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The McCall Twin

Chapter Twenty-Four – Omega Pt. 2

Allow me to recap. Stiles, Scott, Allison, and I went to Derek's old house after twin followed Lydia's scent. Daddy Argent came to play after Scott got caught in one of his toys (he really shouldn't leave his toys everywhere). Scott broke the tripwire and tried to act cool by leaving us. I commented how he assumed things to myself since Allison and Stiles followed him. I trailed after because the best for last.

Unfortunately, Derek's house was a bust and we did not find Lydia. All in all, our mission was a complete failure. After leaving Derek's, Stiles dropped Allison off at home and came to our place. We had talked (in Stiles' case, freaked) about where she could have gone. It was really important that we find her ASAP because the temperature was going to drop super low. She'd freeze.

And oh my God she would be an ice sculpture. A naked girl ice sculpture. Stiles' birthday is gonna come up soon. Okay refocusing my thoughts.

Anyways, around one in the morning, Mom came in and basically kicked Stiles out. Then she forced Scott and I into bed, raging how she can't believe we were still up and you have school tomorrow and are you two even listening to me and then she smacked the back of our heads when she got her answer. All in all, don't let your Mom catch you up at one in the morning especially if she is Melissa McCall.

Now we were being good kids and making our way towards school. Of course, after Mom woke us up at five just to teach us a lesson about staying up too late. Don't get it? We usually don't get up until 7:15. Yeah don't cross her.

Scott and I were making our way towards the school when Stiles ran up to us. We all continued walking as Stiles started up the normal conversation.

"So about the grave robbery last night, the person's liver vanished, gone, bye-bye." What? This is normal for us.

"She ate the liver?" Scott questioned Stiles, thinking it was Lydia.

"No," Stiles retorted then clarified, obviously distressed. "I didn't say she ate it. I said it was missing." Then he continued, defending Lydia, "And you know what? Even if she did, so what? It's the most nutritious part of the body."

Scott looked at him in almost incredulity. "I never ate anyone's liver."

"Yeah, right," Stiles countered, "'cause when it comes to werewolves, you're a real model of self-control."

"Well," I piped up, "you know when I eat someone's liver, I just feel so alive."

He only gave me a bitchface and a flick to the forehead. Usually I would have already put the beat down on him, but since he was in a crisis and freaking majorly I decided to leave him alone. I know I'm such a friggin' Samaritan.

Scott grinned at my comment while I replied with a grin myself. We kept walking before Stiles' voice halted us. "Actually, wait-hold on." Turning our attention to him, he began speaking as he pointed his finger at Scott, "You're the test case for this, so we should be going over what happened to you."

"What do you mean?" We asked him simultaneously.

Stiles made an unattractive face (but that's always ha-ha burn!) before scolding us, "Don't do that. And I mean like what was going through your mind when you were turning, you know? What were you drawn to?"

Actually curious, I turned to face Scott as he replied. He hesitated as if he was unsure or embarrassed to tell us. I nudged him when he didn't answer right away. He answered, "Allison."

I deadpanned and Stiles looked entirely exasperated.

"Okay, nothing else? Seriously?"

"Nothing else mattered," Scott responded.

I narrowed my eyes at him as I said, "What are we, chopped liver?" Then, "Oh my gosh! How hilarious is that?" I laughed as I slapped my right knee. "That's a knee slapper! Woo I'm a comedic genius!"

You know because liver. I'm funny even when I'm not trying.

Stiles gave me the evil eye and Scott just stared at me before shaking his head and turning back to Stiles, whose body looked like it was twitching. "But, no, that's good, though, right? Because the night that Lydia was bit, she was with you."

Stiles let out a breath as he adjusted his bag on his shoulder. "Yeah but she was looking for," His eyes moved to the sound of a car entering the parking lot. "-Jackson."

Finished with my laughter, I followed his line of vision and scowled. What perfect timing this douche has. There driving his fancy schmancy Porsche was Jackson.

