"L-lightning… are you sure?" Hope was taken aback.

"Some things in life you just do, didn't I teach you that lesson yet?" Lightning smirked up at him.

"Some people in life you just have to 'do'," Hope said in a seductive voice. "And besides, it's my turn to teach you a lesson." Hope's eyes looked so lustful and feral. It made Lightning's heart race.

"I'm waiting…" Lightning challenged.

Not holding back any longer Hope brought his lips back down on Lightning's with much bottled up desires and force. Lightning gasped at his sudden kiss; using this as an opportunity he slid his tongue into her mouth. Lightning tensed up and pressed her hand to his chest. She wasn't use to being so vulnerable.

Hope stopped kissing her and quickly unbuttoned his jacket and took off his shirt and tie. Lightning followed Hope's lead and let her armor dissolve into crystals until she was wearing nothing but her usual black shorts and bra. Hope saw the blush form on her cheeks so not giving her a chance to change her mind Hope quickly pushed her back down onto the bed and kissed her fiercely and passionately.

Taking off her bra Hope let his hands wander to her breast. While still kissing her he let his fingers trace around her areolae in circular motions. She let out a moan as she broke the kiss and turned her head to the side.

"Light I know where you're vulnerable now." He whispered into her ear teasingly before using his thumbs to lightly stroke her nipples. She let out another moan and brought her hands up beside her head.

Hope kissed her jaw line; slowly he left a trail of kisses from her neck down to her breast. Keeping a hand on her breast he removed the other and began to suck her nipple. He used his tongue to tease her pink nipples until her whimpers turned into moans of passion.

"Music… to my… ears…" He growled. Hope brought his lips close to her ear and lightly traced it with his tongue. He nibbled on her ear and moved further down her helpless body. Seeing her like this made his thirst and hunger for her ignite.

He kissed her flat tight stomach and made his way down to her untouched virgin womanhood. He slowly removed her shorts and panties and began to rub her clitoris until the bulb was swollen and wet. He pushed a finger inside of her and felt her flinched from having a foreign object inside of her. Not wanting to keep her waiting. He started to lick every inch of her womanhood only to have her writhe and moan; her hands gripped the sheets on the bed. She tried to break free but Hope pushed her thighs up higher and held onto them with a steel grip.

Hope felt her nectar flow out of her and he licked every drop of it. No one would ever have her but him; he would make sure of it. His desperation to make her his grew and welled up in his chest and pants. He thrust his tongue into her moist entrance and continued to suck on her clitoris. He licked at her wet slit and let his tongue enter it once again. Repeating this over and over she started to convulse in ecstasy.

"H-hope…" She breathed his name out weakly as a signal for stop but he found it as a plea for more. Hope took off his pants and used his knees to push her thighs up further. His hands slide up her smooth thighs and he could feel her shake underneath him. He then began to prod at her entrance with his hard member.

Her entrance was already moist so entering inside her was quick. Lightning gave out a gasp at the sudden sensation; one that she's never felt before. He slowly pushed in and out of her tight vagina, until he felt her hymen. She cried out in pain and her breathing became more strained and her breast was rising and receding. She looks so beautiful.

"Take me Hope; this is the last of my innocence. I want you to have it." Lightning said in between breaths.

Not saying anything Hope thrust harder into her until he was granted with more access. Lightning's grip on his back tightened as she scrunched up her face to take the pain. Lightning was really his now; she gave him the greatest gift that he could have ever wanted.

All of the emotions that he's ever felt for her were released with every thrust, he brought her hands up to her head and pinned her down not allowing her to squirm or move. His movements became harder and faster and so did her breathing. She let out small whimpers. Hope didn't want just whimpers he wanted her to sing.

"Hit those high notes for me Light." Hope slammed him into her even harder and she did just what he wanted. Her scream echoed throughout the large room and intoxicated his mind. Her screams were pure poison to him. It made him drunk with lust. He wanted more. So he continued to push his member into her harder and harder.

Lightning tried to free herself from his grip again but he held onto her wrists tighter and brought his face down beside hers.

"I like that fight you got in ya." His words melted in her ears and she completely let herself fall prey to his touch.

"I can't take it anymore!" Lightning threw her head back and moaned out of pure pleasure.

He continued to move in and out of her until he felt like he was nearing to an end and she about to climax.

"Hope faster!"

He did as she told him, her back started to arch and he could feel her walls contract as he came inside of her.

"S-so… hot…" She moaned softly.

Exhausted Hope lay down beside her and held her in his arms while stroking her hair. Staring off into the distance Hope thought back to what had just happened unable to speak out of shock. Lightning was really truly his now.

"Lightning, I love you," Hope closed his eyes and kissed her head. "Is this just a dream, or did I really just make love to you; the women that has been on my mind every day since your disappearance."

"I'm not sure… I'm hoping it's the latter," Lightning let out a sigh of wish and closed her eyes. "This is a reality made of dreams Hope; you know… this is our thirteenth dream and our first night."

"I don't want it to be our last." Hope spoke those words through worried eyes.