Lost Girl was created by Michelle Lovretta and is Copyright © Prodigy Pictures.

This story contains a romantic relationship between Bo/Lauren and is rated adults only – contains sex scenes and other adult themes.

I take a long sip of my beer as I put my feet up on the couch. I can feel Kenzi's eyes on me but ignore her as I channel surf, trying to find something good to watch.

"You know, you're really boring when you're all mopey."

I don't even acknowledge her as I continue my quest for decent TV.

After several minutes of silence I assume she's given up, until she comes and sits on the coffee table in front of me.

"Look Bo, the way I see it, you've either got to get over her and move on or fight like hell for her."

Kenzi has been at me ever since the curse was lifted from Nadia and she reappeared in Lauren's life. But she didn't see them together. The way they looked at one another, the way they touched and the way they kissed.

I just have to accept the fact that Lauren and Nadia are together and that it sucks to be me.

I'm about to lay out all the facts when there's a knock at the door. Before I can even put my beer down, Kenzi is on her way to answering it.

I can't hear what Kenzi says when she opens the door, but the "oh shit" look on her face tells me I'm not going to like it.

As our guest enters I stand up as I recognise the cause of my pain.

"Hi Bo."

To say I'm surprised she's here is an understatement, "hi Nadia".

As she moves further into the room, I move towards her. We stand evaluating each other like a couple of gun slingers at high noon. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Kenzi hovering near the kitchen.

"So, what can I do for you?"

"I've heard so much about you, I thought I'd come and meet you for myself."

It's obvious to both of us that there's more to it than that but I let it slide.

I have to admit, Nadia is a beautiful woman. Tall with long dark hair, she has eyes you can get lost in and curves in all the right places. The thought of exactly where those curves have been makes my chest tighten.

"Well hopefully, what ever you've heard isn't all bad."

She almost seems annoyed, "no, Lauren was very complimentary."

At the mention of her name, I can't help licking my lips as an image of a naked Lauren takes front and centre in my head.

I miss what Nadia says as an image of Lauren, back arched mid orgasm, fills my head. "Sorry?"

Now I know she's annoyed. "Look, I'll cut to the chase, how do you feel about Lauren?"

Sorry lady, that's a no go zone, "that's none of your business."

Nadia looks away from me, focusing on the TV, "I love Lauren and Lauren loves me."

The tightness in my chest amps up and my anger flares, "what did you come here for, to rub it in?"

When she meets my eyes there is a sadness about her that silences me.

"Everything is different. The world's changed, Lauren's changed. Hell, even I've changed in some ways."

"I know that Lauren loves me. But you see, the problem Bo, is that she's in love with you."

My anger fades as the meaning of what she says sinks in.

"Bo, if you love her, you should go to her. Make her happy."

Without waiting for a reply, Nadia is almost to the door before I even realise she's moved.