Me: What do we do when we're bored? Look through the most ridiculous categories fan fiction has to offer and make even more ridiculous stories pertaining to them! Yay me!

I don't own Tetris, nor do I have anything against it. For more laughs about randomness, see my other story, Bevan.

-Square has now signed into chat-

Square: Hey, look at that! It's a Line!

-Line has now signed into chat-

Line: Hello.

Square: Sup?

Line: Umm... Nothing, I have just been selected for this space. I am not enjoying it the best, though.

Square: Yeah, life sucks like that some times.

Line: -opens mouth in horror- What is it?

Square: Oh that? It's just L.

-L has now signed into chat-

L: Hey, look at me. I can spin! Whee!

Square: Yeah just ignore him. They come around every now and again; they also tend to be rather stupid.

Line: Hmm... Yes it does appear they are not the brightest lights in the store.

Square: Yeah, whatever that was supposed to mean... Oh look, it's T.

-T has now signed into chat-

T: Hey Square, Baby!

Square: Sup, T?

T: Nothing, you?

Square: I'm great!

T: Who's the pansy?

Line: Is she referring to me?

Square: -to Line- Yes. -to T- It's Line. He's new.

T: Obviously.

L: Hello? I'm spinning here! Whee!

T: We can see you, L. -quieter- We just choose to ignore you...

-muffled laughter from T and Square-

Line: I don't see what is so funny about it.

T: Of course you don't.

L: Whee!

Square: Shut up, L! No one cares!

L: Whe... No. Whee!

T: I'll fix him.

Square: How? You're stuck, remember?

T: Oh, damn.

Square: Well would you look at that. It's L's stupid cousin, Flip.

-Flip has now signed into chat-

Flip: Wooh!

L: Whee!

Flip: Wooh!

T: SHUT UP! Hey, do it! JUMP!

Square: Who are you talking to?

T: The twins, Z and S.

Square: Oh. JUMP!

-Z has now signed into chat-

-S has now signed into chat-

Z: I'm not too sure I want to.

T: Fine. He'll push you anyways.

S: No I won't! Don't listen to her, sis.
Z: I'm not.

T: Not S, the Human.

Z: Oh.

-Human has now signed into chat-

Human: Why won't it move? Stupid game...

-screams come from Square, T, Line, Z and S-

L: Whee!

Flip: Wooh!

T: You idiots!

-Human shakes device-


Square: AAHH!





Flip: WOOH!

-all blocks have signed out of chat-

Me: So, should I write a second chapter or is it really not worth my time?