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1.1 A Moment In Time

2 Prologue

"These are the captives from the war, m'lord." An Egyptian soldier clad in a golden corselet gestured at the sea of bodies, each one bound with ropes that bit into the skin.

"Hmm." Pharaoh Yami glanced absently at the variety of faces from below his throne; some stared murderously at him, others holding a corrupted expression. "Take them to the prison cell."

The soldier hesitated, then stepped forward. "But your majesty, do you not wish to see them?"

The royal advisor that stood beside the young ruler spoke up. "Your highness, I believe that is a good idea. You do need another slave, after all."

Pharaoh Yami sighed and rose from his chair of authority. "Very well."

Several maids followed him with vibrant ostrich fans of red and blue, but the king motioned them back. Striding across the spacious court with the arrays of government officials, Pharaoh Yami came to a stop at the cluster of filthy mass. A look of contempt and disapproval bore in his eyes. They all looked the same to him---nothing more than smutty, dirty low life forms, while he, he was a living god.

But amidst the many prisoners, one captive caught the pharaoh's eye. A young boy possibly his age dressed in tattered rags stood among the crowd. His skin was blemished with dust of an escapee, and a scar formed on his left arm. Blood leaked through his loose torso, staining the dirty cloth. The coarse ropes cut into his skin, leaving rings of bloody red marks. But what captured the pharaoh's eye were the boy's features. Golden spikes besieged the young lad, enhanced with a crown of black and red. Such close resemblance was too real to be true, yet it was. The ruler observed more closely. But instead of crimson eyes like his own, the slave had dark violet that showed fear and trepidation. Yet, there was something alluring about him.despite the fear there laid another source of emotion... Pharaoh Yami searched deeper. There was so much innocence in this boy, not a speck of hatred or deceit.

"Take this lad to my chambers," the pharaoh commanded. "He shall be my personal slave."

"But your greatness," the royal advisor's opposition pierced the brittle court air, "How can you trust this unworthy lad? For all you know, he might rebel against you."

"I can trust who I want, Seth," the young pharaoh growled. "Now, do as I say or else your ka will be knocked out of you!"

"Yes, my lord." Seth lowered his gaze and marched out of the room, face raging with anger. He wrenched the chosen captive along roughly by the already wounded arm and disappeared from sight.

Pharaoh Yami watched them leave. There was something about that boy.but what? No one has ever earned that much attention from him, and he was never intrigued by all the princes or princesses the world could offer, let alone a _slave_. Yet.

Groaning out in frustration, Yami ran a hand through his mass of crimson- black hair. Just at the sight of the boy, he felt.calm, tranquil.he felt that he had a _heart_ and that he could care for someone. That he wasn't the only person in the world worthy to breathe, but that others have the same right and deserved it as much as himself.

Yami paused momentarily. How in the world did he know all this stuff? Normally, the great ruler would have just sat idly around, punishing others at his will or waging war at neighboring countries.

'It's those eyes.' the young king thought. 'It's his aura, his resemblance, his innocence, everything!'

Finally, in distress, Yami summoned the royal chiropractor (1) for help.

"What can I do for you, your highness?" a lean man in his late twenties bowed to his master before setting down sheets of papyrus and other various implements used for dealing with these kinds of problems.

"Hm, I've had this alien feeling in my heart, but I'm not sure what it is," Yami eyed the chiropractor, waiting for a response.

"Ah, when did this start, M'lord?"

Yami hesitated. "Every since I saw that slave."

"The one that resembled quite like your majesty?" The man grinned when Yami nodded. "He's quite the looker, isn't he? I'm sure many women.and _men_ will go after him."

The pharaoh frowned at this remark, although why he found he didn't know. Another feeling, this one closer to anger than the previous peaceful one, bubbled inside of him. He.he wanted to kill the rascal for making that comment!

"No! Besides, I've already made him my personal slave!"

The royal chiropractor dared release a toothy grin.

"Do you feel jealous, lord?"

"Wha.?" Yami was taken back at the suddenly question. How could _he_, the pharaoh of Egypt, be _jealous_ of anyone? "Of course not!"

"That's probably because your majesty has not been jealous of anyone before. But did you have this boiling sensation when I made that comment? A feeling similar to fury, mixed with possessiveness? Did you have the urge to execute me?"

Yami's eyes narrowed in suspicion. 'How did he know?'

"Yes. Yes I did."

The man paused, unsure if he should inquire the pharaoh with such a question.

"Uh, lord, do you believe in love at first sight?"

Yami snorted, throwing his head back in ridicule.

"No! All that love stuff is pure fantasy. In this world, it's either you defeat the enemy, or get defeated yourself."

But his inquirer did not look amused. A blank, stoic expression immobilized his features. Yami's laughter died down as he stared at the man.

"You don't mean."

"Yes, your majesty. You're in love."


(1) Not sure if they had chiropractors back then, but humor me

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