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The plane had just gone wheels up, and I was full of excitement.

It was hard to believe it had been five years since we were last in Greece, but on the final leg of our exhausting journey back, all I could do was smile like a lunatic.

"I'm so glad you got the time off," I said, squeezing Jasper's hand.

"Yeah, well, if Coach had tried to fuck with me, he'd have found himself minus one star player."

I rolled my eyes at the way his ego had inflated.

"Besides," he continued, "I haven't had a vacation in five years. I think I deserve some time off."

Edward had his headphones in already, dozing on the other side of me. His hand was lazily resting in mine as he slept, and would periodically squeeze mine. Every time it happened, I smiled at the way he kept me close, checking to make sure I was still there, even when he had no conscious idea he was doing so.

"True," I said. "I'm glad that Carlisle and Edward were able to time things just right."

I couldn't have been more excited. Two weeks, alone, together. So much had changed about my boys, yet the best things stayed the same. With Edward and Carlisle opening a joint practice in the next few months, we had a lot of work to do, but agreed to take a vacation before, knowing there wouldn't be much time once things were up and running.

It certainly didn't hurt that it was also our five-year anniversary — a milestone everyone outside of our relationship (with the exception of maybe Alice) was surprised about. None of us was surprised, though. We'd survived the distance when we first met, having to hide after we moved in together, and then planning a wedding together. We got a brief reprieve after the wedding was over, but there had been five years of residency, soccer stardom, and utter confusion about my life path on my part.

I still wasn't entirely certain what I wanted to do with my days, but thanks to the new practice, I had plenty to keep me busy. I knew Esme and Carlisle would work on some things that needed to be done to open the office while we were gone, but they'd also taken a week off to enjoy each other. Lingerie shopping with Esme had been … an experience. I did not need to know that much about my father-in-law, that was for sure.

Soon after we'd arrived home from our honeymoon, we put an offer in on a house. When that fell through, we found another. I'd taken it upon myself to get the house exactly as we all wanted, with Jasper helping when he could. Edward had felt guilty, offering multiple times to hire a decorator or a college kid to help unpack our things, but that just didn't make sense to me. I was free, my own guilt nagging at me at not using my college degree.

By the time things were really in place at the house, Edward was done with his residency and trying to figure out what he wanted to do. The day Carlisle suggested they open a practice together was one of the highlights of our time together. Edward was relieved to have direction, and frankly, it gave me something new and fun to do as well. Jasper just loved and supported us, as usual, content to have me do whatever I loved whether or not it meant I was earning an income.

Beneath our shared blanket, Jasper snaked his hand over my thigh, bringing my thoughts back to the present, and I smiled at him. His hand crept higher, teasing the seam of my jeans. When he began to press harder, I leaned back and closed my eyes.

"You better stop soon," Edward whispered across my body.

"Killjoy," I said.

Edward laughed. "Are you kidding me? You're moaning so loud, I'm surprised the flight attendant hasn't come up here to see who's being murdered. Or blown."

I hadn't realized I'd been so loud, but I quickly moved my hand under the blanket to rest on top of Jasper's, forcing it to be still.

"Plenty of time for that later," Jasper said.

"Mmm, I hope so. Edward was sleeping through most of it," I said.

I tried to behave the rest of the flight, but I admit, my hand snuck under Edward's blanket when he fell asleep again. He was a good sport about it, even though I know he was exhausted from the last bits of his residency. I was amped up, ready for privacy and a soft bed to lie in, even if I was exhausted from all of the travel.

To distract myself, I spent the balance of our flights thinking about all of the places we'd been the last time we were in Greece, and which ones I wanted to go back to. I made a list of restaurants and cafes I wanted to be sure to visit, and then made another list of things I wanted to bring back for friends. I dozed for a bit, then woke up during our layover in Athens.

When we finally got to Santorini and Jasper gave the address to the taxi driver, I had to laugh. Of course Jasper had rented the same villa. Of course.

