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Chapter One

The Tears of Uther Pendragon II - Arthur follows Merlin when he goes to confront Morgana

It was total mayhem. Screaming. Fire. Darkness. Skeletons. Arthur was hurrying down the steps from the citadel main doorway when he saw Merlin jogging across the courtyard.

"Merlin!" he shouted, but over the din, his manservant didn't hear him.

On the other hand, he might be ignoring his master. Arthur sighed, and on the spur of the moment decided to follow the lanky young man. He tried to catch up, calling from time to time. But Merlin's one purpose was to go wherever he was going. He didn't even glance over his shoulder as he ran.

Becoming increasingly annoyed, Arthur continued to hurry after the servant, glancing around constantly. He should be back at the battle... He suddenly realised Merlin was heading for the catacombs, and mentally scratched his head. Merlin opened the door, which surprisingly was already open, and disappeared into the darkness. Arthur followed, sliding through the doorway silently. He was also surprised to see Merlin had managed to light one of the torches, and was stumbling down the steps at brake neck speed.

Arthur was becoming very increasingly suspicious now. Why was Merlin going down into the dark scary catacombs? And, with all the sorcery at work, it was hardly going to be a safe place. The bone chilling idea that Merlin was responsible for the skeletons had occurred to Arthur, but he flung it away like an apple with a worm in it. Merlin wouldn't betray Camelot, betray him, like that. And he wasn't a sorcerer, and sorcery was clearly at work.

So much hunting was now helping, as Arthur soundlessly followed Merlin to the bottom on the stairs. Merlin dashed into the room, no fear of death slowing him. Arthur followed more cautiously. Merlin quickly came to a halt when he saw a figure standing in the middle of the room. The figure looked over their shoulder.

Arthur saw a kind of staff was planted in the ground. The figure turned fully, and even in the dim light, he recognised her.


He gasped, but neither Morgana or Merlin heard him, to busy eyeing each other. Arthur briefly wondered if it were some kind of secret meeting, but Morgana's next words changed that.

"You should leave while you still can." she said, surprisingly calm.

Merlin gave sigh.

"Morgana please, I beg you..." he said.

Arthur couldn't believe it. Morgana was responsible for the skeletons? Was she in league with Cenred? How could she betray them like that? And Merlin had known. Merlin had come down here to stop her.

The rocks above the Morgana and Merlin cracked, and they both looked up. Morgana looked back to Merlin, and smiled.

Arthur breath was coming in painful gasps, and he was surprised neither of them had heard him. He leant heavily against a pillar, still watching the scene closely. Tears pricked his eyes, but he ignored them.

"Women and children are dying. The city will fall." said Merlin, circling her.

"Good!" retorted Morgana, drawing a pained look for Merlin.

"No. You don't mean that." he almost begged her, and maybe his eyes were brighter than before too.

She took a small step backwards.

"I have magic, Merlin. Uther hate's me, and everyone like me. Why should I feel any differently about him?" she demanded.

Arthur's head was spinning now. Morgana has magic? Merlin didn't seem surprised however, or the least bit afraid.

"You of all people could change Uther's mind. But doing this, using magic like this will only harden his heart." he reasoned.

Arthur suspiciously thought that Merlin seemed to be a little knowledgeable, but his thoughts were still filled with Morgana, and her treachery. How could she have magic? How could she do this? To him? To his father?

"You don't have magic, Merlin. You could not hope to understand." she snarled.

Merlin hesitated for a long moment.

"I do understand, believe me," a snort from Morgana. "If I had your gifts, I would harness them for good. That's what magic should be for, why you were born with these powers." he said confidently, his eyes pleading with her to understand.

Arthur watched in awe, or something very close to it. He knew he should jump out, and strike Morgana down. But the shock of her betrayal, and curiosity on how this conversation would go, kept him behind his pillar.

"You don't know what it's like to be an outsider. To be ashamed of how you were born, to have to hide who you are. Do you think I deserve to be executed because of who I am?"

Merlin was obviously torn, shuffling slightly, eyes still begging Morgana to come to her senses, as was Arthur's heart. He loved Morgana like a sister. He didn't want to believe she had magic, yet she had uttered the fateful three words, and with such bitterness and hate he didn't recognise her.

