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Macavity sat in his throne, leaning against the arm of the chair as his fingers tapped against it. The Hidden Paw was deep in thought about a new plan of his...but the thing that was getting him was how to perfect this plan. His gold eyes flicked up briefly as Griddlebone walked in.

"Penny for your thoughts, Mac?" Griddlebone drawled.

"I have almost everything set up...that scientist of a cat is almost done...I just need..."

"The carrier?" Griddlebone interjected. Macavity nodded.

"They need to be genetically perfect,"

"Meaning?" Griddlebone asked, sitting on the other arm of the throne.

"They have to be right in everything," Macavity answered. "They have to have the right mental capabilities, have to be emotionally stable, wise, kind, have good leadership skills...and good looking would definitely be a bonus," Macavity purred. Griddlebone twitched an eyebrow.

"And you're going to find a Queen with all of those capabilities...and more?" Macavity hummed, getting to his feet and leaving the room. Griddlebone followed him from the room, down towards the basement. Macavity opened the door to the room and walked in, Griddle following him. The room was brightly lit with a stark white light...there were several tables lining the walls with scientific equipment covering them.

"How is it going?" Macavity asked a brown and white Tom, whose fur was slightly stuck up in different directions and slightly singed.

"It's almost done," The Tom said. "That Queen you brought me was most useful...I've got all I needed from her," Macavity nodded.

"What about the other thing?" Macavity questioned.

"They're almost ready," The Tom replied.

"They?" Griddlebone asked.

"There are two...just in case," Macavity answered, looking at a Petri dish on a bench. Griddlebone sighed.

"Found your carrier yet?" The brown and white Tom asked as he tweaked a dial on the microscope.

"Not yet," Macavity murmured. The Tom looked at him, pushing a pair of old human glasses further up his nose.

"It needs to be soon...I need to test if they are compatible," Griddlebone looked at the scientist tom.

"What do you mean, Stein?" Griddlebone asked him.

"I need to see if the cat can suitably carry this through," Stein explained. "If their body can put up with it,"

"If their body?" Griddle asked. "Like I asked before...won't a Queen be suitable?"

"Not necessarily," Stein answered airily.

"What?" Griddle asked.

"It doesn't necessarily have to be a Queen," Macavity smirked. Griddlebone raised her eyebrows.

"And how in the world do you expect a Tom to do all of that?"

"There are ways," Macavity grinned.

"I don't see it,"

"I'll explain it to you another time," Macavity laughed before he went serious again.

"But I still don't see how I can find a genetically perfect cat with those qualities," Macavity mused.

"Why are those qualities so important to you?" Griddlebone asked.

"Because these kittens have to be genetically heirs need to be perfect," Macavity stated. Griddlebone rolled her green eyes at that. Stein glanced at them before going back to his work. Macavity swept his eyes over the equipment once more. Griddlebone noticed his look of longing...he wanted this done soon.

"Come on, Mac," Griddlebone grinned, looping her arm through Macavity. "Let's go hunting for your perfect cat," Macavity rolled his eyes but followed Griddlebone anyway.

He and Griddlebone strolled through the streets, looking and examining all the cats they walked by. They walked to the park, sitting down to rest.

"How about her?" Griddlebone asked, pointing out a dark red Queen. Macavity watched her for a few moments.

"Too obnoxious," Macavity answered.


"Ugh, no...she's too clumsy,"

"How do you know that?"

"Her feet," Macavity answered simply. Griddlebone rolled her eyes and then pointed out a black queen.

"Won't be able to handle it," Macavity sighed, leaning against the tree.

"...maybe you need to lower your standards,"

"Bast, Griddle, I'm not looking for a Queen-friend," Macavity growled. "These standards are to make sure my heirs are perfect, that they can take over my place one day and run this organisation,"

"Yes, Mac," Griddle sighed. Macavity growled, crossing his arms across his chest. Griddlebone sighed and they sat in silence, watching the different cats go by.

"Anything, Mac?" Griddle asked.

"No...they all have faults that I don't want," Macavity sighed heavily. Griddlebone stretched, itching at her ear.

"What were you looking for again?" Griddle sighed.

"Someone who can carry this out, strong, both emotionally and physically," Macavity listed. "Leadership skills, wise, emotionally stable, social skills, confident, strong," Macavity kept going.

"Okay, okay, okay," Griddle cut him off after a while.

"You're going to have fun trying to find a cat that has all of that," Griddlebone told him. Macavity nodded, his gold eyes staring out over the park.

"There is a cat like that...just need to find them," Macavity murmured.

"And soon," Griddlebone added.

"True," Macavity sighed. Griddlebone sat up a few moments later.

