It's been three hundread years since Eragon The Shadeslayer overthrowned The Empire and slayed the almighty King Galbatorix, the same person that had ruled all acrossed Alagaësia with an iron fist after Galbatorix betrayed the older generation of the Dragon Riders (Shur'tugal In the Ancient Language) and destroyed them with his fateful right hand man, Morzan, along with 12 other dragon rider followers that was corrupted, power hungry and spearheaded a rebellion "out of desire for power and revenge against perceived wrongs". This notorius group is widely has be refered as The Forsworn (Wyrdfell in the Ancient Language) and they were the caused of that fateful event; the Fall Of The Dragon Riders, where Galbatorix and the Forsworn killed the dragon riders with swift and brutal force and took out Vrael, The Head Dragon Rider, by be-heading him and from that forth before being killed in the next century later, declared himself king and created the Empire.

After Eragon defeated the dark king, with the help of Saphira (Eargon's beloved dragon), Arya (Eragon's fateful partner and love interest who is an elf and the one who killed Galbatrorix's dragon; Shruikan), Murtagh (Eragon's half-brother and former Galbatorix's right hand man), Thorn (Murtagh's dragon) and the Varden (The group that have members of an alliance that opposed the rule of King Galbatorix and his Empire) Eragon used his magic to included Urgals and Dwarfs to become dragon riders and left one dragon egg each for the humans, elfs, Dwarfs and Urgals.

After a tearful goodbye, Eragon and Saphira parted ways with Ayra and Firnen (Ayra's newly hatched dragon and Saphira's lover) so he can find a new place for the dragons to be raised after Eragon realized that was no safe place in Alagaësia to restore the dragons to it's formal glory and to raised the next generation of riders, with his followers who want to join the ranks of the dragon riders.At first, Eragon weeps for all that he is leaving behind, but in time, he comes to realize that, in his new adventure to train the next generation of Riders, he would be able to have a chance at life again, raising dragons and Riders. With that in mind, Eragon sets off to travled the world, where he looks forward to his new life, "a life with dragons and Riders".

During the 300 year time gap, Eragon and Saphira visited many worlds to raised the dragons and recuited many people on joining Eragon and Saphira for looking a world to build a new base for the new order of the dragon riders. Finally, after 150 years of looking and recuiting many people, Eragon and Saphira finally found a suitiable world for the new generation of the riders. For 50 years, Eragon, as the new Head Dragon Rider and his newly would be elders that's been with him in his travels, has teached many dragon riders and in time, it seems that the order of the "ture" dragon riders was restored and a new era of peace and stability followed.

However, underneath the new era of peace and stability, a new evil was growing inside, waiting to "explode" with cruelity and brutality.100 years before this story would take us, an LARGE amount of Ra'zac (bird-like creatures of the dark who's favorite food is the flesh of humans) and Lethrblaka (an adult form of Ra'zac) appeared from their homeland (the name of their homeland is unknown) ambushed and begin to slaughtered the inhabinates of Alagaësia. The Dwarfs, Urgals, Elves and Humans tried their best and fought against the new rising threat, but the Ra'zac and Lethrblaka were too powerful. Ayra, the elf queen and green dragon Firnen, had no choice to evacuate the land when things became grim. Under negociantions of the Dwarfs, Urgals, Humans and the Elfs, they left Alagaesia so that each race can find new settlements.

When the last of the humans, elfs, dwarfs and urgals left, Ra'zac and Lethrblaka tooked over Alagaesia. With their new earned territory, the Ra'zac and Lethrblaka traveled to new lands to find humans flesh and to expand their territory.

Eragon and Saphira heard this news a few months later. Eragon, Saphira, Ayra, Firnen, the new generation of the Dragon Riders and the Varden declared war and fought the Ra'zac. Along the way, Eragon met his half-brother Murtagh and his dragon Thorn. Murtagh and Thorn joined Eragon and his group to restore peace and overtake their birthplace. Through rigorus battels and victories (and losses) Eragon and his friends managed to pushed back the Ra'zac and with each death of the Ra'zac, they are one step closer to winning this war.

But just as about seemed victory at hand, something terrible happened. That "something" came as a large explosion that destroyed the Varden and the Dragon Riders base, killing many of the Varden members, but didn't take any lives of the dragons or their riders. Eragon, Saphira, Ayra and Firnen dissapeared when the explosion occured. Murtagh and Thorn also dissapeared within the explosion. With their Head Dragon Rider leader gone and presumed dead after a desparete search to find Eragon, Murtagh and Ayra, the Dragon Riders and the remaining of the Varden falled back and retreated when things gotten worse when the Ra'zac ambushed them. After 5 years from this event, Ra'zac gave most of the territory and many people from all races retreated from other lands and worlds.

Almost all hope seems lost and doom was seeminly at hand at anytime. However, little do the Ra'zac and history itself that there will be another powerful rider to fight back and have enough strength to confront the Ra'zac and Lethrblaka and end the war that had last for 100 years.

The adventure for a new generation Dragon Rider protaganist begins now...