A/N: Hi everyone did you guys miss me~? /shot ok straight to the point =v=;; I hope you guys have read the summary OvO If not go back and read now! Jk jk =v= Anyways enjoy this crack fic that me (Roma at start, France, Hungary, Spain and 3rd Person) and my friends rp-ed about (we did not stick to the same character though XD). Many thanks to VentusBDaPlayer (mostly Austria and 3rd Person), selinawen (Austria at start, Switzerland, Roma in the end) and Tako (a bit of Austria, a bit of Switz and our awesome bull OvO;;) for rp-ing in this too XD Enjoy this crack fic! OvOb

One day, Romano was in the garden picking tomatoes until he realised that something was missing. He ran back into his house upon realising that Austria wanted to visit him today. However he was still in his pyjamas.

"CHIGIIII! SPAIN! HELP ME!" He screamed at the top of his voice.

However, remembered that Spain was busy today and started screaming, "SPAIN, YOU BASTARD!"

Frantically, he scrambled and ran up to his room to dig out for his clothes. At that moment, Austria arrived at his house and was ringing his doorbell.

Romano jumped up in fright and screamed "CHIGIIIIIIIIII!" at the top of his lungs. He grabbed a random shirt and trousers and tried to change as fast as he could.

"Hello?" Austria said as he knocked on the door.

Romano panicked as he ran down without realising that his clothes were worn the other way round.

Still not realising that, he opened the door and screamed, "I'M HERE YOU BASTARD!

"Yes I realised. And your shirt..." Austria pushed up his glasses while pointing at Romano's shirt. "Is worn the wrong way."

Romano stared as his shirt as he blushed hard in embarrassment.

Austria sighed and said "You idiot..."

Romano, who was angered, shouted a quick "I'M NOT AN IDIOT CHIGIIII!" back at Austria.

"Right." Austria said. "Now you might want to wear your shirt properly?"

"CHIGIIII!" Romano screamed and slammed the door hard in front of Austria before trying to get his shirt back to the right side.

Austria raised an eyebrow and just stood at door questioningly, wondering when would Romano open the door again. Romano angrily got his shirt switched to the right side, glaring at where Austria stood behind that very door. Austria knocked on the door again, hoping that the fiery Italian had calmed down. Or not.

Romano opened the door once again and exclaimed, "IT'S WORN PROPERLY NOW YOU BASTARD!"

Austria gave a sigh, "Please calm down." He looked right into Romano's eyes, "The reason I came to your place today was because of Spain." He shook his head slightly to show that he was forced into it.


Austria adjusted his glasses and said, "I am not exact of the details, however it was extremely chaotic."

"That tomato bastard better have a good explanation of whatever that might have happened!" Romano said grudgingly.

Austria sighed. "How about you let me in and I'll tell you the whole story?"

"F-Fine..." Romano groaned and decided and moved to a side, giving way for Austria to walk in.

"Thank you." Austria bowed as he walked into Romano's house.

They entered the living room, settling down by the sofa. Of course, Romano tried to sit as far away from Austria as possible.

Austria sighed and said, "May I ask why are you sitting so far away?"

"Why can't I?" Romano retorted back with a snort.

Austria wondered just how Spain actually raised Romano up. "Please do move closer," he said.

"W-Why should I?" Romano exclaimed as he shook his head and crossed his legs.

Austria gave off a sigh, deciding to forget about Romano's straight denial to sit nearer. "Would you mind if you prepare me some tea?"

Romano snapped, stood up and shouted at Austria. "DAMMIT! JUST TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED ALREADY"

"You are so helpless," Austria gave off yet another sigh. "I have no other choice."

"Yes! Spit it out you bastard!" Romano exclaimed.

Austria explained the story in an extremely slow and detailed manner.

"GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT YOU BASTARD!" Romano slammed onto the coffee table whilst glaring at him, totally annoyed.

Austria finally gave up on ticking Romano off. "His capital got attacked by bulls that were accidentally set out at a nearby zoo."

"What." Romano finally said after a long pause.

"Yes...that idiot..." Austria said with a sigh.

"WHAT THE F*CK I DON'T EVEN- ARGHHHH SPAIN YOU IDIOT!" Romano shouted while face-palming.

"Romano, I shall ask a favour from you." Austria said in a composed manner.

"WHAT IS IT NOW. Argh…." Romano was still mad at Spain for being such an idiot.

"Please follow me to Spain's house to help with the mess." Austria said with a sigh.

"GODDAMNED SHIT NO." Romano slammed his feet onto the coffee table, clearly annoyed.

Austria looked at Romano in depression. "I thought you would definitely help him. Plus, I am lost."


"Your stupidity is definitely worse than mine. So?" He said, still calm.

Romano annoyed more than ever, lost it and whipped out a pistol from under the sofa and pointed it at Austria. "IDIOT I AM NOT STUPID." Romano gave Austria a dirty look and spat at him.

"That pistol would come in handy if you follow me to Spain." Austria continued, wiping away some saliva of his face.

"He raised you and was your boss after all..." Austria said with a sigh. "You can shoot me all you want after the crisis," Austria finished.

"I-I DON'T CARE ABOUT THOSE STUFF DAMMIT!" Romano shouted at Austria

"Alright," Austria finally sighed, "I'll go by myself."

Romano jumped out of the sofa and ran to the door and slammed it open, gesturing for Austria to leave. "Good bye and good riddance dammit"

Austria silently walked out of the house without any complains.

Romano grumbled, slammed the door and plonked back on the sofa, annoyed.