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The McCall Twin

Chapter One – Wolf Moon Pt. 1

I lay on my floor, completely bored. Ugh, someone save me from boredom! Anyone? Please assist a chick! That's when I got the idea to bother my brother.

I jumped up from the floor and walked across the hall to my brother's room. The door was closed, so I knocked. "Twin, I need your service." No answer. "Twin, this is a matter of life and death!" Still no answer. He never ignores me for that long.

I opened the door and looked in, "Scott?" I ventured in when I heard nothing. "Where are you?" I shrugged when nothing happened. Maybe he's downstairs.

I ran down the stairs, almost tripping on the last step, but I made it injury free. Just as I was about to call for him, I heard screams from outside. They sounded like my brother's. I grabbed a broom and ran to the front door. I made it to the porch, swinging like a mad woman.

"Be gone, evil doers! Or face the wrath of Byron!" I screamed as I whacked somebody.

"Em, it's me! Scott, your brother! Ouch, stop hitting me!" I stopped short and saw my brother rubbing his stomach, from where I had hit him.

I loosened my hold on the broom and smiled sheepishly, "Awkward… Oh, hey Stiles." I smiled at my brother's best friend hanging upside down from the roof.

"Hey Em," Stiles answered, letting his arms hang loosely on his side.

"What the hell was that for?" Scott asked, turning my attention back to him.

I shrugged, "I thought you were someone breaking in."

"Well I'm not," He said. "Who's Byron?"

"Exactly my next question." Stiles said, still hanging.

I pushed the broom out in front of me. "Twin, Stiles, meet Byron. Byron, meet twin and Stiles."

My brother raised his eyebrows, "You named the broom?"

I nodded then added, "Why wouldn't I?"

"Em, he's a broom." Scott said slowly.

"Shush!" I shout before turning to Byron, "Don't listen to mean old twin, Byron."

"Ok," Scott said slowly. "What the hell are you doing here, Stiles?"

"Look, I know it's late, but you got to hear this. I saw my dad leave twenty minutes ago. Dispatch called. They're bringing every officer from the Beacon Department, even the state police."

"Por qué," I asked.

"No, I don't like pork," I rolled my eyes. "But anyway two joggers found a body in the woods," Stiles said before jumping down to the grass.

"A dead body?" Scott, the slower twin, questioned.

I rolled my eyes and snorted when Stiles spoke, "No, a body of water. Yes dumbass, a dead body."

"Really Scott? You make me ashamed to call you twin." I said, shaking my head sarcastically.

Scott playfully glared at me and swatted Byron with his bat. "Hey!" I hit his leg with Byron and moved over when he tried to hit me. "Ha!"

Stiles jumped over the fence as Scott asked, "You mean like murdered?"

"Nobody knows yet just said it was a girl probably in her twenties."

"Well, hold on, if they found the body then what are they looking for?" Scott inquired.

I moved by Scott and said, "I agree with Scott on this."

Stiles got an excited expression on his face, "That's the best part… They only found half."

I felt my eyes widen, "Awesome, we are going right?"

"We are so going." Stiles confirmed.


As soon as Scott and I got dressed, we jumped into Stiles' jeep and before I knew it we were there. This is awesome!

I practically threw myself out of the car with excitement as did Stiles.

"Are we seriously doing this?" Scott, the more cautious twin, asked.

"You're the one that's always bitchin' that nothing ever happens in this town." Stiles said, grabbing a flashlight.

Scott looked at me for help. "Sorry, he speaks the truth. But come on, stop being a girl and live a little."

"Yeah," Stiles agreed, throwing an arm over my shoulder, "What Em said."

Scott complied and we began walking. As we walked, Scott talked about getting a good night's sleep for lacrosse tryouts. This was a big thing to him and he seemed really pumped for this season, but I didn't want him to blow his hopes up. I mean he has tried out for two years and hasn't made it, or he did but it was second string. Which really means no playing time because who gets seriously injured from lacrosse? Just saying.

"Stiles, dear, out of curiosity, which half of the body are we looking for?" I asked, falling into step with him.

"Huh, I didn't even think about that." Calling my twin the dumbass.

Scott chuckled with no humor, "And what if whoever killed the body is still out here?"

"Also something I didn't think about."

"Wow Stiles, so you are basically leading twin and me into certain death." I said, looking at him in the corner of my eye.

He shrugged, "Basically."

I nodded, "Good to know." Scott snorted.

We began to climb up a steep hill and Scott spoke, "Maybe the severe asthmatic should be the one holding the flashlight, huh?"

Stiles ignored him and I smacked his arm, "Wait." Then I turned to where my brother was. "You good?"

"Yeah," He wheezed slightly and took a puff from the inhaler.

