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As I slowly feel myself join the conscious world it takes a minute for me to remember where I am.

I'm so tired. My body feels as though it's made of lead, my eyelids weigh a tonne. My other senses slowly begin to kick in as I battle to open my eyes.

I can tell I'm in a bed and that I'm not alone. The smell of sex lingers in the air mixed with a unique scent that I would know anywhere. Lauren.

It has the same effect on me that it always has, my pulse quickens and I'm filled with an insatiable hunger. A hunger that is both physical and emotional. I want to share everything with her and make a life together, regardless of how fucked up it may be.

Eventually my eyes open and I'm greeted with the sight of a very smug looking Lauren, watching me.

"Well hello there, for a minute I thought I'd broken you."

I put my arms above my head and stretch my entire body. I let out a satisfied moan as I watch Lauren admire my body, "see something you like Doctor Lewis?"

Rolling onto my side, I wrap my arm around Lauren's waist and pull her towards me. With our bodies gently pressed together we share a tender kiss.

"I meant it Lauren, I want us to be together."

"Nadia and I are over."

I draw lazy patterns on her lower back with my fingers as she speaks.

"I've never been very good at keeping things from her. She knew something was going on. I was tired of keeping secrets, so I told her about us."

Reaching up, Lauren runs her fingers through my hair before twirling a long strand between her fingers.

"I love Nadia, but she never stood a chance because I lost my heart and soul to you a long time ago."

Lauren smiles and her whole face lights up, her beautiful eyes sparkling, "I love you Bo and I want to be with you too."

I know that Lauren and Nadia have gone through a lot and that there's a lot of pain and sadness there, so I almost feel guilty that at this very moment I am the happiest I have ever been.

I've been lost for so long, alone. Ached inside to belong somewhere, to love someone and to have them love me for who I am. Now at last I have that and I'm never letting it go.

The End.

I hope you all liked my first Lost Girl fan fiction, especially since I've never actually seen an episode - I've only ever seen clips on youtube so I hope I did the characters justice!