Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of DC Comics and Cartoon Network. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the DC universe or ben 10 Universe. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much.

Ultimate Justice

Part One

Lex Luthor watched from a distance the experiment which was going on in the lab in one of his branch offices, an experiment into teleportation techniques using wormholes. His thoughts on it were simple, 'Stable Wormhole Technology would allow one to control both spacial and temporal rifts in the universe, allowing one to transport anything to any place at any time. The business potential of this would be huge... as would military applications. My... busness partners... would love to have such technology at their finger tips. Even with out new aquintence's delivery system... it's best to have more then one plan in waiting in case of troubles.'

The plan was simple and easy. Open a working wormhole and use it to scan for broadcasts or even wi-fi to allow them to know where it was this portal opened up to. They had a system to allow for the uploading of material using a probe.

The energy arch was sparking as the level of energy was building to allow for the punching of a hole through time and space. Thin air seemed to buckle then crack as the door way opened before breaking into a glowing golden vortex. However, from the read out he was getting, the system was about to overload. Which explained why the scientist and workers were moving to escape the lab. Before the live video feed faded to black, his computer recieved the uploading of the internet signal which had been uploaded by the probe.

'Even failure manages to bring up success, despite the prices needed to be paid. Now times to sort out the curds from the whey.' thought Luthor as he used a program which would seek out key phrases like the names of historical figures... and included the code names of all of the Justice League and other heroes. The research brought out the fact it seemed to have the same timeline as this side of the wormhole... save for the complete lack of heroes listed. He expanded the search for weird or unusual events. What he got was some pundit show called "The Harrangue Nation" and it's series of stories on one Ben Tennyson.

Ben Tennyson, a boy who could turn into any number of alien superhumans by use of some kind of alien device on his arm.

'I know the value of just having one sample of alien DNA from one species. The ability to pull out any number of alien DNA, with any number of powers...

There is the genetic potential such aliens could bring, either in clones or hybrids. There is also the non-biological technology enhancements this could bring. Studying the bio-diversity of Mother Nature on this planet has managed to create much of our technology. The bio-diversity of at least a dozen planets... what scientific, military and economical values would this bring?

I need to see what has happened in that lab, while trying to hide it from the Justice League... and their child crusaders. I need to see if the portal is stablized or what can be done to stablize it. For the latter, it might be best if I can use all the resources available.

Time to bring this project into the Light!'

Happy Harbour...

The team had gathered for their latest mission. Batman stood before a holographic map of an area near Californa, "We have recieved word of an explosion in this area in what was a Lexcorp Experimental Jet Labs. Fortunately, everyone made it out alive even though there were injuries. However, the entire area has become covered with some kind of radiation similar to Zeta-particles radiation. We have notes of energy fluxes within a radius of two miles around the complex.

The League and Lexcorp have not had... good relations with each other. The fact this could be a great environmental disaster linked with teleportation technology which the League uses is why we have decided to send you to the site. You are to sneak in and observe the state within the area, updating us on the condition on the ground while keeping under the radar. We have processed equipment which you will need to study the radiation, as well as shields for your uniforms if needed. Zeta Particle Radiation has not been proven toxic by the League's resources, but this might not be Zeta Particle Radiation. If the radiactivity counters are going to the red, activate your protection. Understand?"

"So Miss M and Superboy are likely to need the shielding less then say Robin and Artemis, besides I can just zip in and out of the hot zones to get what we need." said Kid Flash as he was summing up the mission.

"No unnecessary risks, so even Miss Martian and Superboy will put on the protection when the numbers go up. You are to avoid any chance of interaction with the high frequency energy, we don't know what react it will have on normal humans... let alone metahumans or aliens. Hopefully, you get in, get the readings and facts, then get out." said Batman firmly as he let his young charges know the facts.

"I will makes sure we avoid any unnecessary exposure to anything in the location. Let's go team."

In another universe...

"So we have an unusual level of chronoton and tachyons, the difference being?" asked Ben as they were driving off to the site of the emissions. Ben in his car, Gwen and Kevin in his.

"Tachyons are particles which move faster then the speed of light. Usually made to spend messages through space fast enough to communicate between two planets light years away. However, they do pop up when time travel or spacial warps occur. Chronoton are the particles of the space time continium which occur when rifts in time are created. At least that's what the Plumber's records say. The likely answer is a temporal wormhole or rift have opened here on Earth. Our jobs is to study and seal it up if we can." said Gwen as she likely looked at her Plumber's badge for the Extranet.

"Okay, so other then calling up Paradox, who should be doing this, how do we close this thing?" asked Kevin as he added his imput.

"Which is why were are to study it first. If it seals itself, then we don't have to do anything. If it keeps itself open we have to make a judgement call on keeping it open but isolated or close it with a possible dangerous set of devices." said Gwen, answering the question and waiting for the following question.

Which Ben asked first, "How dangerous?"

