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Adapting to having small girls around was … interesting. I'd never had a sister, neither had Edward, and sometimes, things got a little comical.

The first time Emma talked us into a tea party, Bella snapped a photo of Edward and me dressed up — feather boa, society lady hat, tiny teacup at our lips. It was one of the best afternoons I'd had in a long time.

I wasn't sure what to think when Sophie asked me to paint her nails, something I'd never done before, but we got there. It was surprisingly messy and smelly, and way harder than I thought it would be. Of course, then she asked to paint mine, too. Yeah, I rocked sparkly hot pink nail polish for my girl. Edward got light pink.

There was nothing I wouldn't do for my girls, the love I felt for them growing exponentially with every year. With every breath. But thank god Bella showed them how to use makeup. I got the pleasure of teaching them both how to play soccer, and I loved watching them learn the game and become better players.

Because the girls were so close in age, as they grew up, they shared clothes and social circles sometimes, but couldn't have been more opposite in personality. When I looked at photos of our family, I could see the cohesiveness of us. The girls looked similar, but different in ways outsiders might not be able to pinpoint. Watching them, though, and the way they tackled problems, never failed to remind me that even though they were genetically two of us, they were entirely made up of the three of us, in every way that was important.

"But who's my real dad?" Emma asked in middle school.

Edward and I looked at each other over the dinner table.

"Emma, I understand you're curious," Bella said. "But what have we said every time you've asked that?"

"That they're both my real dads, but Mom, you know what I mean." She pouted, arms crossed over her chest, eyebrow furrowed.

"Ems, I'll make you a deal," Edward said. "When you turn eighteen, if you still feel like you need to know, you can go get a blood test. I'm sure Dad will agree to that," he said, motioning his head toward me. I nodded. "You just need to agree to keep the results private, to yourself. We both love you with the depth a father would love a daughter, and we agreed a long time ago that it didn't matter to any of us who was genetically connected. The bonds of love run deeper than those of genetics. I understand and respect your wishes, and we only ask that you respect ours in return."

"That sounds fair," she mumbled, eyeing her dinner plate.


Bella had become the head of our household in so many ways, but especially when it came to the girls. We tried to rotate one-on-one time with them, and then had family nights, but they were close in ways that I was grateful for — I drew the line at pedicures and spa trips. While I wasn't uncomfortable talking to the girls about their bodies, as they grew up, it was obviously more comfortable for them to talk to their mom.

It still made me smile from ear-to-ear to think about that — that Bella was a mom. That we'd created life together, the three of us.

"Dad!" Sophie shouted. "Emma won't share her perfume."

Somewhere in the elementary years, the girls morphed to calling both Edward and me Dad. I missed the days of Daddy and Dada, but it was another moment of them being independent.

"Emma?" I asked, no judgment in my voice.

"Dad, it's the perfume Grandma gave me," she implored. The way her green eyes shined when she referred to Esme made my throat tighten. "If it was the cheap stuff, you know I'd share."

I put an arm around Sophie, squeezing her as I looked down at her. "Soph, you know that perfume is important to Emma. She'd never ask you to share the earrings Grandma gave you. Go finish getting ready, you don't want to be late."

They walked away still harassing each other, making me laugh.

We'd almost lost Esme the year before, to cancer. It seemed so unfair, she took such great care of herself, but that was the thing, cancer was a bitch that didn't discriminate. We shaved our heads when she lost her hair, even Emmett, who had grown to love Esme like a second mother.

Our families had sort of fused together, bonding through tough times and being there to support each other and celebrate the good. Alice working for Edward turned out to be the best thing possible, and not long after, Rose came to work for me at the Foundation. Well, actually, she worked for Bella in an offshoot — the portion of the Foundation that helped poly families. At first, her title and position were kept private and she told people she worked for me helping out with the camps, but eventually she decided to stop hiding where she actually worked.

Bella had begun an offshoot from the Foundation to offer free legal assistance to other families like ours. The work was overwhelming for her, once word got out, and she and Rose worked to get other lawyers to offer pro bono assistance part-time. It brought her a great sense of pride that she was able to put her degree to use in exactly the way her heart wanted.