The boys loaded our luggage and we were on our way in no time. After we arrived, we unpacked and I couldn't help but wander around quickly, taking in what had changed around the place. There was a chef — a different one this time — and apparently a housekeeper that would be arriving later in the week.

"I want all of your free time for us, not cooking or cleaning," Jasper had said, his scruff tickling my neck as his lips moved.

"Yes please."

Before I could even finish my sentence, he'd grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom. Poor Edward was already sprawled on the bed, sleeping. We laughed and undressed, then slowed down to take our time with each other. I scooted back on the bed as Jasper slid between my thighs, stalking like a predator as he moved his hands up my body.

Small noises filled the air and any time either of us would turn and look at Edward, we'd giggle, but the other person would bring us back with a reminder of what we were doing. Slowly, we made love and reconnected, our bodies tightening and then letting go completely. It took every last reserve of energy to clean myself up after, and I collapsed onto the bed snuggled against Edward when I was done. Jasper curved his body to fit against mine, and we napped together for several hours.

When I woke up, the boys were gone. I stretched, cat-like, and put on a robe before making my way into the kitchen. There was food on the table, both of them picking and nibbling, and I sat on Edward's lap.

"Feeling more rested?" I asked.

My arm wound around his neck and I tilted his head up to kiss me, not bothering to wait for his answer. Apparently, at the very least, I was feeling well-rested.

He mumbled against my lips, his tugging into a smile. He tasted like the gorgeous fruit on the table, mixed with Jasper and his own sweet taste, and I finally let go after several slow, sweet kisses.

"Someone had a nice nap," Jasper said, teasing.

"I did," I said. "Now I'm ready for more of you guys. Let's get this vacation started right."

"You don't have to ask me twice," Edward said.

We stood up together, Jasper following close behind. I tugged at Edward's scrub pants, loosening the string that kept them up. As they fell to the ground at the foot of the bed, I got down on my knees and looked up at him. One quick swipe up the length of him was all he got before I put my lips all the way around him. I licked and sucked as I pushed my mouth further down his cock, taking all of him inside of me.

Jasper was behind me, untying my robe and pushing it off my shoulders. When he had me naked, his hand snaked between my thighs, then pulled, lifting my lower half so I was standing, bent at the waist while I sucked Edward's cock. He lowered himself, kissing down my back and over the swell of my ass, until he was at my pussy, kissing and licking. I pushed back against him, wanting and needing more.

His hand slapped my ass and surprised me, causing me to lurch forward against Edward's body and take him even deeper.

"Up on the bed," Jasper said.

Yes, Sir.

"Edward, lay down. Bella's going to straddle you."

I raised an eyebrow at Edward, both of us grinning and ready, as he laid back on the bed, waiting for me with open arms. I crawled on top of him, straddling his body as Jasper had instructed. When I sank down, I had to close my eyes, the sensation of being filled by him something I wasn't sure I'd ever get used to. They both had a profound ability to affect me and I easily imagined us in twenty years, still laughing and playing in bed.

Once I was in position, Edward moving slowly in and out of me, Jasper was behind me again. His fingers played with my body, slick with lube, as they opened and relaxed me. We'd gotten to a point where we didn't need a ton of foreplay when we engaged in anal, but Jasper still took his time teasing me. It was never a means to an end, but rather an entire experience for all of us.

A few minutes later, I felt him rub himself up and down between my cheeks as Edward and I moved together. I couldn't wait, a quiet noise escaping my lips at the desire that had built up. As Jasper pushed forward, entering me carefully, Edward's thumb reached out and traced the small triquetra tattoo on my hip. I smiled at him, leaning in to kiss him harder.

We moved together — choppy and uncoordinated at first as we found our rhythm, but when things smoothed out, it was as if it had been choreographed. Every movement, each thrust and push and pull, all combined and overwhelmed me. I was panting and whimpering, ready to come at any moment, thanks in no small part to both of their hands touching exactly where I wanted. I felt my muscles squeeze and tense, my entire body set on fire by them, as I almost lost control of myself when I began to orgasm.

