Kimberly Anne Possible, sapling-"Noir... It is the name of an ancient fate. Two maidens who govern death. Guarding the peace of the sinless children, their black touch makes possible."


Kim Possible pushed off of Ron's chest. They were both full clothed, if in her bed under her covers. Ever since the Lowardians, an afternoon nap with Ron felt way more refreshing than a so-called 'good night's sleep' by herself. But there was no time to think of that now.

"Ron.", she shook the boy awake. "I think that's the tw'eebs' force field. We're under attack!"

Ron shook himself out of her bed. After a *clump* of falling to the floor, he called out "I got your back, KP."

Both Ron and Kim walked down stairs, ready for anything but what happened. The house was aglow from the shine the force field gave off when actual solid matter struck it. They even placed the repeated spatter as...gun fire? From semi-assault rifles? But when Mrs. Dr. Possible tackled them, it was a complete surprise.

"Mom!", Kim objected.

"Stay down, Kimmie!", her mother screeched. Mr. Dr. Possible held down her brothers further in the living room.

Just as soon as it had begun, it was over. "What the...", Ron began.

Just as Kim was about to start giving instructions, her father did. "Boys, you check the home surveillance video and bring me what clues you can dig up. Kimmie-cub, you and Ronald check outside for anything and bring it back in. Anne, can I see you in my den?"

Mrs. Dr. Possible glanced between her husband and her daughter. "um...Sure dear. You be careful, Kimmie."

And with that Kim's parents walked away hurriedly, hand in hand as soon as the could be.

"Wow.", Ron commented. "Your dad's so freaked he didn't even think to call the police."

"My dad's a rocket scientist, Ron.", Kim corrected. "Of course he thought of it. But he didn't actually tell any one to do it."

"We can.", her brothers said simultaneously.

"No.", Kim commanded. "You check the logs like dad said. I'll ask."

Kim walked toward her father's den but slowed down once she started making out conversation.

"How can there be any doubt on who it was, Anne?", her father quickly accused. "She's been on the cover of Human and we're very well respected in our fields, publicly. It's part of the reason we've chosen to walk this path. Anyone using actual guns could only expect to get away with it if they had reasons to suspect that their tracks would be covered."

"But we've done so much.", her mother countered. "Jim, we've made our point and lived in peace for all this time. How could they come back for her now?"

"I told you when you joined this family that they wouldn't give up on her.", Mr. Dr. Possible reminded. "They're relentless. They're ancient."

"I know how the Soldats operate, Jim."

Kim thought the word to herself. Soldats did not mean anything to her. No one from any local gang to the world wide criminal networks she brought down went by that name, let alone any government agency. But if her parents thought that they could hope to cover up a drive-by shooting in the middle of broad daylight in Middleton, then they had to be someone of significance. These Soldats had to have connections. And they could be traced.

Kim backed away from her...well, never arguing but quite animatedly holding a discussion parents.

By then her parents were holding each other. Jim stroked his wife's hair. "I'll try to talk to them. See what I can do."

Anne shook her head. "You tell them that I'm going to talk to her. And if they won't do anything, we will."