We all watched him give this homeless guy a dollar before strutting (yeah not walking, this a-hole was definitely strutting) away, calling security and pointing to the guy.

"Is it just me or does he seem much douchier than usual?" I asked the boys as we continued to watch Jackson strut down the sidewalk.

"Yup, huge douche," Scott replied.

Stiles agreed, "The douchiest."

Jackson Whittemore, grade A douche.


As I walked into Mr. Harris' class, I heard Stiles and Scott shouting my name. I stopped and turned to see them rushing down the hall to me. Even though we had the same class, we didn't really get to talk. Well we did anyway, but Adrian was not necessarily pleased when we did because we would talk from across the class (he separated me from them). I went to meet them when Adrian's voice stopped me.

"Ms. McCall, you take one step out of the class and I'll mark you absent."

I halted, keeping my feet in the classroom. Spinning around, my eyes found him. He was sitting at his desk and wasn't even looking at me. I tried to explain, "Adrian, you see my peeps need me and-"

"Ms. McCall, I don't see why you talk to me like I am actually listening. Now go take a seat and don't even so much as look at those two bumbling imbeciles, or I'll give you detention for ditching my class today." He finished as he stood up and gave me a look.

Oh, he was good. Trying to give me detention for something I didn't do, he was like a blackmailer. I would have said something adorable back, but honestly I did not need a detention. Mom would kill me.

Pouting, I made my way to my desk. My desk partner was already there as I sat down gloomily in the seat. My partner looked at me and tried to smile, "Don't take what he says personally, Emily."

I nodded and opened my bag up. I began searching for something until I found it. I pulled out the little sticker and a pencil. Turning to my partner, I placed the sticker and pencil on his desk. He gave me a sigh before taking the pencil and writing on the sticker. Once he was done, he took the paper off the sticker and stuck it to his shirt.

The sticker grinned right up at me. Instead of being blank, it now said, 'Hello, my name is Tim'. I grinned at him and gave him a thumbs up. He only grimaced and began pulling out his stuff. Hey, I had to remember his name someway and this is perfect.

Soon after I sat down I heard Scott and Stiles enter the room. As tempted as I was to look at them, I remembered Adrian's words and felt him staring at me, just waiting for me to look. Well the joke was on him! I wasn't going to look at those two imbeciles.

"Emily," I heard Stiles hiss.

No. No don't look.

I could feel the students around me staring at the three of us. They didn't have a clue on why I wasn't answering my partners in crime. For all I knew, they probably thought Stiles and I were having relationship issues. Well I am kind of having relationship issues just not with Stiles. I've got to stop thinking about that or I'm going to go mad.

Then it was Scott's turn as he whispered (let's face it, he was practically screaming at the top of his lungs), "Emily."

Maybe just one look. No, Adrian will go ballistic and I cannot afford another detention. As much as Adrian loves me, I feel he's been getting more malicious with his detaining. Come on guys, pick up on the tension in the room!

My table partner- no wait. Taking a quick glance at the nametag, I corrected, Tim was giving me a sympathetic look as if to say well you're shit out of luck and your friend and brother are really idiots.

This was proven true when apparently they thought I didn't hear them. Separately. Do you get it yet? If not, just wait for it. It was silent for a second and then suddenly they hissed together (yes these smart boys decided to call out to me together, aren't they the brightest?), "Emily!"

Just when I was about to snap, Adrian spoke up, "Mr. McCall, Mr. Stilinski, you two just cannot take a hint. Did it ever occur to you that Ms. McCall heard you both separately and together, but just refused to answer to avoid a detention?"

Stiles and Scott were looking like fish right about now. "W-Well-uh-,"

"No, it did not," He answered for them. "Now shut up and sit down before you embarrass yourself even more. I don't want to hear your voices the entire class period, or you'll find yourself in detention." Just on time, the bell rang for class to start. As it ended, Adrian looked at the class and said almost sinisterly, "Pop quiz."

With that, he began handing out quizzes. Once I received mine, I sighed and put my name on the paper. Believe it or not, I was actually okay at chemistry. I knew what I was doing.

