And so the duo walked for about 30 minutes and they finally reached the border of Spain.


"I believe we didn't lose our way this time," Austria looked up to make sure he was right.

"Where's Spain now dammit!" Romano grumbled, looking around.

Austria silently lifted up a finger towards a number of crazy bulls running about.

"WHAT THE HELL! D-DAMMIT! CHIGIIII!" Romano exclaimed.

Austria sighed, thinking of a way to help Spain.

Spain, who was running away from the stampede, noticed Romano and started running towards him. "ROMANOOOO! HELP MEEEE!"

"SPAIN YOU BASTARD! DON'T RUN TOWARDS ME YOU IDIOT!" Romano exclaimed and started running as well.


It was too late. The bulls that were rampaging around the capital started to chase after Spain. Spain had tears in his eyes and continued running towards Romano and Austria.

"I never knew you were this cowardly." Austria said, still composed.

"GAAAHHHHHH! THE BULLS ARE COMING AFTER US! CHIGIIIIIIII!" Romano exclaimed, running away from Spain.

"TRY HAVING THIS STAMPEDE OF BULLS CHASING YOU FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS! I CAN HANDLE 2-3 BULLS BUT THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH!" Spain was already going breathless and slowing down drastically.

Austria's miniature piano transformed into a piano again. Instead it was even bigger this time. Unfortunately for him, Austria's piano got trampled over by the bulls before he could do anything.

Austria looked at his broken piano in despair. "YOU FOOLISH FOOLS OF ALL FOOLS!" He shouted in anger.

"RUN AUSTRIA RUN! THE BULLS ARE CLOSING UP THE GAP!" Spain shouted at Austria, hoping he still had some common sense left in him.

Romano ran away from both Spain and the bulls, crying "CHIIIIGIIIII!" occasionally.

One of the bulls approached Austria.

"This is never too late." Austria sighed, closing his eyes as he got the music conductor stick and poked it onto the approaching bull's head.

The bull seemingly blinked in surprise upon being tapped at by the funny-looking human with the weird stick. It preferred the humans being all scared and running around, so it went after the darker human instead.

To an ordinary outsider, this was in fact quite a hilarious sight to see. Someone poking a stick into a bull's head, and two people running about in a circle getting chased by a stampede.

Austria composedly poked the stick deeper into the bull's head while taking up a music score with his other hand.

Then the bull spoke in heavily accented Middle English. "Prithee, good sir, why dost thou tappest me upon my head?"

Austria stared at the bull with shock. "Dear Mr. Bull, where may you have originated from?" he asked, still refusing to let go of the stick.

The bull also seemed surprised at its sudden ability to speak. And in English even, not Spanish! But he never knew his father, so... "Call me Alphonse," the bull said.

Austria glared at the bull, wondering how it could speak. "Alright, Mr. Alphonse. Where did you come from?"

"I'm not too sure, my mother was a Spanish cow born and bred, but I never knew my father."

Austria finally decided to ignore the bull but it was too cracky for him to accept of it. He let go of the bull; however hit it with his musical score he just took out.

"AUSTRIA MIND HELPING US WITH THIS STAMPEDE HERE INSTEAD OF TALKING TO THAT BULL?" Spain was getting dizzy from running in circles and was about to faint anytime soon.

"YESS! HELP US YOU BASTARDDDD!" Romano exclaimed as he ran, crying.

Austria sighed as he gave Alphonse a spanking with his music score and went towards the two being chased by the bulls.

"Ah Romano I just realised we could actually run and climb over that wall quickly," Spain said while running and gesturing to the low nearby wall, "and let the bulls crash into it!" He started laughing sheepishly of how he had not thought of it before.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU THINK OF THAT EARLIER YOU IDIOT?" Romano exclaimed as he ran towards the wall.

Austria took his cell phone out and contacted somebody. "Guten Tag, would that be Hungary speaking? This is Austria. Would you send over my piano to Madrid? Yes, I am over there dealing with the bulls now. Danke."

"SORRY I WAS TOO BUSY RUNNING!" Spain replied as he too ran towards the wall. "OK ROMANO! ON THE COUNT OF THREE, JUMP!"

"One...Two...Three JUMP!" Spain yelled as he leapt over the wall.

"CHIGIIII!" Romano exclaimed before leaping over the wall as well.

Austria looked at the wall and observed the incoming bulls. He hoped Hungary would arrive with his final weapon soon.

The bulls rammed into the wall and it collapsed with a pile of dust and soot, with a few bricks flung out. Most bulls were on the floor, rammed into each other and some of thier horns were interlocked with each other. However they were still a few stray bulls running around.

"o-o-ouch..." Spain laid on top of Romano, rubbing his head from the impact.

"G-Get off me, Spain you bastard! You are heavy dammit!" Romano exclaimed.

"Please hurry," Austria muttered softly as he leaped over the wall to observe the area.

Suddenly there was a helicopter in the air, filling the area with the helicopter's blades' whirls. A giant piano was lowered onto the ground with a 'thud'. Austria looked up at the helicopter and muttered a 'Danke'. He settled down in front of the piano and started to play a piece to scare the bulls away. Hungary who was steering the helicopter, mouthed the words "no problem" and flew away.

The music dramatically stopped as the bulls moved back to the nearby zoo. Austria stood up with his usual composed face. "Does this settle all?"

Spain crawled away from Romano, stood up and brushed his pants. "Sorry Roma~" He patted Romano's head and smiled sweetly. "And thank you Austria for you help~" Spain looked dead tired from sprinting around the whole place for about 2 hours.

"You are always welcome." Austria replied calmly. "Now that the problem is settled, I figure it's time I head back." His piano turned into a miniature figure once again.

Romano blushed and looked away for a moment before hitting Spain and exclaiming "SPAIN YOU BIG IDIOT!"

Spain picked Romano up and hugged him while planting a kiss on his cheek. "Awww but Romano you came to help me!" Spain grinned widely at him before turning to Austria to say his thanks once more, "Thanks Austria~! You're a life saver!"

"You do not need to thank me once again." Austria said and left the country of Passion back. Of course, it was completely expected that he'd lose his way once again.

Romano blushed deeply and struggled "P-P-Put me down you idiot! I'm not a kid now dammit!"

Spain watched Austria as he left and chuckled. "I hope he don't lose his way again~! Now now Romano let's go home shall we~?" Spain ignored Romano's complaints and happily carried him back to his house, laughing along the way.

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