"Now we commence," I said letting go of Stiles.

At the sound of this, Stiles ran as fast as he could up the hill. When he made it to the top he fell to the floor.

I laughed, "Epic fail."

Scott caught up with me and chuckled, but Stiles shushed us. You did not just shush me, homeboy. Scott fell to the floor next to Stiles, but I didn't.

"Why are you shushing me, Stilinski?" I demanded, but got more shushes. "Twin, defend me."

He shushed me too.

"Well," I huffed before I was pulled down to the ground by Stiles.

"What the hell, dude?" I said, but was silenced as Stiles covered his hand over my mouth. I was going to bite his hand, but he pointed in front of himself. I turned and saw several cops walking around. Oh, me understand now. They should have explained.

I nodded and he released my mouth.

We observed the cops before they moved away. Then Stiles pulled me up and started dragging me towards the cops. "Come on!"

"Stiles!" I heard my brother yell. "Emily!"

But Stiles didn't slow or loosen his grip, but I wasn't exactly pulling away either. I wanted to go find the body and I was excited. Scott would have to hurry up.

Suddenly, Stiles stopped and we looked around. I heard my brother yell again, "Stiles!"

We turned around, but instead of facing my brother, a dog barked at us ferociously. Basically scared us shitless. Stiles jumped closer to me and we hugged then fell to the floor. Stiles falling on top of me. Yeah, that's right, missionary position folks.

"Stay there!" Someone yelled.

"Hang on, hang on these little delinquents belong to me and Melissa McCall." I knew that voice. Stiles' dad, or in this case Sheriff Stilinski.

Stiles jumped up and helped me stand. "Dad, how're you doing?"

"Mr. Stilinski, nice weather we're having, huh?" I said casually.

"So do you listen to all my phone calls?" Mr. Stilinski asked Stiles.

He replied, "No," Cue dad look, "Well not the boring ones." Least he's honest.

Mr. Stilinski suddenly turned to me, "Emily, your mother knows you're out here with my son?"

"Yeah," Cue sheriff look. "Ok, so she's uninformed and it would be best to leave it at that. What do you say sir?"

He gave me a look before sighing, "Fine, but don't let me catch either of you listening to my calls," Insert pointed look to Stiles, "or following my son on my cases," Insert pointed look to me.

"Yes sir," We replied. Our fingers are crossed behind our back, of course.

"Now, where's your other partner in crime?" He asked, looking for Scott.

Stiles and I shared a glance before Stiles said, "Who? Scott? Scott's at home."

"Yeah," I nodded. "He wanted to get a good night's sleep for lacrosse tryouts tomorrow. It's just us. Me and Stiles. Stiles and I. No twin."

"Yup," Stiles agreed.

Mr. Stilinski didn't seem to believe us because a second later he shouted, "Scott, you out there?"




"See Mr. Stilinski, no Scott." I said, looking around. "Matter of fact, I do miss my twin. I'm gonna walk home. See you, Mr. Stilinski."

"Ah, ah," He said crossing over and throwing his arms around our shoulders. "I'm going to walk you two to Stiles' car whilst giving you a talk about invasion of privacy and peer pressure. Then Stiles you are going to drive Emily home."

Oh no, Scott. Least he knows I'm going home.

About twenty minutes later, we pulled up to my house. Scott wasn't home yet.

"I hope Scott is alright." I said.

"He will be," Stiles confirmed. "He's probably on his way back as we speak. Now I have to get home before my dad, or he'll think I'm up to no good."

I snorted, "Please, you are always up to no good and you always drag me and twin with you."

Stiles rolled his eyes, "Please, you are just as bad as me." He speaks the truth.

"Whatever see you tomorrow," I said, giving him a light punch in the arm. "Later Stiles."

I closed the door and went inside. My mom wasn't home yet. Thank goodness. Now all I have to do is wait for Scott to show up. I sat on his bed and waited. I felt my eyes drooping. I shook my head, "Mustn't fall asleep. Must wait for twin." I repeated this to myself for about a minute then I was a goner.

I slept the whole night in Scott's bed and woke up to him snoring in my face. Ah, Scott's back. I closed my eyes, but they shot open. Scott's back!

"Twin!" I shouted before hugging him.

He fell off the bed and groaned, "Em."

"You're back," I said as I looked down to him from the bed. "Why didn't you wake me?"

He shrugged before getting up, "I was tired."

"You butt-munch," I smacked his arm. "I was worried about you."

He snorted, "Oh yeah, you looked real worried when you were drooling all over my bed."

"Hey, I tried to stay up." I defended.

"What? For a minute?" He said walking to his bathroom.

