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His hand traveled to the spear protruding out of his chest.

What was this? Was this really how the dragon slayer would go out?

Really he had hoped for something a bit more glorious.

But one cannot choose his own death right?

His fingers went numb and his feet gave out. He felt his knees hit rocks as he fell. He heard a voice vaguely and couldn't determine whose it was until they appeared in front of him.

Lucy. She was holding him up now…saying something like hold on…stay with me.

How could she see anything with that many tears in her eyes? Man it was making him feel bad she was crying so much. He didn't want that.

He tried to lift his arms to embrace her…but nothing happened…he tried to lift at least one of his arms to wipe her tears away at least…but his limbs didn't move.

How was he supposed to comfort her?

He watched her as she stared back at him with wide eyes.

What was she so sad about? He wasn't dead yet. Sure it was rather hopeless but he had made it out of hopeless situations before. Wendy was around here somewhere right? She could fix him up…

But the way Natsu's body tingled he knew it wasn't the same. This injury wasn't the same…it wasn't one you got back up from. All he could do is watch her as she cried.

It wasn't the last thing he wanted to see…but it's not like he could tell her that right now. Even if he wanted to he couldn't use his voice…he couldn't find it.

So he watched as she blinked and the tears sparkled down her cheeks. He couldn't feel the rocks beneath his knees now. All sound had faded away a while ago…all he had was his sight…all he had was her.

He felt his thoughts grow blurry…he didn't have time. Natsu didn't have enough time.

He wanted to stay and watch her…not cry but smile. Just a smile and it would be alright.

Her eyes were squinted in pain as she watched him. Then she leaned in closer and to his surprise her lips found his.

His thoughts had slipped away but he felt the sensation on his lips. Her lips.

His heart slowed to a stop but his mouth tugged up in a slight smile. He never would have had enough time.


So there you have it, I've never done a death fic...cause they are rather depressing but I did this one a while back and thought...oh what the heck I'll put it up. It is short but I hope it made you feel something.

I feel rather depressed just thinkin about it. :P

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