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Chapter12: "H" is for Heaven an' Hell

"What?" Jacob questioned back.

"Did you loose a bet?" I repeated then elaborated. "Did Sam order you to be my escort?"

I noticed him stiffen then look at me sharply, a frown on his face. "What makes you think that?" he asked.

"Well for one I know you," I stated deciding to bite the bullet. "I can tell how I make you feel. How confused I make you. So I know you're not here by choice."

He paused, his chocolate eyes meeting mine. "That," he stressed the word. "Just show how equally smart and stupid you can be," he finished with a drawl as he turned away continued on to the gym.

I stared after him not sure how to respond so I simply narrow my eyes at him in annoyance as I entered through the door he held open for me. But before I could demand an explanation a teacher immediately began to usher us into our place near the end of the line. I slipped my hand into his, and then tightened my grip until I knew I was causing pain so as to tell him his comment earlier irked me. I could see him smirk slightly at me out of the corner of my eye. I glared at him, which caused him to laugh in return.

It wasn't much longer before the music stared and the principle began to read off our names and our escort's. Since my name started with a "U" we had a bit of a wait until it was our turn.

"I wish my last name didn't start with a 'U'," I sighed as the line slowly moved along.

"Well obviously they saved the best for last," Jacob remarked. I rolled my eyes and couldn't help but think if my last name was, "Black" I would be sitting in the audience by now. I try to squash the thought, but not before it causes an ache to fill my chest.

"Isolda Uley and her escort, Jacob Black," I jerked my gaze from where it rested on the floor to Jacob, who's smiled at me as I wrap my arm around his and we walked down the cat walk to pause at an arch way for pictures.

I heard wolf whistles as I walked along with clapping.

"Kiss her!" I heard someone shout and I'm sure it was Paul. I felt my face heat in embarrassment and glanced at Jacob out of the corner of my eye to see him looking at me like he was trying to figure me out.

Suddenly I'm in his arms, my body flush against his while his lips are inches from mine. I gasped as he suddenly dipped me backwards and planted a searing kiss on my neck exactly where my pulse raced under my skin. His lips felt like hot silk against my sensitive flesh making me tremble and my face turning a nice shade of scarlet.

'Holy Crap!' I thought as dizziness washed over me as my heart moved at tipple speed making me lightheaded. My blood felt like molten lava in my veins as his lips skimmed my skin before he pulled me up right and I felt my knees turn to mush.

Dazed, I barely noticed that there was a strobe of flashing lights, and I was getting envious looks from at least half my graduating class as Jacob lead me to our seats. The rest of the night was a blur as we headed back out to mingle a bit and reserve our badges that kept track of our drinks. I glanced down at my dress wondering if I should take the formal layer off now or later when I spotted a group I knew from drama. My fellow voices. Danika, Cory and Kelsey.

"I didn't know you and Jacob were dating," Danika stated with a curious look on her face as she cast a sly look from Jacob, who had just walked off to use the bathroom, and back to me.

"Um…er…" I began rather intelligently, which made Danika smile triumphantly and Kelsey laugh. "We're not-"

"Dating?" Danika asked rhetorically with a disbelieving look on her face.

"No, we're not," I said defensively.

"Sure. I believe that," Danika remarked dryly, which clearly said she didn't believe me.

"Is he a good kisser?"

I blink. "What makes you think we've kissed?"

"Please," Danika rolled her eyes. "As if you'd let someone you've never kissed touch you like that."

"Er…" I felt my face heat up.

"That's a 'yes'," Kelsey stated with a chuckle. I stared at them my mouth opening and closing as I tried to formulate a response but Danika cut in before I could formulate a response.

"I have to know," Danika asked excitedly. "Is he as well endowed as all the girl's think he is?"

"What?" I asked in mix of surprise and astonishment. "I can't believe you asked me that!"

"What? Come on! It's not like you're blind. You've had to noticed it at some point!" Danika objected with a smirk.


"Come on…Please?"

"No," I exclaimed. "I'm not discussing the size of Jacob's dick with you! Even if I knew how big it is!" I hissed both in anger and disgust as I glared at her.

Both Kelsey and Danika's eyes suddenly widened while Cory was trying not to burst a gut laughing. I froze.

"He's right behind me, isn't he?" I asked with a wince, dreading the answer. Cory's smirking face nodded before a guff of laughter escaped him. I slowly turned to see Jacob standing there with an amused look on his face as though he couldn't wait to hear how I'd get my self out of this.

I stared at him for a moment before I whipped around headed outside, anything to get away from Cory's laughter and Jacob's smirking face. I found a spot near the door where the buses waited. I lowered myself into a crouch my hands covering my burning face.

"Just shoot me and save me the effort of buying a gun," I muttered darkly under my breath as I closed my eyes taking a deep breath as I did.

"I don't think a bullet would kill you as easily as a vampire bite would."

Just the person I wanted to avoid… I didn't move.

"It would be less embarrassing," I muttered back not even bothering to uncover my face. I heard him chuckle softly and I felt my cheeks burn more. "Please let me die of embarrassment in peace," I wined causing him to laugh.

"This is the part where I should say, 'you should only say things like that in private.' But I know you didn't start the conversation so…" he shrugged as I pulled my head up to look at him to see him smirking. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Thanks," I mumbled with a sigh. He chuckled making me glare up at him. "I'm glad you find this so funny," I retorted in annoyance as I narrowed my eyes at him.