"No…" He looked at me disbelievingly. "It was two minutes, get it right." I said before walking across the hall my room.

"Emily?" I turned and saw my mom.

"Oh, hey mom," I said.

"Did you fall asleep with Scott last night?" She asked, her eyes flickering to me and Scott's door.

I nodded and she remarked, "You two haven't done that since you were little."

"What can I say, mom? I missed my brother and he was having nightmares. I swear, mom, he was crying and almost peed the bed, but not to worry, I helped him." I smirked.

Mom looked at me before snorting, "You had me going until the last part. Nice try though. I'm going back to bed. Have a nice day, Em." She kissed me on the cheek and walked to her bedroom.

I went into my own bathroom and took a quick shower then I did all my morning remedies. I did my makeup, which consisted of eyeliner and mascara. When I was done, I dried my long dark brown, almost black, hair and styled it. Then I chose my outfit, which was black tights, a long, loose red shirt, a leather jacket, and black Doc Martens with red roses up the sides. Oh yeah, I looked bomb.

"Em, are you ready?" I heard my twin ask.

"Coming," I replied as I grabbed my bag and phone.

We took off as soon as I went downstairs. I jumped on the handle bars of my brother's bike and he sped off. We reached the school about ten minutes later. I climbed off as my brother tied his bike to the post. Suddenly, a Porsche pulls up next to us. Jackson.

As he got out of the car, he opened the door too far and hit my brother's lacrosse stuff. Then he looked at my brother and said, "Dude, watch the paint job."

"Dude, watch your back." I told him.

He looked at me, but before he could say anything one of his friends called him.

"Run along, Whittemore. Go on, shoo, shoo." He glared at me before taking off. "Dick."

"Come on Em, let's go." Scott said and began to walk to the building.

Stiles suddenly ran up to us. "Hey guys."

"Morning sunshine, the earth says hello." I shouted, causing people to stare at me.

"Can I see it?" Stiles asked Scott. Insert question mark.

"See what?" I asked as I looked at my brother pointedly.

"Relax, last night, when I was walking in the woods something bit me." Scott explained.

"WHAT? Are you ok? Did you go to the hospital?" I asked, holding his face looking for injuries.

He pried my hands off and said, "No, I'm fine. Here, take a look." He pulled up shirt to reveal a huge white bandage covering the entire right side.

"You're fine?" I hissed. "Scott, your whole right side is messed up, but you're fine right? Idiot." I muttered, but left it alone. He obviously wasn't in pain. "So what bit you?"

"A wolf." He answered.

Stiles and I looked at each other with one eyebrow quirked.

"No it didn't." Scott gave me look. "I mean there aren't wolves in California. There haven't been for like years."

"Em's right, Scott. Something else must have got you." Stiles said as we walked closer to the doors.

"I guess, but would you two believe that I found the body."

"No way," Stiles and I said simultaneously.

Scott nodded, "No I wish, I'm going to have nightmares for a month."

"Aw, no fair. I'm the fun, exciting one, but you get to see the body." I complained.

"I know I'm better than both of you and I didn't get to see it." Stiles commented.

I punched his arm and he cried out in pain. "You hit like a man."

"No, you just have the body of a girl." I smirked before putting a fist up to my brother. He didn't do anything, but stare. "Twin! You can't leave me hanging."

He rolled his eyes, but bumped his fist against mine.

"Wow, I mean this is seriously going to be the best thing that's ever happen to this town since the birth of Lydia Martin," Scott and I smirked as Stiles became distracted as she walked by. "Hey Lydia, you look like… you're going to ignore me."

"Epic fail," I sang and chuckled with Scott.

"You two are the cause of this, you know," Stiles told us. "Dragging me down to your nerd depth. I'm a nerd by association. I'm scarlet-nerded by you guys."

"Please, you're just a nerd. Period." I said as I walked through the doors.

"Oh yeah, well you hit like a man." He called out.

I spun around, "Is that the best you've got, Stiles, my boy?"

"You're, uh, fine you win this round, but I'll get you back!" He said before turning with my brother to their class.

After school, I found myself sneaking up behind Scott as he was staring at the new girl I've already heard so much about. Allison Argent.

I smacked him on the back and he jumped. I laughed, "Hey twin, checking out the new girl already?"

He turned to his locker and replied gruffly, "No."

"Yeah sure, whatever you say sibling." I said as I opened my locker, which was next to his. "Hey, how long is your practice?"

Scott ignored me.

"Scott? Hello, twin? Earth to sibling!" I shouted and he finally snapped out of it, clutching his ears. I didn't think I shouted that loud. "You alright?"

He looked at me and nodded, "I gotta go to practice."

