Important Author's Note

A Note To The Readers:

To everybody who has read or will read this story, 'THANK YOU!' To everybody who has reviewed, to those who will review, and to those who just read the story, 'THANK YOU'. To those who add me (Shakaka) as one of their Favourite Authors, or me (Shakaka) to their Author Alerts list, 'THANK YOU!' And to those who add this story (Dark Alliance) as one of their Favourite Stories, or this story (Dark Alliance) to their Stories Alerts list, 'THANK YOU!' Your dedication, everyone, means so much! I cannot thank you enough for your terrific support! XxxX

A Note On The Sequel:

Yes, there will be a sequel! At the moment, the title will be called 'Enemy In Shadows', however, as these names are susceptible to change, I will include in the summary that the story is a sequel to 'Dark Alliance'.

Although I have not yet gone and quickly published the first chapter of 'Enemy In Shadows', rest assured I will do it. But it may take me a little time, because first of all I would like to go back through 'Dark Alliance' and re-edit the chapters to the best of my ability.

A Note On The Editing:

Do not worry readers who have already read every chapter of 'Dark Alliance'. I am not going to make any drastic changes to the story, so there is no need to re-read the story again (although you may if you wish.) I simply want to improve its quality, and I appreciate your patience with this process. Shortly after editing, I will begin to publish 'Enemy In Shadows.'

As A Celebration:

WHOO! This is the first ever multi-chaptered story I have stuck with to the end! It is such an amazing feeling, and you (the reader) have helped me so much! Thank you! I thank you so much! You've been a great crowd. :D

So, to everyone: Adios! Until next time! :D



~Thanks for reading~