Chapter Seventy Six

Monday 2nd November



I've had a busy few days at work and I've tried to spend as much time with Ruby as I can. I hope I am starting to get a bit more of an equilibrium between work, Ruby and Angelo, as well as making sure I spend time with my friends – namely Leah. It's very easy to forget your mates when you're dating someone but I don't ever want to be that person.

One of the friends that I also want to spend some more time with is Miles. Kirsty left him last night. Apparently she cooked everyone a lovely meal and then when they were all out, got her Mum to pick her and Ollie up and take them away from the Bay forever. I feel so sorry for Miles. He's now lost his baby, his step-son and his girlfriend. As if he hasn't been through enough already.

I think things are going well between Liam and Nicole again. Apparently he went out for something music related yesterday. It looks like he is trying to get back into the industry again. I hope he is able to do it with a clear head this time and not get into the mess he was in before. I have a sneaking suspicion that something went down at his place on Sunday night, although I can't quite figure out what. I just know that Romeo was taken to the hospital and had his drink spiked. And I only found that out by chance. I talked to him very briefly about it but he said it was just an accident and didn't want to pursue it. He looked very washed out though and I gather that he lost his job with John because of not showing up to work. You'd think our delightful councillor could cut the guy some slack for being hospitalised!

And Leah reported back tonight that John and Gina had a 'business' lunch together about her funding request and that he asked her out to dinner. But then she went and had dinner with Tony and Rachel and I gather she was full of complaints about John so I guess he messed everything up sooner rather than later. Maybe she heard about the Romeo thing. Can you tell I'm not a fan of that man?

Tuesday 3rd November



I took Ruby for dinner and we had a good time, although I gather that both Geoff and I are stifling her a little when it comes to her diabetes. We're just worried about her. This whole thing is a big adjustment. Apparently they squabbled about it last night but made up and spent the night in each other's arms. I had to force myself not to react to that with the abject horror I feel. I don't want her living like that with him – or with anyone. She's sixteen. It's too adult. I'm relieved that they're not having sex but I fear it's only a matter of time.

She told me tonight that she had a chat with Rachel about how she was feeling. I tried to listen and not feel sad that she turned to her and not me. But apparently while Rachel was advising her to let Geoff in, Tony was advising Geoff to back off. After a little miscommunication, they talked it through and reached a compromise so hopefully things will be better from here. I know she is really keen on him. And by the time I saw her, she was back on cloud nine. I'm still a little fretful about everything Ruby related but I am trying my best.

As far as work is concerned, things are coming along at last. We fount a fingerprint on the piece of paper Angelo confiscated from Bambang's toy, although we haven't found out who it belongs to yet. And we haven't de-coded the message either but hopefully that will just be a matter of time.

We pulled up the sunken boat today and in it, we found loads of fake passports, which only adds to Angelo's theory that these poor people that died in there were asylum seekers. There was also a serial number on part of the engine, which we managed to connect to a company called Best Fruit Imports. That's the same company Watson found an invoice for in Hugo's boatshed after the break in. Again, that only strengthens the idea that Hugo is connected somehow to the human trafficking. But Hugo said at the time that he had never seen the log book before so it might be difficult to trap him this way. Angelo was about to head on over to interview him when I finished my shift so I guess I'll find out any developments tomorrow.

And in some good news (and not because of the case, although that's what Angelo thinks), Martha has decided to foster Bambang again. His current foster home has fallen through so DOCS asked her if she would reconsider. I doubt Hugo is best pleased about it but she has agreed. I think it will be good for her and good for Bambang. They really bonded when he was with her last time. Angelo is over the moon, of course because he wants to use the poor kid to trap Hugo. I'm still not so sure about that. I'm worried about him, or Martha getting hurt.

Oh, and I was patrolling near the seafront today and I saw John and Gina about to go surfing. I assume they have made up then. They looked like they were having a nice time. Gina is very pretty when she smiles. I hope that what she appears to see in John is really there and that maybe she can help him be a better person.

Wednesday 4th November


The Beach

I had an early shift this morning and I am heading into the city this afternoon to see Dad. Morag said that he has been really down recently so I thought I would go and try to cheer him up. I thought we could go out for dinner or something, treat him a little. The case is going to court soon. I'm terrified.

Wednesday 4th November



I had a nice time with Dad and Morag and he seemed to be in better spirits when I left than he did when I arrived, which I will take to be a good thing. And Morag even seemed to appreciate the visit too, which was nice. It was a shame I couldn't take Ruby but she's already missed a lot of school this year so it didn't seem right to let her skip lessons. We are hoping to get up there again on a weekend soon though.