"Wait, you didn't answer my question." But it was already too late. He had hijacked out of there. "Well."

I soon found myself sitting in the bleachers, watching the lacrosse boys prep. I was focused on my burgundy chipped nail polish that I didn't see two people sit next to me.

"Do you mind if I sit here?"

I looked up as the voice reached my ears. I saw a girl with long brown hair and pretty brown eyes. Allison.

"Oh yeah, sure." I said moving my messenger bag closer to me.

"I'm Allison." She stuck her hand out as she sat down.

I shook her hand and said, "Emily."

"I saw you with that boy right there this morning," She pointed to Scott. "Who is he?"

I went to answer when an obnoxious voice of Lydia Martin cut me off, "I'm not sure who he is."

"I believe she was talking to me," I said in annoyance.

Lydia turned to me, "Who are you?" How does Stiles find her lovely?

I rolled my eyes and turned back to Allison. "He's my twin brother, Scott McCall. Why? Crushing on him?" I teased gently.

She blushed, "I was just wondering. He's in my English class." I smiled and she returned it.

I turned away as I heard the whistle indicating that practice had begun. I looked towards the goal and saw my brother holding his helmet. Something is wrong with that boy.

I winced as he got hit in the face, but grabbed a ball and threw it at one of the players that was making fun of him. It hit his face and the team turned to me. "Yeah, you don't like it now!"

"McCall!" Coach Finstock scolded me.

I smirked and watched as the next player went. He shot the ball and Scott caught it. Wait, Scott caught it! "Woo, go Scott! Yeah that's my twin brother!"

I heard a chuckle and saw Allison smiling at me. I grinned before turning back to Scott, who was now kicking ass in the goal. The best part was when he beat Jackson; the look on his face was priceless even through the helmet.

I said goodbye to Allison and found my brother with Stiles. We decided to go back to the woods to see the body and find Scott's inhaler he dropped last night.

"Twin! That was so awesome!" I said jumping across the stream.

"Thanks, Em," Scott smiled. "I don't even know what it was. It was like I had all the time in the world to catch the ball. But that's not the only weird thing. I hear stuff I shouldn't be able to hear. I smell things." Scott explained as we walked. I knew something was wrong.

"Smell things? Like what?" Stiles questioned.

Scott sniffed and said, "Like the mint mojito gum in your pocket."

"What? I don't have any mint mojito gum," But Stiles stopped as he pulled out a piece of gum. Weird…

"Or like the Carmex Em has at the bottom of her bag." I had Carmex in there?

I grabbed my bag and, sure enough, at the bottom was Carmex. "Wow twin, you have like super powers. Quick, tell me if I passed my Spanish exam."

"I said I could hear and smell things not see the future." Scott said.

"Well, you can't blame me for asking."

Stiles considered this, "Very true." Then he turned to Scott, "So all this started with a bite?"

"What if it's like an infection? Like my body's flooding with adrenaline before I go into shock or something." Scott alarmed.

"I think I've heard of this before," Stiles said seriously. "It's a specific kind of infection."

This put Scott and me in a halt. "Are you serious?" We asked in unison.

He nodded, "Yeah, I think it's called Lycanthropy."

I suddenly realized he was joking. Lycan, wolf, duh. But Scott didn't, "What it that? Is that bad?"

"Oh yeah, it's the worse." Stiles commented.

I decided to play along. "I've heard of it, too. It only comes once a month."

Scott turned to me, "Once a month?"

"Yeah, like a period," I said. "On the night of the full moon."

Stiles and I exchanged looks before howling like wolves. Scott pushed Stiles, but put me in a chokehold then proceeded into giving me a noogie.

"Ah, no fair, you have wolfy strength." I joked.

He let go of me and started walking, "There could be something seriously wrong with me."

"We know," Stiles and I said. "You're a werewolf."

Scott rolled his eyes.

"We're obviously kidding, Scott," said Stiles. "But if you see me trying to melt all the silver I could find it's because Friday's the full moon."

Suddenly, Scott stopped and looked at the ground, "I could've sworn this was it. I dropped my inhaler."

I decided to look around the area a bit to see if something had moved it. I looked behind a tree before I heard Stiles call out, "Em."

"What?" I looked at him. I saw my brother and him looking at me with fear. Ha, I knew they would crack one of these days.

"Behind you," Stiles said tensely.

I spun around and my eyes widened as I came face to face, well chest, with a man. Hot damn was he gorgeous. He had greenish eyes, black hair, and a strong jaw with slight stubble on it, big shoulders, and a shirt that screamed 'Rip me off'. Damn these hormones, but hell if he's the killer then he can have me and do what he pleases.

Thank Jebus, he can't hear me…But the silent offer still stands.

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