"Basically we're dealing with a wormhole, which has similarities to a black hole, which could lead to disasterious gravitation forces. Or it could cause build ups of chronoton and tachyons, which effects time and casality. Bring in pieces of the past or future, causing time loops or freezing the area of time.

As for Paradox... either this has yet to catch his attention, he has something more important to do or this isn't as important as it seems. It's hard to figure out what a being outside the normal effects of cause and effect is doing... going to do... has done... yeah." responded the red-haired girl as they arrived at the spot where the readings were going off the chart.

The scene was off. Small yellow holes in midair were everywhere with pieces of what looked to be a factory or research building were poking out, at least most of the holes. Yet they were not where they were suppose to be. Fences and floors fell out of the holes while seeming stick in empty space at the same time. Cars poke out of the ground vertically, while others hung down the same from the sky, while others were sticking out in the air.

Of course these objects were more out of the usually as they were sticking out of the uncut forest which was suppose to be on this side of the holes. Buildings and artificial machines fused or crashing into red woods.

"Okay, I'm guessing whatever is coming from the other side of the holes is coming from this..." Kevin paused a moment to look at the sign on the fence floating in front of him, "Lexcorp Experimental Jet Labatories. Whatever that is. Cause I know about all of the known and unknown jet labs on Earth, none of them linked to a company called Lexcorps."

"So it's either a company which will be created in the future or..." started Gwen before Ben finished what her thought was.

"... Or it's something from crosstime. A parallel earth, like when we dealt with Eon and the Hands of Armegedon. So why isn't Paradox here to deal with it, especially since the last time he mentioned how dangerous crosstime was?" Ben was confused at the answer since it meant there might be something powerful enough to stop Paradox.

On the otherside...

The Team had managed to get to the site of the Lexcorp complex... or what had become of it. Tree parts and different aspects of a forest were popping out of the hole and into the broken complex by way of yellow portals. Some popping out of the air or within solid objects.

"Radiation is in the low levels, but it seems to be a series of two different radiations. If I didn't know better, I would say they're tachyons and chronotons... if the theories about the two particles are correct, you think so K.F. ?" asked Robin as he used the computer link on his wrist to monitor the radiation from his geiger counter.

"The particles are acting like the current theories say tachyons and chronotons should be behaving. Which if the current research is right, means we might be dealing with some type of chronological rift. A hole in the space/time continuum. The question is where's the hole and where does it lead to." said Kid Flash as he was looking at the portals, where tree branches were falling out.

"So it's not a transporter accident like the League believed it was?" asked their leader Aqualad as he looked at the mash of the environment.

"A little bit more powerful then that. A transporter breaks you down into data while despursing your molecules while rebuilding you elsewhere using molecules there. This would be more like a wormhole, something similar to a black hole. Potentially a wormhole could be used to teleport you instantly from one side of the universe to another, from one time period to another, a mix of the above two or even slip you into another universe all together... theoretically. We have not exactly had a wormhole to test it on. They only heroes in the League with information on it would be Superman, Martian Manhunter or Green Lantern." said Kid Flash as he explained all of it to those who were not as science savvy as he was.

"Should we cross over to the other side of the portals? " asked Superboy as they looked at the portals.

"No, we were sent to gather information on the portals. We will inform the League of what is going on here. There is no telling what could come out of those portal..." said Aqualad as the yellow portals flickered.

From one of the holes in reality, one which formerly held a car, the machine was pulled directly to the other side as seconds latter a creature emerged from the other side. It was a nine foot tall being which resembled a orange and white tiger humanoid with black stripes a huge claw sticking out of it's wrist and no tail. On his chest of some kind of device with a green hourglass like shape against black.

"Lemme tell ya somethin other universe, Rath is not scared of you. Rath's not scared of anyone. You should be afraid of Rath." which was followed by the creature trying to punch the earth beneath him.

The Team stood and stared at the surreal site before them. Seconds later Kid Flash made the remark, "Is that thing trying to beat up our universe with his fists?"

'Rath' looked up at them and noticed the group of six teens for the first time, "Hey, why are you guys dumping your junk in our universe? Don't you know that littering is bad? Like a crime bad?"

"Okay... yeah... okay, anyone with any ideas what to do with our genius here?" asked Artemis as she moved to raise her bow to target the creature. Which was when the device on the creatures chest flashed yellow.

"Alien DNA detected, Alien DNA detected!" said a mechanical device as it shot out three yellow beams which roved over Superboy, Miss Martian and Aqualad.

"What did you just do?" asked Superboy as he moved at top speed to punch the creature who seemed to have attacked himself and his friends. The fist knocked the creature back a couple of yards as it connected.

"Superboy, wait, " started Aqualad as he saw the situation get out of control. He moved to give some orders, "Miss Martian, see if you can scan the creature's mind. See if can see a way to bring about a peaceful solution to this. The rest of us can see about cooling down Superboy and whatever that is."

