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Angry Bob was angry.

He decided to go to the mall.

Upon arriving he saw that a line of children were waiting to sit on Santa's lap.

"I'll wait on line," he said "and then I can talk to Santa and I will be happy."

So he waited on line and he began to grow happy.

Just before he reached Santa a kid cut in front of him.

"Excuse me" he said "I'm next in line."

"Well now I am." the kid said.

When the next in line was called Bob cut ahead of the kid.

Santa saw this and was quite angry with Bob.

"I'm not happy with you Bob." said Santa. "We have a special gift for naughty people like you."

From behind Bob he walked in, Steven the Assaulting Reindeer.

Steven kicked Bob in the head many times. Bob died.

The End.

Rat turned to Zebra.

"Never get on a psychotic reindeer's bad side."