The Great Hall was filled with joyful Vikings as they celebrated their wonderful winter holiday of Snoggletog. Rapunzel kept herself spinning in circles at all the sights that were around her, this was her first holiday that she wasn't trapped in a tower for.

The blonde felt someone tap on her shoulder, it was Hiccup.

He gave her one of his crooked grins, but he also looked...nervous.

"What's wrong Hiccup?"

The Viking guy pulled out from behind his back a small white daisy, "Happy Snoggletog Rapunzel"

Rapunzel smiled and took the plant from her friend, "I thought the frost took out all of the flowers?"

"All but one"

"And you're giving it to me?"

"Well it's a special flower" Hiccup blushed a little, "And you're a special person"

Rapunzel placed a hand over her chest to keep her swelled heart from bursting out. She placed her flower in her hair and hugged Hiccup, "Thank you"

Hiccup great fully returned her hug. He was such a great friend. 'Just a friend?' her conscience asked, 'Or maybe something more?'

She pondered that thought. This was an amazing guy she was hugging. A guy that always had a way of making her laugh, showing her so many fantastic things, and quite recently, making her heart flutter every time he looked at her. Even though Rapunzel had only been in Berk for a few weeks; it was hard to ever imagine what life had been like without Hiccup. It pained her to ever think about leaving him. That settled it.

Rapunzel looked up to Hiccup's face and gave him a little giggle, "I have something for you too"

The Viking scrunched his eyebrows together, "Really? What is it?"

The blonde didn't think twice before she closed her eyes and let her lips meet his. She could feel Hiccup jump a little bit in surprise, but he quickly pressed his lips harder on hers. Rapunzel's lips curled into a smile against their kiss as they brought their body's closer, making sure there wasn't an inch of space between them.

They released their lips from each other in who knows how much later.

Rapunzel could feel people's eyes boring into the two of them, but she still didn't take her bright green eyes away from his forest green ones. She gently pushed her nose against his freckled one, "Happy Snoggletog Hiccup"