Rath was getting up from where he had been punched, in his mind his natural aggressive tendancies were pushed to the front of his mind, "Lemme tell ya somethin S-boy, no body sucker punches Rath without getting the Rath Attack. When you get the Rath Attack, you get the horns... or claws, cause I have claws and not horns. Oh, and teeth too."

Rath moved to look for his opponent, who had superstrength and superspeed. S-boy didn't take long to take another swing at feline alien, but Rath was ready this time. His hand caught the fist of the other male which left S-boy ready for the Galactic Hook, which pushed back the head of the human looking alien. S-boy was moved and had to gather himself.

"My name is not S-boy, my name is Superboy. I want to know what your weapon did to me and my friends." said the teen as he moved around the tiger man.

"Seriously? The Ultimatrix was just getting a sample of your alien DNA... stuff. Not like it was going to mess you up... unlike me, S-boy." said Rath as he moved for a Cosmic Grapple as he wrapped his arms around S-boy and set him up for an Atomic Piledriver. The problem was the other boy was a slippery one as he twisted and shifted to get free.

That's when the tigerman was hit by some kind of smoke bombs which distracted him enough for S-boy to get free. He turned to see all of the other teen... aliens?... gathering around him.

"Oh, so it's pile on Rath all of a sudden. I can take all of you with both claws tied behind my back. Bring it on!" shouted Rath as he moved to fight the team before him.

Miss Martian was using her telepathy to enter the mind of the weird cat creature, and the worse part was his anger was getting to her.

'Layer after layer of anger acting like some kind of multi-phased shield against his mind. I swear I can see at last two hundred different kinds of anger in his head, echoing off the walls of his brain.

And that's not the weirdest part of this whole thing. It's like there's two of them overlapping with each other, two minds which seem as one. Who is this second person...' thought the alien as she looked at the memories of this second person.

Surface thoughts involving something called the Plumbers, investigating a temporal portal. Plumbers... intergalactic police officers. Wait, 'He's some kind of space police officer, why would they make someone like him an officer. The Ultimatrix, a device which can turn a being into any number of aliens. Hello, Meghan. This Rath is some kind of alien transformation, some kind of super-aggressive alien. The source of the double mind signal, Rath is the template and the real person is... Ben Tennyson.

Images of Ben trying for a different smarter alien and getting Rath by mistake, revealed how this had happened... and the fact Ben was a teenaged human. Yet it also offered an answer on how to get this back to a peaceful solution.

Aqualad had resulted to using his waterbearers to try and stop the thing before him. Artemis, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy and himself were trying to stop 'Rath' without hurting the being, 'Yet he seems to be made of depleted uranium, taking all of the beatings they could give him and keep getting up.

'Guys, I know this sounds weird but Rath is one of the alien forms of a teen named Ben Tennyson. Rath is one of the most uncontrollable version of Ben's aliens, hyper-aggressive and not to bright. If you could get Ben to change alien forms into something else, his intelligence will go back up and he would be easier to reason with then. Hopefully.' came the thought from Miss Martian which was broadcast to all of the team. She had linked up their minds after finishing with her probing of the alien mind as he had asked.

'So how do we do that?' asked Kid Flash as he sped around their opponent.

'We know he's strong, he's agile and he's durable... what he isn't is fast... if we could get him to switch to a faster alien...' came Robin's strategy on changing their foe's shape.

'Okay, one race is coming up,' thought Kid Flash as he shouted to Rath, "Hey, slowpoke, bet you can't catch me!"

The Kid managed to speed off as Rath was looking at the fleeing Kid Flash and began to chase after him. Without changing his form, but was not fast enough to catch the hero in yellow.

"Lemme tell ya somethin Speedy Guy, Rath is going to hunt you down and kick your butt. And the longer I have to run, the harder I'm going to kick your butt. Get back here, Speedy Guy." shouted the tigerman as he moved after the Kid.

Every few minutes, Flash moved back to the alien and likely shot out a cutting remark to the alien to keep it running after him.

The group of five other heroes, who had been forgotten and left behind were shocked and puzzled for another time. Then behind then from the open portal come two teenagers from the other side. One of the teens was a red haired young woman with a red sweater over a white shirt and black skirt down to her lower thigh. She wore black stockings and black shoes with a small heel. Next to her was a tall male teen In a t-shirt with a long sleeved shirt under it, jeasn and black shoes or boots. He was however covered in what looked like steel from head to toe.

"Hello, this might be weird but have you seen a nine foot tall tiger man walking though this portal?" asked the girl as she stood a distance back from the other teens.

"Seen him, that nutbar tried to attack us for no reason." said Artemis as she held her bow as if waiting for the order to use it.

"Superboy did provoke him with that punch, after that device shot out the whole laser lightshow thing it did." said Robin as he pointed out their fault in the situation.

"First contact, it never goes by the book does it. Especially when first contact is with Rath." said the male in steel as he smirked at that.