"I'm surprised you're taking this all so serious," he replied with an arched brow. "It's just a party and besides it's not like you're really going to be seeing much of these people again afterwards," he pointed out. "You have pack business and they have their meaningless lives to get to, where they go work at McDonald's for the rest of their lives."

I sighed, "At some point I'm gonna have to move out of my mother's house, Jacob," I stated with a frown.

"And I'm sure that will happen at some point but what I'm saying is it's not now or in the next year. Not until you can stop phasing long enough to go to college."

"I can't even think of leaving yet…" I said quietly as I immediately turned my gaze back to the ground to avoid looking at my imprint. I could feel him staring at me and I could see the pity I knew was going to be there but I focused on the ground.

Suddenly he was couched in front of me and his large calloused finger gently tilted my chin up so that I looked him in the face. Electricity sparked through me at his touch and I trembled slightly as our gaze met. I mentally prepared myself for the rejection I knew would come, when he leaned in and kissed me.

It was so feather light I closed my eyes and strained to keep my lips to his as heat flooded through me. God this felt right so for him to be kissing me but as suddenly as it happened it ended because the doors beside us banged open as teacher and parent chaperones exited the building to get into position for the buses to be loaded.

We both jumped but he didn't pull his hand away from my cheek but reached for my hand and stood pulling me to my feet. I knew my cheeks were as red as could be because they felt like they were on fire. Jacob's face was flushed but he looked more breathless then embarrassed.

We could hear the other graduates and their escorts exiting the building and Jacob took a step towards me pulling my hand to his chest as he spoke.

"I know I've been a jerk ever since you told me about the imprint," he began stepping closer so that only I could hear him speak. I looked up at him in confusion as he studied my hand like they were the most interesting things in the world.

"Jake," I began but he stopped.

"No, let me talk," he murmured then took a deep breath closing his eyes then opened them. "I know I've giving you all sorts of mixed signals. Spending time with you then ditching you when Bella calls me and I know it's not fair, to either one of you," he stated with a grimace.

I mental flinched from the confusion on his face and couldn't help but feel it was entirely my fault. I tried to speak again but he stopped me again, this time touching my lips with his fingers.

"What I'm trying to say is I have feelings for you," he said with a rush. "And they're not the 'platonic friends' type, or the 'brotherly kind' either. When I heard what had happened with Quil I wanted to kill him for it. Quil, the guy I have been best friends since preschool, I wanted to kill him for touching you like that," he whispered with a grimace his eyes pained.

My eyes widened in surprise at his admission and couldn't help the small flare of hope that kindled inside me at his words. Maybe it wasn't so impossible…. Cerra did say I had changed things maybe he really could be mine. I let myself hope just a little.

I reached up and gently stroked his cheek letting my love for him show through just this once. I quirked a brow at him silently asking if I could speak now and he gave me a small smile and I took that as meaning I could speak.

"So what do you want to do, Jake?" I asked gently not wanting to get my hopes up too far to have them crushed.

"I want to forget about everything, Bella, Vampires, the pack… I want for tonight to just be us as two regular young adults on a date," he stated with a smile as he said, 'regular.' I chuckled at his wording and gave him an amused look.

"And after?"

"We'll deal with that when the night is done," he said quietly looking a slightly sad but it was fleeting. I gave him a soft smile as I stroked his cheek.

"I think I can deal with that," I murmured as I leaned into kiss him only to have Kelsey come running up to us.

"Jeeze, Isa you're gonna get left behind! Mrs. Starchild has been calling your name for the last five minutes!" she grabbed my wrist and began to pull me towards the bus with Jacob in tow, laughing at the irritated look on my face.

Once on the bus, with Jacob still helping me keep my dress clean, I found a seat near the back. Jacob sat beside me and pulled me close with his arm around my waist as I leaned into him. I was lost in my own little world while we travelled to where the dance was being held. When we got there Jacob had to nudge me awake because I had been dozing against him.

"We're there already?" I mumbled opening my eyes to see Jacob looking down at me with an amused smile on his lips, which made me smile back in feeling a little embarrassed. His smile turned into a full-blown grin, which made me narrow my eyes at him in mock irritation.

"Come on," he urged as he turned a little to help me up and exit the bus. Once off the bus I halted and stared up at the building that held out dance. It was a huge ski lodge made of large rough logs with enormous windows that let in as much light and gave those inside a great view of the mountainside.

"Wow," I breathed in surprise, as I took in the fairy lights strung around the windows while people hung around a bit outside either to smoke, or just talk before heading inside. Jacob drugged me out of my surprise by snagging my hand with his own then tugged me towards the lodge all the while he was smiling at me. I could hear the loud music blasting from open doors.

I was stunned at how carefree he looked right now like all the things weighing him down were gone and he was Jacob again the same one I first met. I fallowed him into the lodge only to get bombarded by the throbbing music and it took my eyes a moment to adjust to the softly lit room.

The video that played on the huge screen that played was Let's Get It Started by Black Eyed Peas and suddenly Danika ran up to me and grabbed my wrist.

"Isa! You've gotta dance with us!" she shouted over the intro, my eyes widened in surprise as she hauled me away from Jacob, who was laughing at the expression on my face, and onto the dance floor.

Stunned, I stood there for a moment before I began to move to the music while I looked behind me distractedly at Jacob, who was watching me from the sidelines with grin on his face. I mock glared at him before Danika spied who I was looking at and darted back to pull Jacob onto the dance floor too, which made me laugh as I took his hand and began to dance with him.

