Dr. Anne Possible, true Noir-"Noir… It is the name of an ancient fate. Two maidens who govern death. To ward the darkness from the nursing babes, their black robes serve as shields."


"You know you're going to have to tell us what's actually going on, Dad.", Tim told him.

"Remember when you didn't tell us how the scramjet is microtized?", Jim reminded.

Mr. Dr. Possible glared down from his full height at his rapidly growing sons. "You tore apart both my home's central air conditioning and the Sloth to build a nanotech version piloted by Rufus."

"Remember when you didn't tell us where brain waves come from?", Tim reminded.

The man hung his head. "We had to irradiate it before it ascended."

"Remember when you didn't tell us where Mom went?", the two asked in unison.

Their father glared at the two. "Alright. You were going to hear this anyway. Go get your sister and I cannot stress this enough, not Ronald."

"They're at Bueno Nacho...making Kissy-Face.", they replied.

He visibly shuddered. "You know how I feel about that."

"That's why we say it.", Tim said. "Hickabickaboo!", Jim elated. "Hoosha!", Tim agreed.

"Let me try this again.", Mr. Dr. Possible.

"Once upon a time, the whole world was going to straight to hell. Men were committing every heinous act they possibly could. Sin remained to accumulate and innocence had nearly died.

"So a pact was made between men who knew the nature of the world. Back during the turn of the first millennium the seeds of the Soldats were sewn. They swore to correct the world. They spread to all the institutions of men, from Basque outward. Power and influence were accrued for the correction to the world problems."

At this time, the rocket scientist pulled out a silver pocket watch. Forged into the cover, were two bathed in cloth girls clutching swords.

"Noir. Two girls would be selected to correct the world's ills. They would soak up the sins of the world. They would assassinate evil in all its forms, removing sin from the world. Their only anchors would be themselves.

"The candidates are referred to as 'saplings'. It's said that 'It is our duty to raise the saplings in different soils, with different amounts of water and light.'. Maidens...hhhh...virgins from around the world who show a particular talent, a murder-savant are declared saplings. They're put through trials...No that's not right. To ensure their talents, the Soldats try to kill them."

The twins looked at each other. "You mean like boot camp or combat sims?"

"No.", their father told them. "Saplings are 'put through the harshest trials with the truest knights'. If they would actually fall, then they won't be killed or so goes the idea. And those are the first trials. There's that they have to be exposed to the truth after it's been hidden from them, to show that they can be exposed to the sins of the world that they will excise. The survivors are eventually pitted against each other. 'Hopefully', the two that have bonded the most are the expected winners."

Tim stopped him. "Wait a minute. You said they showed a talent."

"From birth.", the man said. "Some are prepared, if they're spotted soon enough. They may even be given tasks, preemptively.

"Over the centuries, the Soldats became the world. Every single institution that matters now is under their influence. That's how the people that shot up our house didn't appear on any of the databases you reviewed."

"Why was that?", Jim asked.

"How do you know all this about a secret conspiracy?", Tim asked.

The two turned to each other. "Kim's a sapling! Dad's a Soldat! We're Illuminati!"

"No. We aren't.", Mr. Dr. P stressed.

"Our family got involved after Mim left. The fact that she qualified as a sapling is the probably the only reason Ronald and Kimmie-cub aren't related. Mim...survived and was promoted through the Grand Retour. World War One ended a few weeks earlier due to her and her partner.

"You remember that one summer vacation when Nana wore the bikini?", he asked.

The twins started waving their hands and caterwhalling. "Ah! Why would you remind of us that? I just suppressed that memory."

"Do you remember the scar between her second to last and third to last rib on her left?", the man continued.

"Wasn't really trying to.", was the simultaneous reply.

"Another sapling put a road stone through her lung in order to be Noir.", he said. "On the other hand, it allowed us to keep our visibility in the Soldats. This allowed us stay pretty high profile. It's given our family a lot of opportunities."

"Like what?", Jim asked.

"Your grandmother going through Navy SEALs training forty years ahead of the curve, for one. And you getting access to certain highly classified fuels, nuclear fusion lasers, Lowardian death rays not being instantly confiscated during the clean up.", his father assured.

"So I was going to tell you boys. Eventually. I would have done so earlier."

The children regarded him. "Why not?"

And just then Mrs. Dr. Possible walked in. She saw the pocket watch, a perfect rendition of her father's. And she snapped.

She grabbed one of the framed pictures of Mr. Dr. Possible and a team of astronauts off the wall and hurled it. James Timothy Possible barely managed to cower in fear fast enough for the frame to spin past him and embed itself in his den's televison. "You told my babies that I'm a murderer!", she screeched.

"Anne!", he called out. He waved his arms in front of himself, begging her to calm down. "I haven't/"

"Don't you lie to me, James!", she cut him off. "How dare you! When you married me, we agreed. You wouldn't make them afraid of me! You would let them see mom the doctor not mom the serial killer. You would let me be someone to love not fear. God damn you, James."

"I'm not the one scaring them, Anne.", he said softly.

She whipped her head around. Two sets of her eyes and his hair were staring up at her. As a mother, she could recognize the shift in their feet: it was that 'maybe we won't get grounded if they can't catch us' her boys always tried to pull when another of their gadgets went hay wire.

"Please don't leave me.", she asked as she fell to her knees. "I can explain. I promise I can. I've always loved you boys. Don't go."

"Sure, mom.", Jim told her. Tim spoke. "We won't leave. Honest."

The woman grabbed them up and held on to them like nothing else in her life. "What did he tell you? I'm not that person anymore."

"He told us that he worked for the Soldats, mom.", Tim replied. "And that they control everything so that they could field Noir...s...es."

Jim continued. "And that great-grandma was one, but grandma didn't make the grade."

"That's it. Honest."

Anne looked up as if she could see heaven and was about to thank it. Then she looked to her husband. He stood sheepishly with his hands in his pockets. She mouthed rather than spoke to him, Thank you.

He lip synced back, We'll talk about it later.

"How did you manage to break the TV?", Jim asked.

Mrs. Dr. Possible sighed heavily. "First, I want you boys to know that I would never do anything to hurt you. I haven't killed anyone and I've only worked to save lives from the day your sister was born. You understand that, don't you?"

The twins began to squirm in her arms. "Sure mom.", they said in unison.

"Did your father explain what Noir was?", she asked.

"Two virgin assassins.", they replied.

Anne raised an eyebrow at their father. He shrugged.

"Well.", she began. "I was... I could have...Me and my partner successfully completed the Grand Retour. When the actual Soldats came to see the results, we told them that we would choose life. I chose to become a doctor and a mother. I didn't know your father worked for them. He told me he didn't know who I was and I believe him."

"Who was your partner?", Tim asked.

Anne's head bobbed around. "I don't know that that's for me to say."

"Where's your sister?", she asked.