Jasper was the first to falter and break the rhythm, his thrusts becoming more pounding and demanding as he pushed himself into his orgasm, too. His grip on my hips tightened and I squeezed Edward, pleasure still rolling through me. After Jasper had come, he pulled away and disposed of the condom, coming back to us quickly and resuming his not-so-gentle touches.

When his hand pushed me up to more of a sitting position, I couldn't help but feel a rush of pleasure, knowing he was going to help coax a second orgasm from me. Edward's face turned almost pained as one of Jasper's hands disappeared behind me, and I imagined him teasing Edward in a similar fashion to what he'd done with my body. It wasn't long before I was coming again, Edward falling apart beneath me.

Thankfully, Jasper had brought a towel back from the bathroom, and I laid it beneath my body once I'd slid off Edward, still panting and attempting to regain my sanity.

Jasper laid between Edward and me, and we were gently touching each other. Being in Greece had been magical for us, and the second time was proving to be just as magical as the first. I was happy, sated, and ready to swim and eat again. Well, once I was recovered.

"I love you," Edward said.

His words had startled me out of my thoughts. Jasper and I echoed his sentiment back to him and I lifted my head to look at him, noticing he was tracing Jasper's ink.

"Sometimes, I think about those crazy lonely nights in Boston, and I never imagined it would be this good," I said.

"Just imagine how great it'll be once we have a little one," Edward said, his voice lifting with hope.

"Someday soon, sweets. Just not yet."

Poor Jasper was always stuck in the middle of these conversations — this time literally. He had no opinion on when or even if we should have kids, but he always listened to us discuss it. Edward had never pressured me, I just knew he was ready. He knew (and respected) that I wasn't, even though he'd argued that there would never be a right time. He was right, there was no perfect time, but we needed to get through opening the practice first, I'd argued.

The truth was, I wanted more time with them by myself. Sure, it was selfish, but we had eighteen-plus years once we had a child together, and I wanted more of just us before it was altered significantly. I'd seen Rose, Emmett, and Alice and their struggle to manage to have a private life with their children around, and they were making it so far, but it was still not easy. I'd babysat for them, and it was insane. Being around kids was fun, but much harder than I ever thought. They'd added baby Sadie to their family, bringing them up to two girls. Emmett still laughed and joked about adding a boy, but both women seemed bound and determined that they were done, each having given birth.

I knew what a source of stress and strain the kids had added to their personal lives as well, and although they were still all committed to each other and in love, it scared me.

Terrified me.

All of that was forgotten when Edward stood up, still naked, his long and lean body on display for me. I could see his mouth moving, but couldn't really hear what he was saying. He might as well have asked me what the secret to life was — I was rendered stupid when I looked at either of them like that.

"Bella?" Jasper said, one of his hands tweaking my exposed nipple.

"Hey! Hmmm?"

"Edward wants to go swim," Jasper said. "Wanna put a suit on or go commando?"

"Suit, for sure."

Jasper got up off the bed, walking out of the bedroom toward the porch. "I think I'll chance it…"

Oh Jesus. He was really going to swim naked, and I was supposed to resist that?

It occurred to me that maybe that was the point — he didn't want anyone to resist anything. I was good with that option.

Edward helped with my bikini and we joined Jasper in the cool, blue water, the sun warming us as we splashed and played. I couldn't help it, I teased Jasper at every opportunity, and so did Edward. After a bit, I just wanted to lie in the warm sunshine, so I climbed out, sprawling on the chaise lounge. It was a lovely view as they seemed to be grinding against each other in the pool, making out, hands wandering.

I let my own hand wander beneath my bikini bottoms as I watched, not necessarily to bring myself to orgasm; I just wanted to channel the nervous sexual frustration as they teased each other. When Jasper helped lift Edward out, settling between his thighs in the shallow end of the water, I gasped. Jasper was so, so eager to please, and Edward leaned back on his hands, face full of bliss. The glare of the sun beat against their skin as they got lost in each other.