I was surprised to find that my imprint could actually dance pretty well for a guy and at one point during the song that he full blown grinned at me and held out his hand for me to take as the music changed to a slow song. I slid my hand into his and with a tug he pulled me into his arms as the first notes of "What hurts the most" by Rascal Flatts began.

I leaned into his chest as I vaguely wondered at the unusual music choice for the DJ's but saw that the whole dance floor flooded with couples… okay maybe it wasn't such an unusual choice…

I hummed the first few lines to the song before to my utter surprise Jacob began to softly sing the words near my ear. My jaw dropped a bit in surprise, but I didn't look up as we moved slowly in time with the music.

"What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was tryin' to do…."

My lips curled into a small smile as he sang just for me and me alone. It was the sweetest moment as I looked up at him as he looked down at me with a sort of sad melancholy look in his eyes as he stared into mine. He stopped after a bit leaning his head down so his forehead touched mine.

"There were was a time when I thought this song described exactly how I felt," he murmured with a sigh as we moved on the spot.

"Music does that to a person. The beat speaks the mind but the lyrics speak to the soul," I replied closing my eyes inhaling slowly, savoring his scent.

It was at that moment that the song switched to a faster place and we moved off to the side so that the more enthusiastic dancer could have more space. The night went pretty well after that with me spending most of it either in Jacob's arms or dancing with Danika, Kelsey and Cory. I had taken off my formal layer and was letting Kelsey use it as a jacket because she had complained it was freezing.

"How can you not be cold, Isa?" Kelsey complained as she hugged my jacket layer of my dress around her closer. It swamped her began she was four inches shorter then me and not as built.

"Well I am bigger then you so my furnace must run a little better," I explained with a shrug feeling a little guilty at the partial lie. I glanced at Jacob out of the corner of my eye.

"That and you've been glued to Jake's side," Cory pointed out with a goofy smirk on his face. I blushed a little at this but Jacob just smirked.

"Maybe that's what Kelsey needs," Jacob looked expressly at Cory. "Someone to keep her warm the whole night."

I had to bit my lip to stop a laugh from escaping when Cory perked up and glued him-self to Kelsey's side so fast he left a vapor trail. Jacob covered his mouth to hide his laughter by faking a yawn, which in turn made me yawn for real.

"Thanks," I muttered narrowing my eyes at him in mock irritation. He smiled back at me.

"Maybe we should get you home before you fall asleep," he teased as slid an arm around my waist until I was leaning into him.

"Not for a bit," I chuckled and shook my head "I good for a little while yet… what time is it anyway?"

Jacob looked around while Danika piped up, "My watch says 3:30. Hmmm, the dance is only gonna be going till 5 before the vans start taking us home."

"Maybe it would be a good idea to go home now then Sam won't give you hell for missing patrol," I whispered to Jacob while Kelsey asked when the hypnotist was supposed to start.

"Naw, its okay Sam gave me tomorrow off," he whispered back so that the others wouldn't hear us.

"Well okay," I said brightly then suddenly feeling thirsty I excused myself to get a drink.

I was pouring myself some of the juice from one of the punch bowls when I noticed a group of guys where off to the side of the table. I glanced over as I reached for a cookie from the platter of goodies on the table and immediately could feel eyes on me.

Suddenly I felt someone behind me and on either side of me. My muscles tensed as my wolf felt the threat of being surrounded by three guys that weren't pack and began to growl. I clamped down on the urge to growl out loud in warning of the threat. I forced my face into a look of indifference as I took a bite of the cookie in my hand and slowly turned to meet the gazes of the guys surrounding me. The cookie would have tasted great on a normal occasion except for right then, which of course made it like trying to eat burnt toast.

Facing the three guys surrounding me I recognize them but couldn't remember where. I think the one guy's name was Patrick or something… (Great, now I couldn't get image of a pink starfish in tacky surfer shorts out of my head.) They are all only a few inched taller then me and a good fifty pounds heavier but I could still easily take them if it came to a fight thanks to my wolven ability.

"Damn Uley, I thought you looked fine in jeans and t-shirt," the tallest, Patrick, (I think) of the trio declares as he runs his eyes down my body like he was undressing me with his eyes. "Though I much prefer you in nothing at all like I saw you last Friday in the woods near first beach…" he stated reaching to pull at the front of my dress to see down my dress.

I reacted before he had even touched the material; I had his finger bent backwards until his finger was almost touching his wrist, making him drop to knee as I bent his arm back towards his shoulder.

"You and your friends have been perv-ing on me in the woods?" I growled, my jaw locked in tense concentration so that I wouldn't be tempted to bend his hand a little harder until I hear it snap but refrain. "If I ever catch wind of you and your little pervy buddies are watching me I will take a rusty knife to your balls then I will shove the bloody things down your throat!" I added in a calm but tense voice as I glare at each guy in turn. I can feel my eyes burn a little and both guys turn white in fear.

Suddenly a scent hit my nose and I feel Jacob step up beside me, then before I could even glance back he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me away. I vaguely hear Patrick, the guy I had assaulted start moaning that I had broke his wrist as I my hand slipped from his hand.

I wanted to snap back over my shoulder that I just sprained it when Jacob pulls me outside and the cool air rushes over me making me shudder at the sudden effect. The door slams shut, which snaps me out of my rage enough to close my eyes shiver.

