For Murfonso. Love, IJKS xxx

Chapter Seventy Five

Monday 26th October


The Beach

I've had a fight with Angelo. He wanted to see me tonight but I want to spend as much time as I can at the hospital with Ruby. He doesn't get it. He seems to think that because she's been given the all clear, albeit with a diabetes diagnosis, that she doesn't need round the clock visiting. But it gets lonely in hospital. I know she has other people but I'm her mother and I want to be there for her. I just wish Angelo understood that.

I've been with her this morning and now I'm about to start my shift at work. Angelo will be on shift too so it might be a long one. Hopefully we will make up again. I really don't have the energy to fight.

Monday 26th October



I made up with Angelo. He apologised for being unreasonable and told me that I could spend as much time with Ruby as I like. He said he would fit in. I know it's hardly quality time but we generally do see each other every day – we work the same shift. And for now, that's better than nothing.

When I was out on patrol, I drove past Xavier, who looked pretty down. I took him to the hospital to see Ruby, although I gather now that it didn't go so well. They have officially broken up now and I guess it's a good thing if she doesn't love him. But he still loves her so it's going to be hard on him.

She hasn't told him about her diabetes. To be honest, she doesn't seem to want to talk about it with anyone, not even Geoff. But I guess she is still getting her head around it. It's all going to take time. I've just got to make sure I am there for her and that she knows she can trust and rely on me.

While Xavier was at the hospital, they ended up arguing. He admitted that he lied about losing his memory. I'd be smug about being right if Ruby wasn't so upset. She can't believe that he would lie about something like that but I get it. I would have done anything to keep Joey – at least until I realised that the kindest thing, the best thing for her, was to let her go. So I understand where Xavier is coming from. He loves her and he didn't want to lose her. But I guess it all backfired and he's lost her for good now. I feel sorry for him, although I wouldn't say as much to Rubes – at least not yet.

Since then, Geoff has visited her and then a Doctor showed up to go through everything Ruby needs to know for her treatment plan. I wish I had been able to be there though. I need to know about her treatment too. But she has promised to explain everything to both me and Geoff so I will hold her to that.

According to Geoff, there has been some kind of upset with John. He's lying apparently about his plans for the marina and both Geoff and Aden are concerned that they could be out of a job if he is elected. Here's hoping that Martha gets in. She won't screw anyone over, of that I am sure.

Oh, and I gather that Liam and Nicole are back together. Hopefully they can make it work this time. Nicole deserves some happiness after everything she has been through this year.

Tuesday 27th October



It's been another busy day with both Ruby and work. Angelo and I went out for a drink after work and he invited me back to his place but I'm just too tired. I went to visit Rubes and now I want to write in here and then go to bed. And if I could get away with it, I'd stay there all day tomorrow! But I've got another long day at work. I need a holiday!

I couldn't change my shift so Geoff ended up bringing Ruby home from the hospital but I made sure I kept in touch regularly. I think I irritated her with how often I checked she was okay, to be honest. But I don't care. I'd rather she be safe and moody than alone and in trouble. I gather that Geoff took the day off work to look after her, which was good of him. I just wish I had been able to do the same. I think Geoff's fretting over her is pissing her off too so at least I'm not alone in caring too much.

He put his foot in it with Colleen though. He went to the Diner to get some diabetic food for Rubes and told her what was going on. Then when Colleen ran into Xavier, she mentioned it to him, not realising that they had split up and he hadn't been told. He went to visit her, wanting to know why she didn't tell him about the diabetes and I think he was hoping that they would figure things out and get back together but Ruby said that everything they decided yesterday still stands. She was pretty upset about it. It's heartbreaking to lose your first love, whatever the circumstances. Maybe it's a good thing that she's learning this earlier than me though. I only lost my first love this year. I mean, I've been through the heartbreak of losing partners and people I care about but it was never real love until I met Joey.

But anyway, whether it was to heal his broken heart or whatever, Xavier and Romeo went to the old 'haunted house'. Apparently they took some girls there, although the girls ran off when they got too scared. Romeo and Xavier were about to leave when they genuinely heard a noise. They found a little Indonesian boy there called Bambang and brought him to Martha who brought him to us. Angelo recognised him as being with 'Clint Eastwood' when they caught him the other day and we can only presume he is his son.

It was pretty late by the time he arrived here so I agreed to let Martha take care of him and DOCS are coming in the morning to figure out what to do for the best. Martha and Bambang were pretty sweet with each other actually. It was nice to see. He is obviously very afraid but he seems to trust Martha implicitly already.

Angelo wants to use that. He thinks that we can use Bambang to trap Hugo and catch him out. I'm not so sure. I don't want Bambang or Martha to be manipulated in any way. But then, if Angelo is right about this human trafficking, perhaps it's right that we do whatever it takes to bring the organisation down and save the innocent people who are inevitably getting hurt and probably dying.

With that vaguely settled, Angelo and I knocked off at long last and went to the Surf Club for a drink, where word reached us that John won the election, although apparently it was very close. And apparently there was some kind of dispute between Martha and Gina because Gina agreed to have lunch with John. I wonder if there is some kind of romance brewing there? If there is, perhaps Gina will be able to turn John into a nice person!

Wednesday 28th October


The Diner

I just thought I would write a quick update. I've finished work and I'm waiting for Angelo to finish too. We're having an early dinner together and then going to the movies in a bid to spend some actual time together. Part of me wonders why we bother. I mean, we get along pretty well but... something's missing. Something will always be missing.