"Hey," Looking at his nametag, I continued quietly, "Tim, what'd you get for three?"

Alright, so it might have helped that Tim was a friggin whiz. And before you call me a cheater, I am not cheating okay? I am simply comparing answers with my shoulder buddy. Get off my back ugh!

Sighing again, I wiggled in my seat. It seemed my juice from breakfast was kicking in… and just the fact that I don't want to take this quiz; I'm going to the restroom. I just wish Adrian wouldn't time me when I went. Yup, he would time me then add how many minutes I took to my detention after school. I told you, he's a malicious little thing.

I jumped in my seat when I heard said malicious thing's voice, "This is a pop quiz, Mr. Stilinski. If I hear your voice again, I may be tempted to give you detention for the rest of your high school career."

For a second, I thought he gained magic mindreading powers and heard my thoughts and was talking to me, but I looked at saw that he was looking at the other two. You know exactly who they are. I swear I honestly think we are the only ones who get in trouble in this class.

"Can you do that?" Ever the curious one, Stiles.

I face palmed. Adrian was so baiting for that one and he got you Stiles- hook, line, and sinker.

"Well, there it is again," Adrian said, looking like he wasn't very surprised. "Triggering the only impulse I've ever had to strike a student repeatedly and violently. I'll see you at three for detention."

I held in a snort at the look on Stiles' face. His jaw might as well have been touching the desk. I jumped again when Adrian's voice started once more.

"You too, Mr. McCall?"

Scott was quick to answer, "No sir."

When he sat down and everything quieted down, I took this as my chance to ask. I raised my hand and Adrian didn't even turn to my direction as he answered sarcastically. "Ah, Ms. McCall, to think I almost forgot about you. Would you like to join Mr. Stilinski after school?"

I let out an awkward chuckle before replying, "Um no, Adrian. I was just going to ask if I may use the restroom."

"If it prevents me from having to deal with you all period." I took that as a yes.

Hopping off my chair, I made my way towards his desk and grabbed the bathroom pass he handed to me. As I went to open the door, he reminded me, "I'm timing you."

I saluted him with a big grin before bounding out the door. Once out, I slowed my pace and walked leisurely down the hall. I was not in a hurry to get back to class at all. Maybe I'd stop by the cafeteria or the water fountain just to take longer. Ooh or maybe I'll go to the bathroom- just the farthest one away from the class- oof!

I bumped into someone as I got lost in my thoughts. I looked up and noticed it was the homeless guy that Jackson had run into earlier. He had been digging around the trash in front of the school when Scott and I arrived. What was he doing in the building? Looking for food?

"Hey…" I trailed off, "…there pal. I don't have any cash, but may Jebus be with you." Not waiting for a reply, I moved around him quickly and headed off to hide behind the wall. No way was I staying with that guy hanging around. What if he is so hungry that he decides to eat me?

Just to be safe, I turned to see if he was still there but there was no one. He was gone and there were no traces of him in the hallway. I sighed in relief and went to move when I saw someone heading for the boys' bathroom. I froze thinking it was the homeless guy, but I watched carefully and saw that it was Jackson. He was holding his nose as he quickly entered the room.

Wait, since when did Adrian let two students out to the restroom? I know I was gonna take my time, but I hadn't even been gone five minutes. This is very peculiar (that's my word of the day, nice yeah?). But Adrian does seem to like Jackson a tad more than Scott, Stiles, and me. But Adrian is never nice. Never.

Scoping the area once more (just in case that homeless dude liked what he saw and wanted to have me for lunch), I edged my way to the boys' bathroom. Everyone was in class, so no one would come in. Ugh. Is it me or ever since Scott turned Scooby I've become part of the Scooby gang?

Before all of this, if I had seen Jackson go to the bathroom holding his nose, I would've simply laughed at his misfortune and told him to suck on that. But now I'm going Sherlock. I blame Scott. When in unsure of all your problems, blame Scott.