"What happened?" Jacob asked in a whisper as he pulls me as far as he allowed to into the wood before a bright orange mesh fence stops us.

I opened my mouth, but nothing comes out for a moment as I shudder one last time trying to regain control over myself again before facing him. "He was just trying to make a pass at me and-" I bit off the rest of what I was going to say before turning away again not wanting to say how much the guy had rattled me.

"Isa," I could hear the plea in his tone.

"It's nothing, Jake," I said quietly trying to calm myself down enough so my emotions weren't so noticeable before turning around.

"It's not nothing Isa. Your eyes changed," he stated as moved to stand in front of me. "You were fighting off a Phase. You were starting to steam! You can't tell me it wasn't something, because I've never seen you that close to loosing control."

I glare at the ground trying to silently tell him to drop it but I already know he won't.

"Did they say something else?" he asked his tone both demanding and concerned as he pulls me around to face him. I avoid his gaze but I can see him clench his jaw as looks away back the way we came anger growing in his eyes. "Isa…"

"They were spying on me in the forest-"

Jacob didn't even wait for me to finish because he knew I didn't mean they had spied on me while I was clothed. I was naked in the wood more times then not. He stalked off back towards the ski lodge and I could see the he was starting to tremble even though I could only see him from behind.

Oh! BAD! BAD! I thought franticly.

"NO, Jacob! Don't!" I shouted, panic filling me as I ran after him stumbling a bit because of my shoes and the uneven ground. I couldn't let him go in there and start beating the crap out of the guys who had spied on me. If I didn't calm him down he would go in there swinging and with his strength cause people to ask questions better left unasked and potentially expose the Pack to outsiders.

I grabbed his arm to stop him long enough to get in front of him then placed both palms on his chest to I could stop him in his tracks by shoving him backward hard enough to make him stumble a bit.

"It's not worth exposing the pack more then I have. I could have broken his wrist, Jake. But I didn't. Wanna know why? It would be suspicious as hell if I could do that to a guy twice my size," I pleaded, trying to calm him down enough so he would use his head instead of his emotions so he wouldn't phase right then and there.

"They had no right to see you like that!" he ground out, his teeth clench as his hands trembled in anger. I slid my hands up his chest to cup his face, forcing him to look at me.

"Please, Jake just take me home," I looked at him pleadingly. "Take me home so I can pretend for just a little longer that there's no one else but me and you. That we're just two normal people on a date," I begged wanting nothing more then to go home and spend the rest of the night with Jacob to myself.

Jacob stared at me for a long moment before the anger seemed to drain out of him; he covered my hands with his own and sighed.

"I'm not promising that I won't beat the shit out of them the next time I see them in La Push," he grumbled, before pulling my hands down from his face, but didn't release one of them. "Come on," he said with a sigh as he led the way back to the ski lodge with determined strides.

I had to pull my dress up a bit to keep up with him even though Jacob was only like five inches taller then me that I had to do a sort of shuffling jog in order to keep up. He led the way through the doors back into the dance and towards Danika, who was dancing with another guy.

"Danika, where's Kelsey?" Jacob demanded cutting between Danika and her dance partner nearly shoving them apart. Mortified at how rude he was acting I smacked him across the arm for it.

"Be nice!" I hissed at him pulling him away from my classmate before Danika could really register what Jacob had done, I then turned back to Danika with an embarrassed look on my face. " Sorry about him. I'm still trying to house train him," I said as an excuse which earned me a glare from my imprint. "Look Jake and I are gonna head home soon and I wanted to get my jacket back from Kelsey. Where is she?"

"I think her and Corey are over there eating pizza," Danika stated looking a little affronted but my apology seemed to sooth her annoyance as she pointed towards the tables in the far end of the building.

Jacob whipped around on the spot and pulled me away so abruptly that all I could do was give Danika an apologetic look before I was towed out of earshot and towards the food tables.

"Kelsey, I'm going to need my jacket back," I said when we reached Kelsey and Cory at the table covered in pizza boxes and a baskets of cookies.

Kelsey blinked in surprise and hastily put her cookie in her mouth before shrugging it off. "Are you guys going home?" She asked around a mouthful of cookie. I noticed she was still cold and her flesh was covered in goose bumps.

"Yeah," I nodded then looked at Corry, who was still wearing his suit jacket. "Cory, man up, Dude! Give her your jacket!" I growl in annoyance as I slipped my outer layer back on but didn't button it up.

Cory jumped at my command and quickly shoved the piece of pizza he was holding in his mouth before taking off his jacket and handing it to Kelsey, who looked surprised then grateful as she slipped it on.

"I'll see you guys around okay?" I said when I noticed that Jacob's hand started to tremble and I could see Patrick, the whinny pervert, surrounded by a few slutty girls, who were "oohing" and "aweing" over the sprained wrist I gave him. Trust a pig like him to warp a story to play on a girl's sympathies, but by the looks of the girls that were surrounding him I could tell their combined IQ's wouldn't be much larger then my shoe size.

Kelsey nodded brightly and gave me a quick hug. "Well maybe we could go for lunch or something next week before I have to go to Seattle to visit my sister? You know before I have to start buying books and looking for a place to live for College in the fall," she stated happily when she pulled away and Cory hugged me too, making Jacob glare at him.

"I'll bring you back something cool when I get back from Ireland in the fall," He promised with a grin. He was planning to go backpacking through Ireland and Scotland this summer before coming back to the states in the fall.

