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Without further ado…


Be Careful What You Wish For

By: Brandy_Lebeau

Prologue: Last Minute Ideas

I was on my way home from work when I stopped at a bookstore I had been meaning to check out for a long time. Ever since I had moved here actually. It was a store that had old comics and second hand books as well as new ones.

The bell jingled as I opened the door and I was blinded the moment it swung closed behind me. Blinking a few times my vision adjusted to the dimmer light in compared to the bright sun outside. The interior of the shop was filled with rows of shelves jammed packed with books and comics both new and second hand. The walls of the shop were partly covered with paneling with the rest being yellowed plaster making it feel like she was stepping to an one of those old Victorian houses from the 17th century.

I wandered down one of the rows, my eyes scanning the spines of the books for a good read. Occasionally pulling one off to read the back while pondering if I wanted to buy it or not. Sighing, I wandered the shop for a few minutes slowly gathering a small pile of reading material when I noticed a glass cabinet filled with pieces of jewellery.

I was looking at a necklace with a silver wolf's head, its fur etched out in in black as it bayed at the sky. Now that is pretty, I thought. And I had always had a thing for wolves. It would be nice to wear something that my grandmother had always told me was my spirit animal. I hadn't really put much stock in that at the time but after she died I had taken to being drawn to anything with wolves on it. And this one had hooked me at first glance.

"Looking for something in particular?" A voice suddenly asked making me jump violently. I managed not to scream and suppressed it by swearing under my breath before closing my eyes for a moment taking a deep breath. I glanced over at the person who had startled me.

It was another girl about my age but her skin was much darker then my naturally tanned skin. Almost a bronze color with coal black hair that fell almost to her waist while mine was a chocolate brown, belying my part pale face status, was cut to my above my shoulders in soft curls.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," she said softly with a slight wince on her face. "My mom says I need to wear a bell some times," she replied with a smile.

"My mom, too," I laughed then glanced back at the glass cabinet. Well more specifically at the wolf pendant. "How much for the necklaces?" I asked not wanting to show too much interest in them so as to get a fair price instead of an upped price because she knew I wanted to buy one.

"Depends, anywhere from fifty for the real silver pendants to ten bucks for the other pieces," she replied as she moved behind the counter and unlocked the back of the cabinet. "Lucky for you my mom hasn't switched yet to the newer prices for the silver. So everything is about fifty bucks cheaper than what they will be next week," she added cheerfully as she pulled out the velvet tray the wolf necklace stay on.

I checked the little sticker on the chain of all the necklaces. I frowned slightly as I read them. ALL the other necklaces on the tray were under thirty dollars, except for the wolf one. It was fifty.

Just my luck, I thought with a sigh as I picked up the wolf one.

"I'll take this one," I said as held the pendant in my hand and straightened.

She smiled brightly and helpfully picked up the books I had set down.

"These too?" she asked cheerfully. I nodded and she quickly led me back to the front of the store where the till was and rang me through.

"Happy birthday," I muttered to myself as I pulled the tag off the necklace and clipped it on.

"It's your birthday?" the girl asked as she put the books in a bag before running my debit card through. I looked up sharply not realizing I had spoken loud enough for her to hear.

"Yeah," I nodded looking a little embarrassed.

"Hold on a sec," she said as she turned around and rummaged through the draw behind her. "These are a specialty of mine, 'Make a Wish Sparklers'," she said happily as she held up a pack of four. "They work pretty well and I mixed them with a powder to attract luck. My aunt used one and she found her husband the next day," she explained as she stuck them in the bag with my books.

I laughed softly and arched a brow before shaking my head. "Sure, why not. One can always use a little more luck in life, right?" I remarked as I entered my pin and waited for my receipts.

"Of course," she nodded with a grin as she handed me my bag and receipt. "I'm Cerra by the way."

"Isolda, but most call me 'Isa' easier to say," I joked as I pocketed the slip and pushed my hair from my face.

"Well I hope you stop by again. And we should have more Twilight in the manga soon," she stated as I turned to leave, making me grimace.

It was too much to hope she hadn't seen my choice in books.

"Thanks," I called as I exited the store and headed to my car. "Great, she probably thinks I'm like all the other crazy fangirls out there that gush about Edward and Jacob or the other vampire and shifters in the book," I grumbled to myself as I started my car and backed out of the parking lot before heading home for a nice home cooked meal.

Even though I would spending my birthday alone I knew I would be having dinner and all the birthday stuff the next time I went to visit my mom or dad. So I wasn't missing out by not actually getting to spend the actual day with them.

Later after a meal of lasagna and garlic toast I watched New Moon, laughing at the some of the oh so cheesy parts before getting up and pulling out the slice of cake I had bought myself on the way home. I pulled the plastic top off and found the sparklers that Cerra had given me.

"Why not?" I said as I opened the package only to have the powder Cerra had put in the package to attract luck poof up like a dust cloud. When it settled I was covered in it along with everything around me, then I started sneezing.

After sneezing seven times and coughing leaving my a bit lightheaded, I found a lighter and lit one of the sparklers then stuck it in my cake. I waited until the sparkler was midway before making my wish.

"I wish I could go some where to meet my very own Jacob Black," I murmured closing my eyes as the sparkler burned down and fizzled out. I pulled the burnt stick out and ate my cake thinking how pathetic I was to make that wish when I could have made one to be rich or something like that. But no all I wanted at this very moment was some one to be with, to love and cuddle with in front of the TV or go to a move with.

Sighing, I glanced at the clock and saw how late it was I cleaned up and headed to bed. Little did I know my wish wasn't all that impossible, as it seemed at the time…

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