Bella walked in the front door, looking frantic as ever.

"Shit, I'm late," she huffed, setting her laptop bag down. "Are they already gone?"

I laughed, wrapping my arms around her and leaning down for a kiss. "Hi. How was your day, dear?" I asked. "No, they're not gone yet. They aren't even ready."

Her body relaxed in my arms and she tilted her head up, our lips moving together again.

"Oh god, gross," Sophie said. "Jared's going to be here in a minute, can't you two be normal for once?"

"Well, normal for us would mean your Dad was here, too," Bella pointed out.

Sophie groaned, pacing.

"Where is Edward?" Bella asked, her palm on my chest. If I was right, her voice held just a hint of salaciousness that told me once the girls were at their dance, I was going to be a very happy man.

"In the study," I said.

"Oh, good," she said, grinning. "Sophie, is your sister ready?" Bella called, walking away from me and toward the girls' rooms. "Emma?"

Yes, I was going to be a VERY happy man later.

"How are our kids old enough to be going to dances?" I asked, falling onto the couch in the study as Edward worked on his laptop. "Remember when Bella would nurse them right here? Now they're dating… Fuck, we're old."

Edward looked over his glasses at me, smirking. "You're aware time keeps moving, right?"

"I don't have to like it."

"What's gotten into you today?" he asked, standing up and walking to where I was. "I'm supposed to be the emo one." He straddled my hips, then rested his body against mine. "Seriously, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just realized they'll be gone soon," I said, sighing and running my fingers in the bits of grey at Edward's temple. "I'm not ready for that."

"Mhm," he said, agreeing as he set his head on my chest. "We'll be free to travel more, though. I know how much you love that."

"That's true. And we can walk around naked."

We laughed and Edward's moved his hands up my chest, then sat up, weaving his fingers into my hair. "That will be a definite benefit," he said, smiling. As he leaned down to kiss me, I sat up, meeting him halfway. It had been weeks, months maybe, since I'd wanted him at that level of intensity. It wasn't even a want anymore, it was raw need.

Bella cleared her throat in the doorway. "Boys are here," she said, giggling.

How had we missed the doorbell? Edward and I had practiced our best intimidating dad looks that morning, ready to meet the punks that wanted to corrupt our angels.

Two awkward, gangly teens stood in the doorway in suits. At least they were dressed appropriately.

"Hello Mr. Whitlock-Cullen," said the one on the right. "And Mr. Whitlock-Cullen."

He reached out to shake our hands, and I had to laugh. We didn't need to practice the intimidation tactics, the kid looked like if I said 'boo' a little too loud, he'd run away screaming.

"Dad, this is Bradley," Sophie said.

"And this is Kevin," Emma said.

Kevin stuck his hand out to shake ours, clearly the more nervous of the two.

After Edward took several pictures of the four of them, we reconvened by the door.

"Now boys," Edward began. "We expect our daughters home by curfew and not a second later."

I bit my lip, wanting to laugh so hard. I didn't even know how it was possible to have teenagers that we were responsible for when we barely felt older than them on the inside.

"Daddy, didn't you say we could stay out a little late tonight?" Emma asked, full of little-girl smiles and words, clearly trying to charm Edward.

That only made me want to laugh harder, since we'd anticipated and discussed it the night before, the three of us.

"I don't know," Edward hedged.

"Come on, Edward," I nudged, playing Good Cop. "They seem like nice guys. Let's give them a little extra time since it's a special night."

Bella looked at us and I could tell she was holding back laughter, too.

Edward narrowed his eyes at the boys, then turned to Emma. "I guess so. But only an extra hour."

The girls squealed.

"Keep your phones on," Bella warned. "I expect you to answer if I text you."

"Okay, Mom," they said, hugging her.

"Have fun. Be safe," she whispered.

Neither girl would have seen the signs, but Edward grabbed my hand, squeezing, as we watched Bella try to hold it together. Her expression was tight, and I knew she wouldn't say anything else for fear the tears would spill out.