I could only see Jasper's back and Edward's front as their bodies met, and I watched as Jasper's muscles flexed, holding him up and out of the water, but also, I was certain, stroking and helping him tease Edward more. When Jasper's head moved up and down, my mind filled in what I couldn't actually see, and I stroked myself faster.

One of Edward's hands went to Jasper's hair, threading through the wet strands and pulling and pushing, and I lost it. My fingers pressed harder and faster against my clit as I gave myself an orgasm. I had to fight for my eyes to stay open, watching them and thinking about how sexy they were together… thinking about how I was lucky enough to be a part of that. Not just the sex, but the connection and intimacy they shared.

My hand stayed in my bottoms once my orgasm was over, my entire body spent again. Edward groaned and Jasper's movements stilled. After Edward had clearly come, he laid back, legs still dangling in the water, body flat against the border of the pool, and I giggled. He, too, was obviously spent.

Jasper was going to be the death of us. How he sometimes had enough stamina to exhaust us both would always be a mystery. A very fun mystery.

The rest of the day was spent lounging and relaxing — recovering from jet lag — and then a ridiculously early bedtime, considering Edward had napped. When I fell asleep, I had a full belly from the feast of meats and vegetables the chef prepared for dinner with baklava for dessert, and a full heart from Edward and Jasper.


Morning was early. So early, the sun had barely risen in the sky, but we were all well-rested and ready to go. We walked to our favorite cafe from the last visit and sat for a morning boost.

"What do you want to do today? I have my list right here," I said, turning to dig in my bag.

"What is it with you and lists?" Jasper asked.

"I like to make sure I don't miss anything."

"Do you have a dirty list?"

"In my head," I said, raising an eyebrow. "You have a problem with that?"


"So, as I was saying, I have a list of things I want to make sure I don't miss. Maybe we could do some sight-seeing today since we're up and at it so early, then do shopping on a more lazy day?"

They both nodded and I set my list on the table, walking them through the options. Of course, neither really cared much what we did — we'd seen most of the sights we were desperate to see the last time, but they went along willingly with the plan I laid out for the day, which involved touring a winery.

It was so much fun to relax with them and walk around the winery. We weren't too concerned about people whispering about is. We were used to it, and most of the time, it never even occurred to me that people might have a problem with our unusual arrangement.

In the car on the way back to the villa, we were all happily tipsy and looking forward to dinner and nighttime. We arrived home to another giant feast of delectable foods, stuffing ourselves full of Greek delicacies like dolmas and spanikopita. Thankfully, dessert was just cut up fresh fruit, so we put it in the fridge for the morning.

We sat on the couch together, resting our tired feet, and watched a movie. Edward had his head in my lap, and I was stroking his hair. Jasper was on the other side of me, and his hands would sometimes join mine, other times resting on my knee or another part of my body. By the time the movie was over, we were all exhausted again.

We brushed our teeth together, laughing and smiling at the sink as we made foamy-mouthed faces at each other. We crawled into bed together, touching and soothing and reminding each other of the goodness we'd created. I was certain I'd be the first one asleep, but instead I found myself wide awake between them, thinking about the ways our lives would have been vastly different if we'd had less faith in each other, and in the three of us together.

I wondered if Jasper and Edward would have gone to Greece on their honeymoon, or if Jasper and I would have had babies by now, or would Edward have moved to Boston and finished med school there?

It was pointless, but I couldn't stop my mind from wandering.

When we did have babies, how would we do it? Was there some high-tech insemination method they wanted to try, so we could somehow combine their genes? I didn't really want that. I wanted to have a baby the old-fashioned way. The fact that I was contemplating just how we'd have kids was a sure sign to me that I'd crept one step closer to actually wanting them. I decided to talk to them about it sometime over our trip, and solidify a plan to get pregnant.

Finally, a little after 2AM according to the bedside clock, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, ready to rest my brain and body.