I stood in front of the door to the restroom and just when I was about to head in, something grabbed my arm. The homeless guy! He came back to eat me! Obviously he didn't like that I didn't give him money, so he came back for revenge.

"Oh my God, don't eat me. I don't even taste good!" Lies. I taste fantastic, but he can't know that. "I know you're homeless and hungry, but please. I help the hungry and feed the homeless, but not with my own body! Really, I'm all bones! What you want is meat and I know a certain fatty that can sustain you!" I'm so sorry, Scott.

"What are you going on about?"

Freezing at the voice, I spun around fast and saw Derek. My eyes lit up and I said in relief, "Derek, it's just you. Thank goodness."

He only sighed at me and asked, "Who's going to eat you?" You, eventually.

I laughed nervously as I leaned against the wall, "Oh, just some homeless dude. I thought…" Maybe it was best not to explain, "Never mind, what are you doing here? And how did you get in so easily? I mean I know you're a werewolf, but this school is seriously slacking on security."

"I could ask you the same thing," He answered as he crossed his arms, which only emphasized his sexy arms.

I furrowed my eyebrows, "How did I get in? Well I go here, so…"

Derek rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms (aw…), "I meant what you are doing here. Aren't you supposed to be in class?"

"I was, but I was going to go the bathroom," I corrected, "Well I really didn't have to go but we were taking a quiz and I was trying to avoid a detention with Adrian, so yeah."

He raised an eyebrow and glanced at the door, "And you were going into the boys' bathroom because?"

Oh my goodness! He's right to raise an eyebrow! This looks bad. What if he thinks I'm meeting someone in there or something? What if he saw Jackson go in and then me attempt to go in after? Or, OH MY GOD, what if he thinks I have something dangling between my legs? This whole situation looks really bad!

I put my hands in front of me and pushed off the wall. "It's not what you think! I'm not meeting any guy in there or something! I saw Jackson go in there, but I'm not meeting up with him either! He looked suspicious, so I was going to spy on him! I don't have a penis!" I finished with my eyes focused on the ground, breathing hard.

Gathering my courage, I snuck a glance at him. Derek was watching me and his verdant eyes looked…amused? I was expecting outraged or a do-I-look-stupid, but he was giving me neither. My heart stopped when he smirked.

"Is that so," He said with a beautiful smirk that somehow brought out his lovely scruff (what can I say? I'm a scruff kind of girl).

That I'm penis-less? Yes, yes it is so.

He smirk grew when he walked closer to me. He had somehow gotten me against the wall and had his arms on either side of my face. I only watched him, breathless and mesmerized. He leaned in so close that I could feel his breath against my face. I gulped.

No matter how many times I had been this close to him, I would still be nervous and out of breath. Our make out sessions got pretty deep, but I would never get used to this. Though I did welcome it with open arms, mouth, and legs, I just couldn't stop myself from becoming breathless around him. I was so used to the Derek that ignored my advances that I just couldn't grasp the concept that I could actually kiss him…amongst other things. Think what you will.

"First, only Jackson is in there and secondly, I know you think he is the biggest douche in the world," He leaned even closer and said huskily, "And third, I think I would realize if you had one."

He had this look in his eye and oh boy was I freaking out. He was so gorgeous. And just take me against the wall, you sexy thing you. You are so perfect and I want my tongue down your throat and- FOCUS MCCALL! You're at school, there are teachers around and ughhhh.

I gulped again and tried to speak but nothing came out.

His smirk grew as he began talking, "Why don't you go back to class and I'll take care of Jackson?" It was meant to be a question, but it came out more like a statement or an order. I was only too happy to oblige.

"O-Okay," I stuttered with a nod. He didn't even kiss me and I'm stuttering. The man is sex, I am telling you all. Alright, be cool. "Are you going to come by later?"

He shrugged, "Keep your window closed. I'll open it if I do."

I nodded with a smile and walked back to class, feeling his eyes on me the whole time. I swear I thought I was going to hyperventilate and trip and break my face. The things he does to me. I didn't even remember what happened between us yesterday I was on cloud nine.