"Hell, a postcard would be just fine," I stated smiling before saying one last final bye then made our way to the vans that would be chauffeuring us to my house.

The last thing I remember is leaning into Jacob once we got into the van and having him wrap an arm around me so I could lay my head on his chest. I must of fell asleep after that because I really don't remember much after that…


It was days later that I was lying on a blanket in the backyard when I heard a loud rumbling vehicle park in front of my house. Frowning, I got to my bare feet and went to check out who it was and saw Bella climb out clad in jeans and t-shirt, while I wore a bikini with a pair of denim short shorts that barely covered more then my bikini bottoms.

"Bella, what brings you here?" I asked in complete surprise as the pale teen walked across the grass to the side of the house.

"Uh, well with everything that's happening Edward wants me on the reserve when he's hunting with his family," she explained awkwardly.

"I thought you usually go over to Jacob's?" I asked with a frown. Bella lowered her gaze to the sparse grass that was my lawn and that's when I noticed the bandage around her hand.

"Did you hurt yourself?" I asked in concern even thought I sort of had an idea of what had happened and had to stomp down a flare of jealousy.

"Er… I punched someone," she replied not meeting my gaze.

"Well I hope it was worth the pain," I stated with a tight slightly forced smile.

"Not really," she shook her head with a scoff. "I didn't even hurt him."

"I'd offer to do it for you next time but I'm kinda fond of Jacob," I remarked offhandedly as I turned away to head for the front door to hide the slight phase induced tremble that went through me as I stomped my way back to the house.

"How'd you know I hit Jacob?" She asked in surprise her doe eyes wide and slightly fearful. I briefly closed my eyes to master myself before pausing a moment to glance back with a raised a brow at her.

"You coming or not?" I asked tightly as I motioned for her to follow me into the house. She quickly nodded.

"Wolf telepathy?" she questioned as she fallowed and closed the door behind her.

"No, I haven't phased for a couple days. I've sort of been given a couple of days vacation before I have to start patrolling again," I explained as I headed for the kitchen.

I grabbed two glasses from the cabinet along with a jug of juice from the fridge and a pack of ice from the freezer before sitting at the counter before placing both cups down, then filled them both with juice.

"So Carlisle checked it over for you?" I asked having to shove a rage back into the little jar I kept all the other conflicting emotions I felt at inconvenient times. I was the master at bottling up my emotions baggage from my parents devoice I guess. Not healthy I know but it was all I really had at this moment so I didn't wolf out right then and there in the kitchen. So I set the ice pack by her drink, plastered a smile on my face while I picked up my cup and raised it to my lips.

Bella frowned in confusion as she sat across from me picking up the ice pack and gingerly placed it over her knuckles. She nodded silently as I sipped my juice. We sat in silence, both us sipping our drinks. Bella looked slightly awkward and I managed a fleeting feeling of amusement and slight awe at being there at this moment with her and a shit ton of irony.

Here I was, sitting in the same room as Bella because she was the main character. The whole series was told from her point of view. I knew her fears, her stupid insecurities and her all consuming love for Edward. For all intensive purposes she had imprinted on him just like I had on Jacob and would do anything to keep him alive just like I would for Jacob.

I could change everything with one word I could make sure Bella used birth control on her honey moon or a condom… Or I could let Victoria just slip through and bite Bella now changing her now instead of in September. But no I couldn't, I could ruin everything and kill Bella for good instead of the semi immortally of a Vampire.

Was I really sitting here in my kitchen briefly entertaining the idea of letting Victoria take a bite of her just so Nessie wouldn't ever come to be…? I grimaced and mentally shook my head forcing my thoughts back to what we had been talking about.

"And it won't be the last time," I said finally thinking of the kiss they will share in the too soon future. Bella blinked.

"That I punch Jacob?" she questioned looking hesitant and nervous. I simply raised a condescending brow at her silently saying, 'I know he kissed you' before I spoke again.

"So you excited for your grad?" I asked cheerfully, changing the subject so as not to poke at my fragile container that held my bottled up emotions. My question had the desired response Bella groaned softly in disgust, which made me chuckle from her less then enthusiastic response.

For the rest of the afternoon we spent out in the back of my yard with me in my bikini with Bella in her t-shirt and jeans, after telling me it was too cold for her to even think about stripping down like me. But she did join to lie out on my blanket to enjoy the warm sun.

"I'm surprised you came to see me," I stated with my eyes closed.

"I'm more surprised you let me stay," she replied grinning back at me, her eyes half closed, her face tipped up towards the sunny sky.

"I don't hate you, Bella," I admitted pausing before adding. "I'm not a huge fan of your decision making skills. Like befriending a vampire? Most people would be a lot more afraid but your martyrdom qualities overwhelm your common sense."

"Martyrdom qualities?" Bella questioned a frown crinkling her brows.

"Yes, your need fore self sacrifice," I explained with a snort. "Moving here so as not to be a bother to your mom and Phil even thought you hate the rain and miss the sun. It's warmth. I think that's why you have mixed feeling about Jacob, because he's like a mini sun brightening day with his smiles and warmth…" I trailed off because Bella was looking at me in stunned shock.

"How did you know that?" She asked, her eyes wide.

"Know what?" I replied, outwardly calm while inside I was panicking. I had said too much! Now I've done it!