The three of us crowded the door as we watched them get in to the shiny, black limo.

"This night needs a great bottle of wine," Edward said when the door was closed.

"And chocolate," Bella said.

We gathered in the living room after Edward grabbed a bottle of red and opened it. I'd gotten glasses and Bella had brought the good chocolate stash — the one we hid from the kids.

We nibbled and sipped, surrounding Bella on the couch.

"Can you believe how scared that kid looked?" I asked no one in particular.

"Soph said he has a poster of you on his wall," Bella said, a laugh bubbling from her throat along with her words.

Oh shit.


"Yep," she said, laughing. "He loooooves you, Whitlock."

I rolled my eyes. "At least he has good taste."

They laughed and we touched our glasses together.

"Can you believe Emma's going to graduate this year?" Edward asked.

"No," Bella and I said.

"Does it ever make you wish we had more?" I asked.

"All the time," Bella said. "I'm happy with what I have, though, and I wouldn't mind a little privacy in our lives again, but I'll miss them so much."

Edward and I set our glasses on the coffee table, then he did the same with hers.

"Don't be sad, sweetheart," he said.

"I'm not," she said, still crying, and I had to bite back a laugh again.

I looked at Edward over Bella's shoulder and with a familiar nod and smile, knew the plan.

"Come on, you," I said to Bella, standing up and hoisting her over my shoulder. I had a good grip on her legs and knew I wasn't going to drop her.

"Jasper!" she shouted, but was laughing. "Put me down." She swatted at my ass, but knew better than to think that would stop me.

"Oh, I will. And then I'm gonna make you scream another way."

Edward was walking right behind me, his hands and mouth lavishing attention on my body as much as he could while we walked. When we were finally in the bedroom, I carefully helped Bella down from my back.

When she was in our bed, clothed or naked, she wore a smile that was uniquely ours. I knew the only other person that would ever see it again was Edward, and it was so fucking sexy. Edward had a similar look, more of a smirk, and I'm sure I had one of my own.

"Don't break a hip, old man," Bella said, cheeky as ever.

"At least he'll have a great doctor, if he does," Edward said, turning to pull my shirt off.

By the time we both had our clothes off, we turned and Bella was in the exact same position as before, only completely undressed.

"Someone's eager," I teased.

"Seems like lots of someones are eager," she said, opening her hands and motioning for us to join her. "C'mere."

Bella's body had been changed by time, hell, all of ours had, but I didn't see flaws or imperfections, I saw life and experiences. It was the same with Edward, who's body had morphed. His runs kept him lean and his legs muscular, but he took up rock climbing with me and his upper body became chiseled. The grey at his temples added to his almost always immaculately groomed look, making him even sexier.

As Bella laid back, I looked at her body, Edward pressed against me from behind.

"God, you're sexy," I said, licking my lips.

She laughed and her head tilted to the side, brushing me off as usual. It was frustrating, but if I'd learned anything about Bella, and perhaps most women in general, it was that she would never see her true beauty. It just meant Edward and I would spend the rest of our lives trying to get her to open her eyes and see.

I wanted to take my time, remind them that we weren't kids anymore — we could luxuriate in our experiences together since there was no need to hurry up during naptime, and since no one was home, we could make all the noise we wanted. Edward moved around from where he'd been teasing and torturing me, no doubt having the same thoughts I was, and laid next to Bella. For a moment, I stood back and watched his body cover hers. I watched as his hand slid up the curve of her belly to her breast, cupping and squeezing before he teased the nipple. I watched his mouth move with her lips, tongues reaching to taste and lave, frantic breaths and swallows between kisses.

When he began to move lower on her body, I took the remaining step between us and joined him. One of us on each side, we worked together and teased her as long as we could. Starting at her toes, we kissed and licked our way up her legs. I nibbled her thigh, then the seam of where her leg met her body, and then met Edward at the flushed, swollen lips of her pussy.