"Come on...let's go to the Jellicle junkyard,"


"To find something amusing," Griddlebone answered, grabbing Macavity's paw and hauling him to his feet.

"Such as?" Macavity asked bitterly. "They're all...well..."

"Jellicles?" Griddlebone smirked.


"Well...we'll go see what that clumsy kitten, what's his name?" Griddlebone asked, looking at Macavity. "The one who always gets stuck in weird places,"

"Pouncival," Macavity answered.

"Ah, that's the one...let's go find him and see what he's gotten stuck in now," Griddlebone grinned. Macavity smirked and followed Griddlebone to the junkyard. They walked in quietly, looking out for any Jellicles. Macavity's ears swivelled when he heard clattering.

"Found him," Macavity laughed and he and Griddlebone walked towards the west of the yard, climbing up onto a junk pile. They settled up on top, watching as the young kitten Pouncival ran around a small clearing by himself, battering a bucket around. Macavity and Griddlebone watched as the bucket tipped upright and Pouncival tripped over his own feet, going head first into the bucket.

"And there we go, he's stuck once again!" Griddlebone laughed, amused. Pouncival was basically in a hand stand, head stuck in the bucket and feet up in the air, kicking frantically.

"Jennyanydots seriously needs to make sure there is nothing wrong with that kit," Griddlebone said a few moments later. "A kitten that gets stuck that much, there seriously must be something wrong with that kitten,"

"He's just clumsy," Macavity yawned, stretching. He looked back at the clearing, seeing Pouncival was kicking his feet more frantically now, his tail swishing frantically.

"I think he's really stuck," Macavity said, rising somewhat.


"Look at his feet and tail...he's freaked," Macavity told her.

"And what are you doing?"

"Knocking the bucket over or something," Macavity answered. Griddlebone quickly pulled him back down as she heard footsteps.

Macavity and Griddlebone watched as a silver tabby walked into the clearing, before stopping as he caught sight of Pouncival stuck in the bucket. The tabby sighed, shook his head and walked over to the trapped kitten. Macavity gave a hum and settled down to watch how Munkustrap got the kitten out of the bucket.

Munkustrap had just been walking down the path and into the clearing when he came across the trapped Pouncival. Munkustrap sighed, shaking his head as he caught sight of Pouncival trapped in a bucket, which wasn't all that uncommon for that kitten. Munkustrap walked over to Pouncival, moving him so the kitten was lying down.

"Alright, know what to do," Munkustrap said loudly so the kitten could hear. There was a whimper. Munkustrap grabbed the bucket and began pulling. He pulled harder when the bucket didn't budge and finally the bucket came free, sending Munkustrap onto his backside. Pouncival whimpered, rolling over on his stomach, gasping loudly. Munkustrap placed the bucket aside.

"Are you okay, Pounce?" Pouncival shook his head before tearing into Munkustrap's arms, clutching onto him tightly.

"Whoa, Pounce, what's wrong?"

"I-I couldn't breathe!" Pounce sobbed, clutching onto Munkustrap tighter.
"Oh, buddy,"

"I-I-I w-was s-s-s-so scared!" Pouncival wailed. Munkustrap held him close, gently rocking the kitten back and forth.

"Shh, it's alright, Pounce, you're safe now," Munkustrap cooed softly, gently rubbing the kitten's back. Pounce gave a whimper, his sobs quieting down as he held onto Munkustrap tightly.

"It's alright, Pounce...shh, it's alright,"

Macavity perched himself up, watching the interaction between Munkustrap and the kitten with interest. Munkustrap had the young kitten cradled in his lap, his arms wrapped around him as Pouncival clung onto Munkustrap, arms wrapped around his neck. Macavity tilted his head as he watched Pouncival bury his face in the crook of Munkustrap's neck. Griddlebone watched him, intrigued at his facial expressions.

"What are you thinking, Mac?" Griddlebone asked, curious, as the song that Munkustrap was singing to Pounce to calm him reached their ears. Macavity closed his eyes, his ears twitching slightly at the sound of Munkustrap's soft voice.

"I don't know," Macavity answered, his gold eyes opening once more. Griddlebone frowned at him before leaning up on the junk to examine the silver Tabby who had sent the small kitten on his way.

Munkustrap had stood up by then and was stretching out. He shook himself out before sighing as he looked around.

Why was it always him that ended up freeing Pouncival from the bucket?

Munkustrap shook his head and smiled. He didn't really mind...but he had been quite worried when Pouncival had come and sobbed in his arms. He hadn't seen the kitten act like that before...usually when he was freed from whatever place he had gotten stuck in, he bounced back and had gotten stuck in something else ten minutes later.

Munkustrap sighed once more and looked around the clearing again before he headed back to the main yard, unaware he was being watched...and rated.


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