When I got back to the class, I received detention for taking more than ten minutes to use the bathroom. I really didn't care. It was worth seeing Derek.

I looked at Adrian and he held up my quiz, showing off its below fifty percent. I hadn't gotten to finish. Then I thought of Derek again.

Yup, so worth it.


"Remind me why I'm here again," I asked twin as we hid behind a statue. We were (illegally, rebels!) at the cemetery, where Kate's funeral was taking place. We both watched as Allison and her parents made their way through the paparazzi and to their seats.

Scott glanced at me and answered, "Because Mr. Harris assigned your detention for tomorrow, so he wouldn't have to deal with both you and Stiles and because you're moral support."

"For you or for Allison?" I retorted as I watched one paparazzi guy, who had gotten past the cops, get his camera taken away by this old dude. "Who's grandpa?"

"I don't know," He answered, trailing.

We both continued to watch as the old dude went up to Allison's dad and hugged him. It wasn't exactly a touchy-feely hug. It was more like for show than anything. After hugging Daddy Argent, the man went to her mom and kissed both her cheeks.

"Seriously, who is this guy?" I mumbled to Scott.

Without taking his eyes off of them, he replied, "Still not sure, but get this he called Allison's dad Christopher."

"Big whoop," I said back. "Mom calls me Emily instead of Em sometimes." Wait, Mom calls me…so does that mean- OW! I let out a sharp breath when Stiles landed on my hand. I huffed at him and turned back to the scene. I had forgotten what I was thinking before Stiles tripped his way over here.

"Yo," He said to both of us.

"How was Adrian?"

"Fantastic. He sends his love."

"He's such a sweetheart."

"The sweetest," Stiles retorted before asking, "Who the hell's that?"

"That's what we wondering," I murmured back, completely focused on the guy.

And as if he heard us, the old man turned to where we were hiding. We all ducked behind and stopped breathing for at least a second. I had no idea who he was, but that guy was scary.

"It's definitely an Argent," Scott replied.

We all peeked from behind the statue and when we saw that he wasn't looking anymore, we continued to watch the scene. He appeared to be talking to Allison, but I didn't read lips or have super hearing… I looked at Scott expectantly.

He noticed and asked, "What?"

"Well don't hold out, twin," I responded and gestured to the Argent family. "What's he saying?"

"He's her grandpa," He answered back.

Granddaddy Argent.

"Hey, you know maybe they're just here for the funeral," Stiles reasoned. "What if they're the non-hunting side of the family? There could be non-hunting Argents. It's possible, right?"

"Maybe in Narnia," I retorted.

"I know what they are," twin countered then answered our unspoken question as if it was obvious. "They're reinforcements."

Well fuc-

All of a sudden, we were grabbed from behind. Well okay, I kind of just got pulled and fell to my butt. Scott and Stiles, though, were being held by that's right folks, our very own Padre Stilinski. Who was looking just a little upset at our appearance. Obviously, it was for the boys. I, on the other hand, probably made his day.

"The three of you," He said through gritted teeth. "Unbelievable. Pick up my tie," He told Stiles as he manhandled him to grab it. "Got it. I'm sorry. I know, I'm supposed to ask." He started to walk and pull the boys, throwing over his shoulder, "Let's go Emily." Standing quickly (he had his Sheriff face on), I swiftly followed them to his police cruiser.

We all bunched up in the backseat as Padre Stilinski listened on his radio.

"4-1-5 Adam," it said.

"I didn't copy that. Did you say 4-1-5 Adam?" He questioned.

Stiles looked at us and murmured, "Disturbance in a car."

"They were taking a heart attack victim-T.O.A. But on the way to the hospital, something hit 'em."

"W-," Padre Stilinski continued, "Hi-Hit the ambulance?"

"Copy that. I'm standing in front of it right now. Something got in the back. There's blood everywhere. And I mean everywhere."

Stiles listened closely and moved up in almost realization.

Padre Stilinski asked, "All right, unit 4, what's your 20?"