Kissing her clit and Edward at the same time wasn't logistically easy, but the way she responded, the noises and sounds, made the effort more than worth it. Periodically, Edward or I would lift away from her, kissing one another hard, and her taste would linger between us. When the focus was back to Bella, we hooked our fingers together and pushed them into her. Together, we brought her up and over the crest of her first orgasm, both of us watching her face as it contorted with pleasure, dirty words spilling from her lips.

Edward pulled my mouth to his again, kissing me hard as his body pressed into mine. The way his cock nudged against my thigh, his whole body hungry and ready, made me even more needy. I turned away from him and climbed onto the bed, facing Bella. When we were aligned, skin against skin, my lips met hers and moved carefully.

I waited, knowing Edward was putting on a condom and grabbing lube, and teased Bella. At the first moment I felt Edward's cock behind me, pushing in slightly, I moved a hand to line my cock up and push in to Bella. The feeling of both of them, Bella beneath me surrounding me, and Edward above me, penetrating me, was something I'd never tire of. I wasn't always the lucky guy in the middle, but when I was, it was outstanding.

As Edward thrust harder, I grunted, being pushed deeper into Bella. My arms trembled with the effort and exertion by the time she'd come, her hand snaked between us. I was so close to my own orgasm, and knew Edward must've been as well. His body leaned against mine, his hand wrapped around my body and stroked my cock once Bella scooted away toward the headboard. I watched as her body writhed, her fingers still playing with her pussy, and needed to come.

"Please," I whispered to Edward, one of my hands moving behind me as much as I could in an attempt to pull him closer.

He complied, pushing harder and faster, and began to make his own noises. His hand fisting my cock squeezed, pulling and driving me to the absolute edge, and then over. I couldn't hold back any longer, and I came on Bella's abdomen in streams.

The first to move away, Edward started the shower as I helped Bella up after wiping her off. We met in the shower, and laughed as we got clean.

"I was worried about Emma," Bella confessed. "She didn't want to bring Kevin home. She was worried what he'd think of her two dads."

Edward had his arms around her and I stepped closer, the slip of the soap allowing our bodies to glide together.

"Didn't he already know? It's not exactly a state secret," I said.

"It's one thing to know and another thing to see and experience it," she said.

"What about Soph?" Edward asked, grabbing the shampoo. He guided Bella to turn around and kissed her shoulder before squeezing some of the shampoo into his hand and lathering her up.

"She's fine. She's always fine. You know she doesn't care what our family looks like."

It was funny how easy-going Sophie was, compared to Emma. She was younger, so maybe her personality would change, but she'd been that way practically from birth.

The bubbles rinsed from her hair and down the drain, and I lathered up to wash Edward's hair, taking a little more time than he had with her as I massaged his scalp.

By the time the boys dropped our daughters off, we were in our pajamas, still sipping wine, in the living room. Bella tucked the girls in after a quick chat, promising to take them out for a girls' brunch in the morning where they could tell her everything. Watching her with them, seeing our whole family work together, was an amazing gift.


Emma never did ask for a DNA test, something I honestly worried about until she was well into her twenties.

I knocked softly on the door. "Can I come in?"

"Of course, Dad."

When I was inside, I took a moment to look at her.

"When did you become such a softie?" Sophie asked, wiping the tear on my cheek.

"When did you grow up?"

"She did it first," she said, using words I'd heard hundreds of time during her youth, and I laughed.

"That she did," I said, moving to Emma. "Anything I can do for you?"

"Not just yet. I need a few more minutes, then you're on. You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Edward stood by my side, his hand in mine, and we shared a smile as we watched our oldest daughter put the finishing touches on her hair and makeup as she got ready to be married. Bella was helping with her dress as she stood, doing something I had no idea about, with some part of the dress I only knew as the train.

"Okay, I'm going to go have my escort bring me down the aisle. See you there," Bella said, stopping to kiss Edward and me.

Sophie was living with her boyfriend, unable to settle down she said. The way she was wild and free with her love always made me laugh. And proud.

I watched one of the loves of my life walk out of the room, and looked at the other.

"Ready?" I asked Edward.

"Thank you for letting us do this," I said, looping my arm through Emma's.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Dad."

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