouldn't let her rest if she didn't follow along. Besides, he was, in a sense, her brother. And though Kari was the younger of the Kamiya kids, Gatomon felt like the older sister in their relationship, and sometimes older sisters had to do nice things for their younger siblings. She'd seen as much in observing the relationships between Tai and Kari and even Matt and TK.

She and Agumon crept stealthily out the front door, careful not to alert Mrs Kamiya of their presence. That was another reason Gatomon was against this outing - humans couldn't know about them anyway, and their odd grouping of a dinosaur, a blue lizard, two rather large and brightly colored birds, a walking plant, an arctic walrus, a seal, a giant red ladybug (though Tentomon would kill anyone who called him that), a large and bright green caterpillar, a particularly shiny armadillo, herself, and whatever odd mix of guinea pig and bat that Patamon was supposed to be... Their odd grouping, not to mention the fact that they were, indeed, playing in the snow together, would surely attract attention. Gatomon was determined to point this out.

"We'll be seen, Agumon," she muttered as the two snuck through the busy mid-morning streets of Odaiba towards the park that the group would be meeting at.

"No we won't," he replied with his carefree grin. Honestly, he spent way too much time around Tai - weren't Agumons usually a lot more careful than her digital brother?

Gatomon rolled her eyes and ran across the street amidst the humans crossing before the light changed. She herself could pass as a very...odd...coloured cat, and Agumon had his usual black hoodie disguise on.. But still. This was a dangerous outing. And she was freezing.

The two finally made it to Odaiba Park, and Agumon led the two to a small clearing towards the back of the park. This area was deserted, which Gatomon definitely didn't understand but also didn't complain about - it worked in their favour as an excellent meeting place, afterall. The two joined the group and greeted everyone.

"Who else are we waiting on?" Patamon asked, landing on Gatomon's head. Just as Agumon and Gatomon were siblings by partner's choice, the little bat-pig and Gatomon had become best friends themselves, much like their partners. Some said that the two may even get together, like they said TK and Kari would someday, but the two always shrugged it off. Patamon was still a child at heart and didn't really see himself ever falling in love or even caring about that sort of thing. Besides, Gatomon herself was still hoping for Wizardmon's return, and Patamon would be there to support the two if and when that were to happen.

"Looks like just Veemon and Gomamon," Armadillomon said in his usual drawl. Gatomon rolled her eyes. Figures. Veemon was so much like his partner, so much like Agumon even, but minus a surrogate digital sister to keep him in check and on time. Gomamon, however, was almost the complete opposite of his partner, and none of them understood how the two managed to get along. They did have to cut the seal a bit of slack, however. It was much harder to sneak in and out of places when all you had were flippers for hands.

"Nope, just Veemon left." The group turned to see Gomamon sliding across the snow towards them, grinning like a madman. "I beat Veemon. Not bad for someone with just flippers for hands, eh?"

"Yes, not bad indeed," Hawkmon hooted with his odd British accent. No one understood how he could speak Digicode with a British accent, but no one questioned it either. They also never questioned how they could speak Digicode, the humans could speak Japanese, and everyone could understand each other. Gatomon vaguely recalled Gennai and Izzy discussing a digital translation program or something, but she hadn't really bothered to listen to the whole thing. An action she recognised as more Veemon's manner of operating, but she shrugged the thought off. It all didn't matter, honestly. Speaking of Veemon...

"I made it, guysh!" the blue lizard digimon cried, causing some of the more childlike digimon to cry out in excitement. Patamon was quivering happily from his perch on Gatomon's head, and she entertained notions of knocking her friend into the snow, but also knew that she would cause the beginnings of a snowball fight if she were to do so, and she really wanted to avoid a snowball fight if at all possible.

"I know what we can do first! Let's have a snowball fight!" Agumon cried excitedly, causing the group to erupt in cheers of, "YEAH!" or "Let's do it!" or "Gomamon's on my team!"

Gatomon groaned. She wanted to avoid this. Her fur would be soaked to her skin, and she wasn't sure if she'd ever be dry after this was over. She silently complained, wishing for some reason that she'd be able to get out of this stupid game and go home for a cat nap.

That is, until the snowball hit her in the face.

Gatomon glared at the digimon around her, looking for the guilty party. Each digimon was looking at her and at each other in shock, until... Yes. That was the guilty party. He's the one who started this madness. The feline digimon walked towards him slowly on all fours. He gulped, noting the dangerous stare in his friend's eyes. She stepped in front of him, staring him down for a good 30 seconds until...


Out of nowhere, she'd kicked up the snow into Gomamon's face, and he wasn't sure how to react. The rest of the digimon looked at the pair, then each other, and took this attack as their cue to begin.

The group of digimon attacked with snowballs for another hour and a half, until the last digimon (Veemon) finally collapsed with exhaustion. The friends all sprawled out across the snow-ridden ground, soaked to the bone (did digimon even have bones?) and panting for breath. They laid in silence like that until Agumon spoke.

"Our ... part-...ners are g-getting out of...school soon," Agumon gasped, shivering from the cold and gasping for breath. Gatomon finally stood up with a groan and helped Agumon to his feet.

"We're gonna go get Tai and Kari from their schools," she explained, smiling at her friends. Patamon jumped up.

"I'll go with you!" he cried happily, flying towards the duo. The rest of the digimon went their seperate ways, either towards the schools or to their homes to meet their partners and dry off somehow.

Later that night, as Gatomon rested in her partner's lap on the warm couch in their home, lapping up warm milk from the mug in Kari's hand, she purred contentedly. This was so much more satisfying after all the energy let out in the earlier snowball fight, she thought to herself, and maybe snowball fights weren't so bad afterall.

Still. She really wished the end of her tail would dry out already.