"No," Merlin said finally, shaking his head. Another rumble from above. "But it doesn't have to be like this. We could find another way."

Morgana seemed genuinely tempted.

"There is no other way." she said finally, with great conviction.

Merlin nodded, and began to move away. Leaving Arthur surprised that he just given up. Obviously Merlin cared for Morgana, and not Camelot.

He chided himself when he saw Merlin loop round Morgana and run towards the staff, buried in the ground. She stopped him easily with an elbow jab to the stomach, and his sword flew away across the room.

She poised her sword for the killer strike, Merlin backing up.

"What are you going to do? Kill me?" he asked, evidently searching for some remnants of the old Morgana.

"You don't think I can?" snarled Morgana, coming a little closer.

"If you're going to do it, make it quick." Merlin said.

Morgana raised her sword with a grunt, but before she could bring it down, Merlin dived off to the side and grabbed his sword.

A short and desperate fight ensued, Arthur getting ready to step in at any moment. He couldn't have Merlin dying, but at the same time, something made him wait. He didn't want Morgana to know he knew about her magic. He watched carefully, the focus of doing so driving his battling emotions away for a short time.

In a way he could sympathise with Morgana. He could see where she was coming from, her argument. But magic was against the law, and she was certainly abusing it. If she had been using it for good, he was sure he wouldn't tell Uther. But this was different.

Merlin ducked behind a coffin, and suddenly the roof cracked, and large stones tumbled down, striking Morgana and sending her to the floor. Without even a glance at his fallen foe, Merlin dashed forward to where the staff stood, and raised his sword.

"Sneedes." he hissed, and slashed the head of the staff off.

He stepped back, panting heavily.

Arthur froze. This changed a lot. This made life hard. What the hell do I do now? Morgana and Merlin?

Arthur looked for the look of shock that passed Merlin's face when Uther announced he would like to thank somebody for single handedly saving Camelot. Stopping the traitor that had entered the catacombs. The look he shared with Gaius. He also saw the bitterness and disappointment when Morgana stole the glory.

Over the night, or what was left of it, he had been thinking. As soon as he had seen Merlin use magic, he had fled up the stairs, and back into the battle ground. He had been confronted by a skeleton, which a few moment's later had collapsed in a pile of bones.

So Merlin had destroyed these creatures. Which was good. But now what did he do? He, the prince of Camelot, knew about two sorcerer's living at the heart of Camelot. And it was two warring sorcerer's. One obviously bad, and the other good.

He had groaned, tossed and turned that night. Before finally coming to his decision.

So when the court was dismissed by a now perfectly sane Uther, - probably thanks to Merlin - he hurried after his manservant as he and Gaius headed towards their chambers.

"Merlin. I want a word." he barked, striding off towards his chambers without even checking the manservant was following.

He sat down at his table when they reached his chambers. Arthur drew all his courage, and looked the wizard in the eye.

"Merlin. I saw you and Morgana in the catacombs last night." he said quietly, and sternly.

Merlin frowned a moment, then froze, absolute fear running over his features.

"You... did?" he managed to choke out.

"Yes. I would like to thank you for saving Camelot." Arthur continued.

"Y-you would?" Merlin seemed to be getting more and more shocked, eyeing rounding.

Arthur had half expected them to turn golden again. Maybe turn golden against him.

"I saw everything, and how you tried to bring Morgana round to reason, and then destroy the skeletons. And even though you did use sorcery to do it, Camelot is in your debt."

Merlin's shocked, white face suddenly eased a little, and he gave a nervous smile, which turned to a grin. He obviously dispelled it with a effort.

"Are you going to have me executed?" he asked.

This was the point Arthur had been thinking over the most.

"No. I'm not. But I'm not going to tell my father about Morgana either. I just can't... I just couldn't..."

Merlin opened his mouth, then closed it again.

"Thank you, Arthur.

Arthur waved his hand airily.

"Now you and I need a long, long chat about this," he said. "And don't even think about lying."

Merlin nodded, and hesitantly sat down.

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