This takes place after the last episode in season 3, I don't remember what it was called right now but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying this story

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It was another day in the world of the monster's and Genki was especially happy because peace has been restored and all the baddies were gone…or so he thought

The rebels were walking to a nearby town until….

"Ow…. Hey what is this chi?" Mocchi said as he was pulling a circular shaped stone out of the earth (Oh I wonder what it could be)

"Mocchi are you….whoa is that a mystery disk?" said Genki with astonishment

"Yes it is" said a mystery figure that was apparently watching them

"Huh? Who are you chi?" asked Mocchi

"Does it matter?" said the monster

"Wait….you're a baddie?" yelled Genki

"….No…not anymore, my name is Ripper and I suppose you're all the famous rebels that everyone is talking about?"

"…Yeah my name is Genki" he said with mild suspicion

"My name is Holly"


"I'm Suezo"


"My name is Mocchi chi"

" And I'm Hare"

"Yes great, look I don't have enough time to explain but that mystery disk isn't just a normal disk it contains monster's that have limitless power and each species has its own version of these powerful monsters….the one you're holding looks like…Jamara, he's the same species as your blue friend there…"

"Jamara?...wait I think I've heard of him but I thought it was all a myth" said Tiger

"Well…then you thought wrong, but anyway there's a shrine over in that direction" he said pointing to the northeast "I suggest you hurry and revive that monster before it gets in the wrong hands"

"Ok but I still have a few questions, first how'd you find us this quickly?" asked Hare

"I don't think that's something you should worry about at the moment"

"What do you mean?" asked Tiger

Then suddenly a Mask Worm (Worm/Gali) came out of the ground and attempted to snatch the mystery disk from Mocchi's grasp only to get electrocuted by Tiger
He turned into a lost disk

"…Is everyone all right?" asked Holly
Everyone gave her the Ok and then she looked where the stranger was standing only to find him missing

"Where did he go chi?" asked (You guessed it) Mocchi

"It doesn't matter we HAVE to revive that disk before another baddie comes" said Tiger
Everyone looked at him with confusion by his sudden seriousness but then they all just agreed and they were off to the shrine

Another few hours went by before they found the shrine and they were all exhausted by the time they got there

"Come on let's revive him quickly" said Genki


"….Unlock!" yelled Holly pressing the big button/stone

The purple and red baby wolf monster came out of the disk and he looked…..kind of cute

"That's the indestructible monster with limitless power it " said Holly walking up to him

"Holly! Stay away from him he's dangerous!" yelled Tiger

"Aw he's cute" said Hare walking up to him with everyone soon following

"Get away from him he'll destroy you in a matter of seconds!" yelled Tiger once more

"Aw cheer up Tiger, why don't you come over here and introduce yourself" said Holly

'Why don't they get how much danger they're in?' thought Tiger

(Somewhere else)

A slim black figure wearing armor with white spikes coming out of it was sitting on a chair looking at a monitor
"So I see they have just revived a monster….hmm, well he doesn't look very strong" said the Monster

"General Zan! We have reports that the rebels have just revived a said to be legendary monster" reported a Nobel Jell (Jell/Gali)

"So I heard….send out Ivory Wall and his team….I want them gone, understood!" commanded General Zan

"Y-Yes sir!" said the white blob monster

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