Ruby is now dating Geoff and seems deliriously happy. It all feels like a bit of a rush to me. She only broke up with Xavier on Monday. She came to the station to tell me about it and she explained that part of the reason she and Xavier broke up was because she was falling for Geoff. I tried to be positive about it and I hope I succeeded but my biggest concern is that they are boyfriend and girlfriend and living alone in that house together, with no parental supervision. I know Irene will be back soon but for the time being, they're teenagers in love. And Ruby's my daughter. I don't want my sixteen year old daughter living with her boyfriend. I know Geoff is a 'nice boy' by all accounts and I do think a lot of him, but I'm also aware that not so long ago, he thought he'd got a girl pregnant. And for someone who always claimed not to believe in sex before marriage, he's slept with two girls now. I do not want Ruby to be a third.

DOCS have permitted Martha to look after Bambang for a few days while they're sorting everything out. They both looked elated so it felt like a nice thing to do. But the horrible moment of the day came when Angelo realised that someone had messed with the crime scene, the house Romeo and Xavier found Bambang at. I don't know if he was horrified or relieved that it wasn't Hugo who messed with it, although I suspect horrified. He wants evidence that Hugo is dirty.

But as it turned out, Romeo had gone to the house in the morning to collect Bambang's stuff. He was trying to do something nice but Angelo totally laid into him by all accounts. He took everything as evidence, including poor Bambang's toy. I was mad at him about it first but it turned out he was onto something because he found a coded message inside the toy. He thinks one of the people who brought him and his father into the country gave it to him and told him to look after it. So we've handed it over to intelligence, hoping they can figure out what the numbers mean.

So it looks like tomorrow will be another hectic day. I just hope we get a break on this case soon. Angelo's here now so I'd better go.

Saturday 31st October


The Beach

It's been a long few days. I haven't had much of a chance to write. Between work, Ruby and Angelo, I haven't had any time to myself. I escaped out here after lunch but I have promised to go to this horror movie night that Ruby's arranged for Halloween. Apparently it's going to be me, her, Geoff and Angelo. I'm touched to be invited. And I'm also quite touched that she wants to make an effort with Angelo. She's been really supportive and everything but I can never quite read how she feels about my choice of partner. She objected to Joey and I at first but then really came round to the idea. I know she wishes it would have worked out. But she didn't like me being with Roman and she's never been quite clear about Angelo. So I see this as a good first step to being normal.

Hugo wasn't very happy about Bambang staying, especially when I dropped Martha in it accidentally by revealing to him that she had applied to foster him in the longer term. Anyway, I don't know exactly what happened but yesterday, Martha showed up with Bambang and said that she was handing him back to DOCS. She looked devastated and poor Bambang was inconsolable but I guess she feels like she is doing the right thing. Hugo has pointed out that he ought to be with a family who understand his background and his culture. He has a point, I suppose, but surely, at least for now, he needs to be with someone he loves and trusts? Someone who loves him? Like Martha. It only adds fuel to Angelo's theory about Hugo being involved in all this mess. He doesn't want him around because he's the reason he's here.

In other news, Kirsty arrived home from the hospital on Thursday and then yesterday, Shelley Sutherland showed up. I've never met her before but she is Kirsty's Mum. I gather that there was some bad blood between them but there are times when you just need your Mum above all else.

It makes me miss my Mum more. And I think I am going to go and visit Dad on Sunday. It's already been too long since I last saw him. I'll speak to Ruby about it tonight. I'm sure she will want to come too. But anyway, it seems like this Shelley woman is helping Kirsty deal with what happened so that can only be a good thing, right? I do feel so very sorry for both Kirsty and Miles.

My night at the movies with Angelo was okay. And then on Thursday night, he stayed at mine. Then last night, I stayed at his. And we're going back to my place after the horror film fest tonight. It will be highest number of consecutive nights we've spent together. I guess we have to prepare for our holiday in January really, don't we? Maybe this means we're making progress. I know in my heart of hearts that I wish I was doing these things with Joey but I also know that it's not to be. And I'd rather do these things with Angelo than with nobody.

Sunday 1st November 2009



I had a really good day today. Ruby and I drove into the city to visit Dad and Morag. It was lovely. I mean, it wasn't easy. Dad's memory struggled a lot, due to the stress he is under with the impending court case. They've set it for 2nd January and we're just desperately hoping he won't receive a custodial sentence. Morag said that we have a very strong case though so here's hoping.

Morag put a nice lunch on for us and we spent a lot of time relaxing in the sunshine and it was nice to be able to spend time together as a family. I think Angelo might have been hinting a little last night to come with us but I'm not ready for that yet. I like him and everything but he's not family. I don't know if he ever will be.

The drive there and back was really nice, actually. Ruby and I got a lot of time to talk and catch up. She spent a fair amount of time swooning over Geoff. Her only criticism is that he is very over protective about her diabetes. She finds it frustrating and says that it kills the romance. I told her that it was good that he was looking out for her, to which she just rolled her eyes! But that's my Ruby.

She said that on their first outing as a couple – to the Surf Club – they ran into Xavier playing pool with Romeo. And then apparently Xavier kissed some random girl from school. But he was looking right at Ruby so she thinks it was more for her benefit than anything else. I still feel sorry for him. I can't quite help it. But really, the only thing I care about is Rubes. If she's happy then I'm happy. And if she wants to be with Geoff and not Xavier then I support her.

We had a nice movie night yesterday as well. We went for the Scream trilogy and it was lots of fun. We had popcorn and diabetic friendly treats. It was nice to get to know Geoff a little better and nice to involve Angelo instead of always keeping them separate – not that I do that consciously. And during the second film, Ruby gave me a lovely cuddle. It was the simplest thing but it made me feel so special. I love being close to her again and I hope it continues. I also hope that she will one day decide to move back in with me, Leah and VJ but I don't want to push it just yet. We're only just back on track.

Next time… the police makes some progress on the human trafficking case, Ruby feels stifled by Charlie and Geoff and everyone is shocked to learn that Hugo is married…