"Route 5 and post. I swear, I've never seen anything like this."

Stiles looked away in thought then turned to look at us. Best friend telepathy activated. As quietly and quickly as we could, we all clambered out of the cruiser and took off. I wasn't necessarily the fastest, but hey when you're running from the law things change. And I was moving as fast as I could. It's different when you're being chased by the law.

"Emily, I think we're far enough," Scott said, breathing rapidly. "I think you can get off my back now."

Alright, so I'm still shit at running.

Sue me.


By the time we made it to the ambulance, it was dark outside. I kept close to Scott as we trekked through the forest because creepy as fuck. When we got close enough to it, we slid to the ground and noticed the inside of the truck. There was blood splattered on the inside.

"What the hell is Lydia doing?" Stiles asked tightly.

Scott replied, "I don't know."

Stiles questioned twin softly, "What kept you from doing that? Was it Allison?"

"I hope so," He answered.

Stiles was really torn up about this whole situation and you could see it all over his face. Still, he put on a brave face, "Do you need to get closer?"

Scott closed his eyes and smelled the air. "No, I got it." As he made to move, Stiles grabbed his shirt. We both looked at him in confusion.

"Just- I just need you to find her." Stiles told him, pleaded with him. "All right? Please, just-just find her." At his heartbroken voice and expression, I gripped his shoulder as Scott replied with a slight nod, "I will." With that said, he took off leaving Stiles and I alone.

"Hey," I called to my cue ball head.

He looked at me.

"We're going to find her," I told him. "She's Lydia Martin, we have to find her. And I know this because I'm Emily, alright? Everything is going to be fine, I swear it."

He smiled slightly and wiped his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, come on. Better make an appearance before we drive my dad insane."

"I think he's immune to us by now," I countered with a smile.

We walked out of the forest and onto the pavement. Almost immediately, Padre Stilinski spotted us. He swiftly made his towards us and smacked us for running off, saying how unbelievable we are. I know he was just secretly worried about us.

Just as he was going over the same stuff he always does with us (this is our Miranda rights), Stiles noticed something. I followed his line of vision and my jaw dropped.

There was Lydia. Scratch that, there was the naked Lydia. She looked lost, almost like she didn't know what the hell was going on. Hell, I didn't know what was going on.

"Lydia?" Stiles murmured, probably wondering if that was really her or not.

She only continued to look lost and she shook from the temperature.

Stiles called out to her again, but she didn't even look up. Soon the entire police was looking at her, but she just didn't seem to notice. Still, Stiles tried once more, "Lydia!"

She finally snapped out of her daze and noticed everyone. We all stared, wondering if she was okay and what she was going to do now. "Well," She started, "Is anyone gonna get me a coat?" Yup, same old Lydia.

Then everyone seemed to notice that she was, in fact, naked and averted their eyes out of respect. Stiles seemed to realize that his crush since the third grade was standing naked in front of him and he basically broke down. He pawed (ha because wolf!) at his dad's jacket before falling to the floor. Ah, young love.

"Jesus," Padre Stilinski sighed as he pulled off his jacket. "Yup, here you go." Once he pulled it off, he handed it to me to give to her.

I walked over to Lydia and placed it around her shoulders. As I did so, I felt her skin and almost flinched. She was ice cold. And little longer out here and she would've turned into an ice sculpture. Stiles' birthday- STOP.

"Hey, we've been looking for you," I told her as we walked over to Padre Stilinski, who was trying to get his son's legs and brain to function.

"Well, you did an outstanding job," She said sarcastically. "Oh wait, you didn't find me. I found you."

My face deadpanned as she walked away with Padre Stilinski. I don't care if she was practically shivering and her teeth were chattering, Lydia was fine. Once warmed back to normal temperature, she would be the same, old Lydia we "cherished and loved". I had to admit she was right though – we didn't necessarily find her. I mean yeah we looked and Scott- wait, hold on a second. Scott supposedly had her scent, but Lydia's here and Scott's not so…

Who exactly did Scott go after then?

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