"How did you know I had moved because of my Mom and Phil?" She asked her eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"Jacob," I blurted as I got to my feet. "I'm thirsty. I could do with a cold drink. I'm just gonna…" I trailed off as I headed for the back door as fast as I could without looking like I fleeing into my home, which I was. My mind raced as I opened the door and got a glass of ice-cold water while I mentally scolded myself.

How could I let something like that slip?

I closed my eyes. "I'm such a moron," I groaned under my breath as I lifted my glass to take another sip of water.

Once I had stayed inside as long as I could without Bella becoming concerned, I exited the house I with another glass of water, for us both, then sat down so I could lie on the blanket again.

Bella seemed to be ignoring my slip up for the time being but I knew she wouldn't forget it. We talked for a while longer before her cell phone rang. It was so new it gleamed and it had a protective waterproof case and everything.

I chuckled at the sight of it and tried not to ease drop on the conversation, but heard Edward ask if she was having fun at Emily's, which Bella had to fess up and say she was with me.

Surprisingly Edward sounded like he would rather she be with me, who was more controlled then my pack brothers, his words not mine. I blinked at this, then heard him ask if I minded riding with Bella back to Forks and staying with there until he got there.

Bella pulled her ear from the phone a bit to ask if I heard the question. Surprised, I stared at her for a moment before nodding.

"Sure, I needed to go for a run anyway," I stated distractedly then shrugged. "It's not like I had anything pressing to do," I admitted. It was at that moment that I wondered why for the life of me, I was being so nice to someone that for all intensive purposes was my competition in getting Jacob's affections.

But instead I slipped my shorts back on and a pair of sandals before throwing on one of Sam's old button down shirts but I left it undone.

"You driving or me?" I asked as we walked to her mammoth of a truck. She tossed me the keys and I got into the driver's seat.

The drive back to Forks was silent and uneventful.

"Have you applied any where?" Bella asked curiously after a while.

"Applied?" I repeated with a frown. "Like what? For a job?"

"No," she laughed. "For college."

I glanced at her to see if she was serious or not. She was and I turned my gaze back to the road with an amused smiled on my face.

"I don't think college is in my future," I stated with a shrug as I turned down Bella's street then into her driveway.

Turning off the engine I unbuckled my seatbelt before hopping out of the truck. I let my eyes and ears scan the area while I sniffed the air for intruders. I grimaced as the lingering vampiric stench hit my nose. I rubbed my nose before sniffing again. I could tell it was mostly Edward's scent, mixed with a few of the other Cullen's scents that were much fainter then his and not an intruder. For which I was grateful.

I pushed a lock of hair from my eyes while Bella climbed out of the passenger side and slammed the door shut before heading for the porch steps. I fallowed but hesitated at the door unsure if I should stay outside to keep watch. Or to enter and keep Bella company while we waited for Edward…

Bella glanced back questioningly. "Are you okay?" she asked sounding puzzled but then a look of realization flitted across her face. "Oh… Sorry. Stupid question, right?" She stepped back out. "The smells probably not so bad out here compared to the house…"

"It's not bad…" I hedged with a slight grimace. "The house is just more enclosed then-" I began.

"Outside," she finished for me with a slight smile. "It's okay. We can wait outside. There's some camp chair in the shed we can dust off."

So that's what we did, we pulled out a couple recliner sun chairs and dusted them off before lying in the sun that tried to peek through the thin veil of clouds. We chatted about books while we waited. Bella had just disappeared inside to use the bathroom when a silver Volvo pulled up and Edward got out.

"Hey Eddie," I called out with a smile, but otherwise I didn't move from my reclined position. I raised a brow, half waiting and half daring, him to asked about my choice of nickname for him.

"Eddie?" he repeated warily in amusement as he walked over at a very human pace.

"Yep," I said cheerfully. "Everyone deserves to have a fun nickname if they have a boring posh Victorian era name. Makes you seem funner."

"I don't think that's a word," Edward said with a chuckle when he reached out spot looking very dapper in brown slacks and a pale blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

"Pfff, when has that stopped anyone? Ever heard of 'Bootylious'?" I pointed out then paused to mentally figure out if that song had came out in 2006. It was getting hard to keep things like that straight in my head for when certain events had happened.

"Yes, but I only listened to it for a moment because Emmett had dared me. Afterwards I needed to listen to something a little-"

"More boring?" I cut in with a grin.

"Traditional," he finished giving me a slightly annoyed glare.

"Tell me Eddie, do you listen to anything that isn't strictly instrumental? Or do you actually, heaven for bid," I fake gasped as I spoke. "Listen to what is considered popular modern day music?"

"Yes, on occasion," he replied with a slight smile as he took a seat on Bella's lounge chair.

"For what? Half a second?" I teased sitting up. "I know in comparison it must seem rather crude to you, but sadly it's where it's gonna go for the next decade and it's just gonna get more and more wild."

Just then Bella came back outside. "What will get more wild?" she asked curiously as she wandered back towards us.

"Your sex life," I said with a bright smirk as I tried not to laugh at Bella's gob smacked look on her face. Edward's jaw dropped and I succeeded in doing the impossible, taking a mind reader by complete surprise at my unexpected reply.

"Excuse me?" Bella asked not sure how to respond to my less then normal response.

"God you should of see your guy's faces! Priceless!" I laughed tears filling my eyes as I struggled to breathe around my laughter. "I was just teasing you," I managed to get out as I wiped at my eyes.

