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When I finally got home I let out a low sigh and got out of the car and walked up to the door, I slowly opened it trying not to make any noise but that failed as the door hit something and whatever it was crashed to the floor. I quickly got inside and shut the door to see there was a little stand that had a vase on it right in front of the door that was when I realized that the vase was the one my mom bought on our trip to Florida, before my life turned into a nightmare. Tears filled my eyes as the memories of my mom hit me and the thought of that one thing I had to remind me of her was now broken.

"Look what you did now!" I heard a rough voice from behind me and jumped turning around to face the man whose face is always in my nightmares, my father.

"I- I didn't mean it" I said lowly hoping he wouldn't do what he always does

"And you're crying? Grow up girl! She's gone deal with it!" he kept raising his voice every time he spoke and I knew I couldn't avoid it tonight no matter how much I tried

"I'm not crying I just had something in my eye" I quickly let out even if I knew he wouldn't believe me

He didn't say anything more as he lifted his hand and I felt the impact of his hand slapping my face, not enough to bruise but enough to have a handprint and to sting, then the tears started falling from the pain I should have been use to by now. I didn't have to wait much longer before he took hold of my shirt and dragged me down the hall to his bedroom and I immediately knew what was going to happen, it happened almost every night since he stopped going out to clubs and who else knows where every night and he only stopped because he didn't want people to realize he kept leaving me here all alone for nights on end and start asking questions. Once we reached the bedroom door he pushed it open and pushed me to the floor where I hit my head on the bed railing.

"Get up!" he yelled at me so I did what I was told and sat up from laying on the floor as he undid his belt and pushed his pants down

"Get on your knees, you know what to do" I was repulsed and wanted to puke, I didn't want to do it at all but I knew if I didn't, he would kill me. Last time I didn't do what he told me too, I heard my mother's scream, the last thing I ever heard come out of her mouth. The scream of my father killing my mother.


As I woke up to get ready for school I slowly got up from the bed knowing my side would be killing me from where my father kicked me when he was done and told me to go back to my room and do my homework. I winced as the pain hit when I stood up from my bed and tried to walk to the bathroom but I needed to deal with the pain or someone would find out then I would be stuck going to a home and even if it meant getting away from my father's abuse I couldn't do it. I finally made it to the bathroom and stripped off all my clothes and stepped into the shower knowing that no matter how much I wash up I still feel disgusting but I still tried to wash the feeling off anyway. When I was done with my shower I put the towel around me and wiped the steam off the mirror and took the makeup that would hide the still red handprint on my face that should have gone away by now. Once done with that which took a lot of makeup I went into my room and slipped on gray sweatpants, an old band t-shirt and put on my beat up converses and headed out of my room and out to the car not caring how I looked and not caring that my hair was soaking wet in a messy ponytail.


Once I drove up to the school parking lot and parked my car I checked my makeup in the mirror for safety and got out of the car taking my bag full of my stuff with me but I didn't get far before I felt an arm being thrown over my shoulder and looked to my left to see Gregory standing there with a big smile on his face but I couldn't tell if it was a real smile or a teasing one.

"Well if it isn't my favorite girl?" Gregory said, smile still on his face

"oh yeah cause I look so awesome right now" I looked up at him and couldn't help but smile a little

"well if it means anything, I think you look pretty hot in those sweatpants" he told me with a wink but all I did was shake my head at him and let out a little laugh as we continued our walk up to the school

"Mia why didn't you text me last night? Was kind of hoping you would…" Gregory trailed off and looked like he wished he didn't say that last part, I felt the blush on my cheeks as I thought of Gregory wanting me to actually text him but then thought that he must be joking then I remembered why I didn't text him

"had a lot of homework you know catching up to do" I quickly said with a nervous laugh at the end but he bought it or at least I think he did, for now.


It was already lunch time, the day seemed to be going by really fast and I wasn't exactly excited to go home but I had nowhere else to go and my father would probably get mad if I did even go somewhere other than home. Right as I was about to turn the corner to the way to the lunch room someone pulled my arm and before I could do anything I was in a closet, the door closed, and Gregory standing so close to me I could feel his breath on my face.

"I'm sorry Mia" was all Gregory said before I felt his lips crash into mine, I had only known him two days now but yet I still felt like there was sparks

I felt my face turn red as the blush came onto my cheeks as his hand went to my hips and pushed me lightly against the wall so his body was as close as it could get to mine, and to be honest I didn't mind at all. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back with just as much force showing him I didn't care and that I didn't want him to stop, the kissing continued until we both were out of breathe. We opened our eyes to find somehow my feet were off the ground and wrapped around Gregory's waist, my hands tangled in his hair, his body pressed against mine, and his hands under my shirt. If my face could turn any redder it just did and I could have sworn I seen Gregory's cheeks a slight red. I let my legs unwrap from his waist and fall to floor as he backed up towards the door and I immediately knew he was going to leave.

"Mia….I- I'm so sorry" was all he said before he opened the door and ran out before I could even say anything. I let out a frustrated noise as I leaned against the wall and slid to the floor, the only thing on my mind was the way his lips felt on mine. That's when I knew I was already in this deep.

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