In other news, the Hugo plot thickens. When Angelo went round last night to pull him in for questioning, he found him having somewhat of a showdown with Martha and a woman called Suzy – his WIFE! Apparently, they lived in Indonesia together and they're business partners. He's be married to her all this time, regardless of his relationship with poor Martha.

Anyway, Hugo came to the police station with Angelo but, as he suspected, denied any knowledge of Best Fruit Imports. He maintains that the log book must have belonged to the man who broke into his boatshed.

Now Angelo and his right hand man, Marine Officer Bryant, are looking into this Suzy woman, convinced that she is also part of the human trafficking organisation. Angelo believes that she and Hugo are starting to feel the pressure and she has come to sort some things out from this end. But the thing is, Hugo is more than a little displeased to see her so I am starting to think things might be a little more complicated than that. And regardless of what criminal activity Hugo may well be caught up in, I do believe that he is in love with Martha. Maybe he's trying to turn his back on things that have gone before? Or maybe I just try to think too well of people who don't deserve it. Maybe I am so full of self loathing for myself, that I think everyone else must be a damn sight better than me. But it's far too late in the day to analyse that. I'm exhausted!

Anyway, this morning, Angelo and Bryant interviewed Geoff and Nicole again and had a picture drawn up of the man who terrorised them on the beach at the beginning of the year. Was it really only this year that Geoff was dating Nicole? And Ruby was dating Xavier? And look at me. I was with Angelo until I realised he'd killed Jack. Then I kissed Miles. Then I fell in love with my darling Joey but in a moment of madness cheated on her with Hugo. And now she's gone, my heart is still broken and I'm dating Angelo for what is technically the fourth time, with a one night stand thrown in there too for good measure. Yep, I'm doing good, hey!?

But anyway, we drew up a likeness of the guy from the island and then Angelo pissed Hugo off by calling Xavier in for questioning, wanting to see if he recognised him as the man who assaulted him and Hugo down at the boatshed. Xavier's memory is still sketchy and he couldn't identify him but suddenly, Hugo said that it was the same man. Angelo was quick to point out that the man doesn't look anything like the person Hugo described at the time and thinks that he is now diverting attention because he realises he's a suspect. And I have to admit that it sounds likely.

I feel even sicker about sleeping with him back in April. Do you realise that I have now slept with three men who have killed people – Roman, Angelo and Hugo? And the one time I was with someone truly beautiful, I lost her. She was just too good for me. That much is obvious. She was the light of my life. She was so pure and good and gentle. She was amazing. But apparently I don't mix with that sort. Apparently I like being with men who hurt other people, intentionally or otherwise. Yep, I definitely feel quite sick with myself.

Anyway, I digress. Angelo told Hugo that the man who terrorised Nicole and Geoff, is the man who attacked him and Xavier and is likely to be linked to the asylum seekers. He also made it clear that when we catch up with him, we will ensure that we trace back to the people in charge. Presumably, if Hugo is involved, then he knows Angelo was making a threat. I just hope that we can solve this case soon, although I am aware that when it is solved, there is a chance that Angelo will be transferred. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Thursday 5th November


The Beach

I'm on my lunch break. I was meant to be eating with Angelo but he got caught up with work. I don't mind. We're meant to be going out tonight and I am staying at his place so I could do with the space. I like him and everything but sometimes I struggle with seeing him almost every day at work, spending my lunch break with him, seeing him in the evenings and spending the night with him. The only person I could ever have imagined spending that much time with would have been Joey. And well, she got as far away from me as she could in the end so I guess that's not going to happen.

Anyway, while we were working today, he brought up that it's our three month anniversary on Saturday. To be honest, I'd forgotten. And it feels a little weird to celebrate three months. I thought you were meant to go for one month and then six and then a year? Not that I expect we'll get past six. I never get past six. And to be honest, I don't intend to start now.

But anyway, he said that because we've not done so well with anniversaries so far, he wants us to do something nice. We're both working during the day but he thought we could go to the city or something for a couple of days. He also said he wants to stop by and visit Dad and Morag. I think he feels shut out when I visit them on my own or with Ruby. I think he wants to get more involved and be a family. That scares the shit out of me. But when Angelo makes a decision, it's pretty hard to talk him out of it so I guess I'll have to obey.

Anyway, I'd better be getting back to work. I'm due back on shift in ten minutes.

Next time… Charlie moves in with Ruby and Geoff after Ruby has a hypo at school, the police connect Derrick to the people smuggling case and Donna is cleared of her murder charge…