So, I've been waiting to try my hand at a new story all semester. Now that yucky school is over I can proceed with this new plan.

Summary/Idea: This is a fic intended to resemble the whole "drabble" concept that everyone is having so much fun with. However, these will not be drabbles in terms of length because they will definitely be longer than 100 words or whatever. I am going to post one-shots here and they are going to be random, weird, and least some of them. I do not intend to continue any of them right now, and if it is a continuation of a previous episode, I will note it for all to see. Also, if you, as an author, are inspired by one of my "drabbles" please let me know so I can read it.

WARNING: Ha, none really...if there are any T chapters I will say so before the story. Also, no slash in this one at all, so no worries if you're thinking its going to pop up somewhere. Aaaaand, I think that's it. I don't own Merlin

Okay, so here's a normal one to start you guys off. Don't want to scare anyone away *evil grin*

Merlin Loses His Temper

To say Arthur was in a foul mood was an understatement.

He was positively glowering lately, constantly moody, rude, and unreasonable.

Like always, it seemed, he was taking his hurt and anger over what had transpired with Gwenivere out on Merlin.

Merlin was also feeling the loss of one of his best friends, which Arthur didn't even consider when he practically bit off his manservant's head for muttering a simple, "I miss her too Arthur."

To say Merlin was hurt and angry was also an understatement.

The young warlock tried to understand and sympathize with Arthur, and he tried not take the insults personally; something he was usually able to do.

What Merlin failed to consider was that in constantly bowing to Arthur's needs, he was effectively bottling up his own.

And this whole mess had left Merlin pretty upset.

In fact, he was very, very angry. He was angry at himself for not being able to stop Lancelot, he was angry that he had again, underestimated Morgana's determination to harm Camelot in whatever way possible, and he was also angry at Agravaine, for being such a traitorous and cunning arse to his only nephew. Merlin was also angry at Arthur, because Arthur always listened to Agravaine instead of him.

Merlin was also incredibly sad.

He had lost Gwen, and he had also had to say goodbye to Lancelot, again. He was feeling depressed and miserable, just like Arthur, but he couldn't share his feelings at all because he had to hide behind this falsely cheery façade that even he was hard-pressed to keep up now.

To Merlin, it seemed like he was losing. It felt like all these years of subtly trying to change Arthur into a decent human being and a great king were amounting to nothing. In the face of Morgana and Agravaine's manipulations, it felt like Arthur was going backwards, and there wasn't anything Merlin could do to stop it.

So maybe that's why that day on the training field, a few days after Gwen's banishment, when Arthur and the other knights had finished beating Merlin up for the moment and were drinking water, and everyone was being quiet because no one wanted to say anything to upset the King, Merlin had innocently stated, "Everything is going to be okay."

Merlin had felt like he had needed to say it as much as Arthur needed to hear it. Merlin hadn't meant for anyone else to hear it, but his ears were ringing and he didn't judge his volume correctly.

Arthur had blown back with, "What the hell do you know Merlin? How could you ever begin to understand? Just shut up."

Arthur had said these things to Merlin before, but even the other knights looked a little shocked at the anger and malice the words carried.

And maybe it was because of the situation; maybe it was because of the irony. Maybe it was because what Arthur had just said sounded almost exactly like what someone else had said to him years ago in the depths of Camelot, telling him he couldn't possibly understand.

If Merlin had been himself, and this had been another day, he would have understood that Arthur hadn't meant it. He would have borne the insult and just kept his mouth shut.

But this wasn't another day, and Merlin wasn't himself.

The part inside Merlin's mind where he kept his patience, his logic, and his real personality exploded in a burst, carrying with it the long overdue need to literally punch some sense into Arthur. However, the rational part of Merlin's brain knew that a physical assault against Arthur would probably fail, so he settled for the alternative.

Merlin threw the shield down on the grass, removed his helmet and threw that down as well. His eyes were furious and his fists were curled tight to his sides.

"Don't talk to me like that." Merlin said quietly, his voice just loud enough for Arthur to hear.

Everyone paused, and Arthur slowly turned back, his eyes showing mild surprise.

"Excuse me?" He questioned slowly, enunciating every word, intending to convey to Merlin that he needed to backtrack, fast.

"Don't treat me like I'm an idiot." Merlin continued, his voice louder, his eyes stubbornly meeting Arthur's gaze.

"I know that's how you see me, how you all see me." Merlin practically shouted.

"To you I'm this bumbling fool who couldn't possibly know anything about anything! Just because I'm not a warrior and I can't use a sword doesn't make me stupid, and you know what? I notice more than any of you. I'm always right too, but no one ever listens to me until its too late. I warned you all about the Lamia didn't I?" Merlin said, turning to Gwaine, Elyan, Perceval and Leon, his voice getting even louder.

"We were under a spell." Leon replied quickly, his voice defensive and angry. He couldn't believe Merlin was addressing them this way.

The others too, Perceval, Gwaine, and Elyan, were not accustomed to this kind of talk from Merlin, because they were Knights of Camelot and he was just a servant.

"But I wasn't!" Merlin shot back, with a rueful shake of his head, his eyes hard, and his head lifted in confidence.

The other knights weren't his targets though; Merlin motioned towards Arthur

"I told you about Gaius too. I knew he would never, ever betray you or Camelot. I knew it better than anything else! And you should have too Arthur, just like you knew in your heart that having King Caerleon killed was wrong. I warned you about that too but instead of trusting me and trusting yourself…" Merlin stopped speaking, his rational common sense stepping in at the last moment to intervene before this tirade turned into something else entirely.

Though Arthur and all the other knights understood that Merlin knew exactly what he had been going to say.

For their part however, they were too surprised to really say anything. It was good too because Merlin wasn't finished. During his pause, Merlin had briefly looked down at the ground, his teeth visibly clenched together and when he looked up again his eyes were softer…pained.

"And don't pretend to know everything about me Arthur. You're not the only one in this world who has lost someone they loved, and you can at least take comfort in the fact that Gwenivere is alive." Merlin's voice broke slightly on that last word,

"And someday, when this whole mess has been sorted out, because I don't know if anyone here noticed," Merlin said motioning emphatically,

"But Lancelot was not exactly himself, and if any of you knew anything about magic you would have known that people who have died do not come back to life with their free will in tact, and maybe, just maybe we could all think of someone out there who may not want to see Gwen sitting on the throne as Camelot's Queen. That's just my opinion though, and I know it doesn't count for much. So you can take comfort in the fact that when everything is fixed and back to the way it was always supposed to be, you'll see her again Arthur, and you'll be happy. Not everyone has that luxury." And with those final parting words, Merlin fixed Arthur with the most solemn and grim look the King had ever seen on his manservant's face.

Then Merlin turned away and stalked off the field.

The King and his knights shared looks of equal astonishment, and no one said anything for a long time.

AN: So...that was just something I thought up when I was having an angry Merlin moment. Honestly, sometimes I wish Merlin would just go off on them all! Especially Arthur, because really, sometimes he just deserves it. However, since that episode I have since fallen back in love with Arthur because he was so awesome in last week's episode. He made me cry and he gave me hope again because I was beginning to think he had turned into a prat again. Also, is it just me or has Arthur been a little harsh to Merlin this season? Just sayin'.

Anyway, thats it for this one. Next one is going to be completely random, so be prepared. Should have it up soon.