Edward looked less pleased at my crude attempt of humor, but I could see the minute twinkle of amusement in his golden eyes. Bella smiled slightly shaking her head in mild annoyance.

"Isa," she said warningly when I couldn't stop giggling.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm not funny," I said around a huge smile then got to my feet. "Well I gotta go, I've got laundry that won't fold it's self, unfortunately," I remarked as I stretched my hands over my head groaning softly as I felt the pleasant stretchy feel.

Sighing, I lowered my hands still smirking. "I'll see you later Bella. It was nice to see you again, Edward," I said with a polite nod to the vegetarian vampire before heading for the woods.

"Isa!" Bella shouted just as I entered the trees, I paused and turned back.

"Ya?" I shouted back, frowning.

"You're still coming, right?"

"Yeah, sure," I called back then turned around and head on my way.

Great, now how was I going to explain to Sam that I got invited to a grad party at the Cullen's? Well the answer to my dilemma was answered for me when Jacob decided he was going to Bell's party even though she had punched him in the face and effectively uninvited him by punching him but boys are oblivious...

So instead of going alone and trying to hide when he showed up I came with Jacob, which in turn caused Quil and Embry to decide they wanted to come too. Jacob thought I was just tagging along even though he didn't want me to come, mostly because I distracted him simple by being there. But when he found out Quill wanted to come, he tried to get us all to stay behind but both Embry and Quil didn't want me alone with Jacob. Mostly because they didn't want me in any more pain then I had to be in. It was endearing and very annoying.

You're probably wondering how Quil and me are these days. Well lets just put it this way, it was awkward, and there were times when it was almost like before but then one of us would do something to make the other remember then it would go back to being awkward.

Maybe with time we might get back to some semblance of what we had before but for now it was awkwardness. Anyway back to Bella's grad party…

I dressed in a denim skirt, then a black halter with a thin purple and gray striped sweater jacket. I wore my runners, even though they didn't quite match with my outfit, but figured no one would be looking at my feet. I kept my hair loose, and wore no make-up hoping not to draw attention to myself. When we got to the Cullen's we all began to breathe through our mouths so the sweet/bleach like vampiric stench didn't burn our noses so much.

It felt surreal to be here in this moment looking at this place at this time. 'Wow,' I thought as I saw all the lights and people dancing in the living room. It looked like a dance club. 'Alice sure knows how to throw a party,' I smirked as Jacob led the way through the front door. The music thrummed through the floor we stood on and throbbed in my ears. I flinched at the loudness. I would never again listen to music at ear splitting level ever again. I fallowed them in looking around at all the decorations and party lights streamed across the ceiling and walls. Then I spotted Bella, who looked far from impressed at see we were there.

"What are you doing here?" Bella demanded looking irritated as she walked up to us.

"You invited me, remember?" Jacob replied.

"I remember inviting Isa when I came to see her, but you…was my right hook to subtle for you? That was me un-inviting you," she stated clenching her teeth a little.

"Invited Isa?" he repeated surprised as he glanced back at me with an irritated look.

I shrugged back looking apologetic knowing I was now about to be busted about hanging around with Bella even when Edward, or one of his family members was there.

Shaking himself he turned back to Bella.

"Look Bella, I'm sorry about the kiss and I'm sorry about your hand. I would blame it on the whole animal thing but it was just me being an ass," he said a look of remorse on his face.

I bit back a smile, but it was quickly replaced by an irritation that she had hit my imprint. It was frustrating really to feel like he deserved it and didn't deserve it at the same time. It wasn't right. I scowled at my thoughts and looked away to see several guys in the room where staring at me. My scowl vanished as I realized they were eyeing me, grimacing I looked away. I guess I hadn't dressed casual enough to not draw attention to myself.

Suddenly Quil nudged me to get my attention and I realized that Jacob was fallowing Bella over to Alice. I hastily fallowed suit with the rest of the group frowning as I looked at Alice wondering if she saw the newborn army.

I glanced over at Edward and tilted my head as I stared at him curiously. I wasn't really paying attention to their discussion about the newborns. Could he hear me? I wondered to myself as I carefully watched the mind reading Vamp for any indication he could hear me.

A sharp jab to the ribs jerked me from my observation of Edward and I looked over at who had elbowed me. It had been Embry this time. I gave him a 'What?' look and he replied with a 'what the hell are you doing?' I fixed him with a bit of a glare as though to say, 'Mind your own damn business.'

When I glanced back at Edward he was looking at me in mild amusement, in his amber eyes. It was at that moment I noticed Jacob glaring at me; I froze wondering what I had done to make him mad at me. Then swallowed as I looked away so my gaze was on the floor and finally paid attention to the conversation.

"They will give us the numbers," Jasper said almost in agreement to something someone had said. "And the Newborns won't even know they exist. That'll give us an edge."

"Carlisle, don't," Bella objected looking horrified. "They'll get hurt!"

"Like that wouldn't happen anyway," I stated as I straightened looking up. "Even if we don't work together we're still gonna fight to protect the people of Forks and the Rez. So wouldn't it be a better chance for both our survivals if we worked together?" I met Embry and Jacob's gaze; they nodded once in agreement, before meeting Bella and Edward's. "It's common sense, is it not, to work together?"

"She's right," Carlisle agreed. "We'll have to coordinate. Fighting newborns requires knowledge that Jasper has. We were already planning a strategic meeting. You're welcome to join us," he offered looking from Jacob to me.