When Jasper was wide awake at eight, I almost smacked him. Thankfully, once I explained I hadn't had enough sleep, they agreed to a calm day of wandering the city. The entire day, I felt on edge, though. At lunch, we stopped to grab coffee and a quick bite to eat, and my thoughts from the night before came back.

"Hey," I said, looking at Edward. "How'd you imagine me getting knocked up?"

He nearly choked on his salad, and I couldn't blame him. Crazy sleep-deprived no-context girl had thrown him a curveball.

"Um. I'm not sure. I thought we'd talk about it and decide," he said. "What were you thinking?"

My eyebrows curved together, lines appearing on my face. "I'm not sure, but I don't want to be wearing a hospital gown with my legs spread for some stranger, you know?"

Jasper laughed so hard, people started to stare. Or, well, maybe they were staring at my brash words. I couldn't be sure.

"I know what you mean," Edward said. "Does it matter to you? I mean, I'm trying to find a delicate way to ask this." He tapped his fingers on the table. "Actually," he said, turning to Jasper, "does it matter to you?"

"Well," Jasper paused.

"Wait, I think it shouldn't matter," I said, unable to hold my thoughts in. "I mean, we're a family. It doesn't matter who the genetic father is, right? You're both going to love any child we create together, right?"

Suddenly, I was panicked. What if Jasper didn't feel that way? What if Edward only wanted his own genetic kids?

"Of course we will," Edward said as Jasper nodded in agreement.

Of course. What in the fuck was wrong with me? Of course they would both love any child.

"So if it doesn't matter, then let's just have lots of crazy monkey sex and see what happens."

"You know that sounds good to me," Jasper said, laughing.

Edward grabbed my hand. "Does that mean you're ready?"

"Not yet, but I think I'm ready to start thinking about it," I said. "I need to mentally run through the practicalities and possibilities."

They both laughed and rolled their eyes. Whatever. I needed time to get used to all of the changes. We'd all evolved in the five years we'd been committed. I wanted to talk to Esme and get her perspective, find out what raising a kid was like in her house, and see what she thought about this whole thing. Wouldn't the genetic father be completely obvious?

The idea of either of the boys with a baby did make me kinda swoony, though, I had to admit. Then my practical side would kick in, remember the poop and screaming, and I reverted back to my original desire to wait just a little longer.

Regardless of waiting or going ahead, we finished our food and walked hand-in-hand through the rest of the city, stopping in shops periodically and just enjoying the down time together.

I sent Esme an email that night and asked to have lunch with her a few days after we got back. I knew we'd all be busy with the practice opening up, but she was someone I could trust and talk to. Of course there would be conversations with Alice, too, but I also knew those would happen organically.

There was so much to think about, it was tempting to lose myself in worry, but I tried to focus and be in the moment as much as possible over the next few days. We wouldn't have a chance to take a vacation like that again for a long time, especially if we brought kids into the equation, and I wanted to immerse myself in them.

By our last day of vacation, I'd succeeded in forgetting that there was even an outside world. Our last few days had been spent entirely in the villa. We would wake up, shower in some configuration of people, have breakfast, have orgasms, relax by the pool or swim, watch a movie or read together, and have dinner. Of course, the order of certain things was subject to change, but the freedom of no deadlines or phones ringing was an amazing gift we gave each other.

On the flight home, I pulled out my planner and started making checklists of things to do before the office could open its doors. I'd meet with Esme on Monday morning to go over what was left to take care of in the few days before the planned opening, and I hoped we could sneak away for a private lunch during that time to talk about the future. She'd responded positively to my email but we hadn't planned anything specific, hoping we'd have enough time to make it a spontaneous trip.

I was excited and proud for Edward to open his practice with Carlisle. I was even a little excited about the possibility of being pregnant, although the pre-pregnancy activities had me most excited. Jasper would be going back to training and playing soon, and I thought about whether I wanted to stay on as the medical office manager or wanted to do something else with my days. It was a luxury of choice I realized I was very lucky to have.

I spent the rest of the flight dozing, ecstatic but terrified at all of the changes about to happen.