Because I Can

Studio 60 | Matt/Harriet

Happy Holidays, tidbit2008

"Are you seriously mad at me for not getting jealous?" Matt asked incredulously as he just barely avoided having the front door slammed in his face. Harriet said nothing, storming upstairs to their bedroom. He briefly thought about going to one of the guest rooms, or even heading back to Danny and Jordan's, but neither would make this fight any easier. So, a little slower than he normally moved, he followed Harri. "Exactly how mad are you?"

"I'm not mad," she denied. However, the way she jerked open dresser drawer after dresser drawer belied her statement.

"You're doing a really good impersonation."

"I make a living off impersonations."

Matt stepped behind her, putting a stilling hand on her shoulders, feeling the tension pulsing just beneath his palm. "Harri, I'm still not sure what I'm being punished for here. And, quite honestly, between the two of us, I'm not the one who kissed someone else, so..."

"No, you're the one who let his girlfriend get cornered by her drunk ex."

"I came over as soon as I could."

"I heard you and Danny laughing."

"Okay, almost as soon as I could. I didn't think he'd try anything. He was there with a date!"

Harriet shrugged off his hand, turning around to stare him down, her arms folded defensively across her chest. "You know, a couple of years ago if Luke had even been in the same room as me you would have freaked out."

"'Freaked out' sounds very unmanly. How about rightfully concerned?" He waited, but didn't get even a hint of a smile. "So, this is because I wasn't jealous."

She glared at him (which he wasn't sure if he should take as confirmation or as 'you are so far off the mark') and tried to turn back around, but he caught her and pulled her into his arms.

"Harri... What if I told you the only reason I didn't get upset tonight is because I knew when we got home I would be the one doing this..." He pressed his lips to hers, swallowing her gasp as his tongue entered her mouth. When he pulled away, she blinked slowly at him and he had to smother the grin that wanted to take over his face.

"I'd say you're full of it," she finally managed to say, but most of the anger had drained out of her.

"I wanted to beat his head in with a baseball bat," Matt informed her, finally earning the smile he'd been searching for.

"What stopped you?"

"Jordan made me hold Becky before pointing out what was going on. There was an innocent life in my hands!"

"Hiding behind your goddaughter. You should be ashamed."

"I am a little."