"Name the time and the place," Jacob stated with a nod. It wasn't much longer after that that Jacob left with Embry and Quil in tow but I lingered outside. That's where Edward found me, at the edge of the forest, out of view.

"You never told them about our attendance at your play?" he asked sounding slightly puzzled as he stood motionlessly beside me. I wrinkled my nose a bit smiling slightly.

"No, I didn't," I admitted glancing at him.

"I thought you couldn't hide things while in wolf form."

"Yeah usually," I nodded with a slight shrug. "But I'm a bit different from the rest of my pack," I met his golden gaze and managed to hold it without shuddering. "I've got one question for you Mr. Cullen… Can you hear my thoughts?"

He stared at me for a moment in concentration before he frowned just the slightest. "No…" he admitted warily. I tilted my head and narrowed my eyes in concentration.

'What about now?' I thought.

"Now that I heard," he said, his golden eyes widened in surprise then grew puzzled again. "You can control it?"

'Usually it's only works with the pack mind but I was curious about how it worked with you.' I thought at him with a slight shrug. He then full blown frowned at me, which made me have to bite my lips to not smile.

"Sorry, I just find you… amusing," I said with a laugh before holding a hand up before he can reply. "Really I don't mean to offend you but it's just so weird... you guys seemed to act so normal but then again you've probably had a lot of practice, huh?"

Edward didn't answer just continued to almost scowl at me before admitting. "Yes…"

"Look, I know I haven't exactly earned you're trust, Edward. But you have to under stand I will know things I shouldn't and not know thinks I should," I said cryptically with a grimace. "Just know I would never hurt Bella, or any one of your family. Just remember that things sometimes have to go bad before they can turn good."

Edward just looked at me in suspicion. "Why should I trust you at all? You could be lying to me this whole time."

I looked away biting my lips as I struggled to figure out if by telling him some semblance of the truth would he even believe me? Or the bigger questions, could I tell him? Should I even be thinking about telling him anything? About who I was? Where I came from?

'God was this how Alice feels? Not knowing what to say and shouldn't be said? '

"Look, I could tell you the truth, but your mind isn't exactly safe all the time," I replied quietly grimacing as I once again gave him a cryptic response. "I'm well aware that you aren't the only mind reader out there… Nor is Alice the only person out there with knowledge of the future," I added under my breath hoping that no one could hear me over the throbbing music in the house.

His eyes widened as he froze with vampiric stillness and I noticed that he actually forgot to breathe as well (not that he needed to). I looked at him imploringly a wave of guilt filling me. When he took a half step away from me his expression guarded as his eyes darted to mine his gaze now suspicious and untrusting.

"I promise, I'll tell you everything you want to know, but not now," I stated feeling a little desperate because I was pretty certain that if I told him all I know I would most likely have a nuclear mental break down. Which would make it all seem more real in my eyes even though I had began to force myself to admitting that this wasn't some crazy assed dream. He must have seen how I felt because he did push as much as he could have.

"When?" he demanded his golden gaze still guarded and distrustful.

I racked my brain for a good time to tell him…well not everything, but certain things. Suddenly I froze as a name screamed itself at me.

"Bree," I breathed feeling a mix of fear and hope filled me. She was still very much alive…could I change her fate?

Edward's brows crinkled into a frown of puzzlement. "Who?" he asked, his voice was barely above a whisper.

"She's one of the newborns," I replied quickly and quietly. "Jasper was right these newborns weren't taught any of the laws of your world and told you are the enemy. Many were snatched from their lives and many from the streets. Then changed and told you Cullens are to blame. That you are the enemy," I pointed out with a wince. "Bree will be the only newborn you can reason with, the only one that will surrender and They will burn her for it…"


"The Volturi do not give second chances. The first offense is usually the last, you know this," I said in a hush. "When have you ever known Jane to be merciful in her judgments? She's a raging masochistic wrapped in a thick coating of psychopath. At least Aro is a functioning psychopath and can be reasoned with, or if need be flattered."

Edward looked stunned. "How do you know all of this?"

"You ask me this even though you can hear people's thoughts?" I asked back with a raised brow and he had the decency to look a little shamefaced.

"You are asking a lot of a person."

I grimaced. "I know I have no right to ask for your trust, Edward," I began pleadingly. "But that's what I'm asking you for, for you to trust me. Trust that I'm not going to betray you…"

Just then my phone went off making me jump as the little object buzzed against my skin. I checked it and saw a text from Embry wondering where I went. I quickly typed back that I was on my way back home but had stopped at Forks for some food before heading home.

"I have to go…" I murmured looking down with a sigh. "I should have left earlier…" I admitted quietly with regret. Well can't cry now that I just let the cat out of the bag. Let it out of the bag? I pretty much threw it at Edward's face.

I took a few steps away before turning back, "Look, I'm sorry to be dumping all this on you right now but I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't think you and your family could handle it," I whispered suddenly feeling very isolated because of all I knew and not telling anyone was getting to me. It was a lot to carry by myself and if I thought too long about all I knew and where I was I would have full mental breakdown be of no use to anyone least of all myself.

I stared at him for a moment at a loss of words before turning away and taking off into the woods at a sprint. I would need to hurry if I was to keep up with my alibi of going to get food. I jogged to whole way to Forks, got from food from one of the burger places and headed to the cliff to eat. I fell asleep staring up at the stars while I ate my fries.

'The stars seemed so much closer here,' I marveled as my eyes drifted closed and I slid into a deep sleep.

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