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This is set right after book 5, Max.



I slowly wrench my eyes open, fighting the black spots that appear and threaten to take me down.

As my vision is gradually restored, I begin to freak. And I mean really freak. The white walls, the creepily sterile bed, and chemical smell. It all comes back to me. All the pain, all the torture, all the betrayal. It all comes flooding back. I'm at the school.

No. It can't be happening. Not again. I won't let it happen. I close my eyes, and clench my head inbetween my hands. I gotta get out.

You see, it's been 3 years since I saved the world at age 15. I thought all the labs and people who could possibly hurt me, and my flock, the way I'd been hurt when I was little were gone. Poof. Gone. Dead. Terminated. Retired. Out of my life. But noooo… That can't happen, right? You can't leave a 18-year-old avian-human hybrid to herself, can you? It's just not a feasible conclusion for scientists. I mean, really? Just once? No now, I was stuck, alone in this stupid room, all myself. Without even my flock to keep me company.

My flock… I wonder where they're being kept, I think to myself, sinking down onto the bed. Probably in torture rooms. God, I hope they're okay. I wish Fang would come get me, I think, just as the door swings open. I jump to my feet, adrenaline pumping, ready to smack the hell out of whoever walks in.

"I'm going, I'm going," a familiar, deep voice grunts. What the hell? I think, bewildered for moment.

A labcoat-cloaked arm shoves the owner of the dark voice into the room, then slams the door shut, followed by the lock mechanism clicking into place.

I look up, staring into the face of the one person I had been waiting for.


I start to rush forward, only to realize one little thing. He's naked.

I glance down, starting to look at my feet and realize, face flushing immediately, that I am, too.

God damn it! How did I not realize such an obvious fact?

"Hey," Fang grunts, his black fringe falling over his eyes as he stares at his feet.

"Well… This is awkward…" I mutter, adverting my eyes.

I might have forgotten to mention the fact that Fang and I had been seriously dating ever since we were 16.

"Really? I didn't notice," he says, and even though I can't see him, I can tell he's got a smirk on his face.

"Shut up," I say, staring at the white tiled floor. My toes tingle from the cold they seem to radiate.

"Max and Fang!" a loud voice announces over a loudspeaker, making both of us jump. We look up, our eyes locking. The only think that hints to Fang's surprise is the slight widening of his eyes. I'm not totally sure, but I think my eyes are about as wide as dinner plates. Holy shit, what fresh hell is this?

"Answer me!" the voice demands, sounding somewhat like Jeb. Why is Jeb here? I thought he was about helping us now.

"I'll do whatever the hell I want!" I yell, hoping Jeb can hear me.

"Well, for now, you're going to do what we want," the voice croons.

"And what would that be?" Fang asks, a small note of curiosity in his voice.

"I think the mutants have a small brain compacity," the voice whispers, obviously not meaning for us to hear. "They aren't even looking at each other! We need them to breed!" the voice hisses.

Jeb say what? There is no freaking way I'm going to 'breed' with Fang!

"Hey! You better get your ass down here and explain yourself!" Fang yells, the same rage I feel filling his eyes.

"God damn it, Jeb!" a different voice yells. "You were holding down the button!"

"Ugh. Don't yell at me!" Jeb yells. "I'll be down there in a minute," he tells us. "In the meantime, please start fucking each other!"

"I love you too, Dad!" I scream as a look at disgust covers my face.

"Well… That was… Interesting is a good word," Fang mutters, staring at my chest.

"Hey. My face us up here," I tell him, gesturing to my head. I quickly cross my arms, sufficiently covering myself.

He quickly looks down, clearly fighting with himself about where to look.

"Sorry," he mutters, staring with great intent at the floor.

"Apology not accepted," I tease, starting to get distracted by his chiseled abs. Fang and I have dated for two years, and I have never once seen him with his shirt off when it was just us. I never really knew how sexy they were.

"Please," he whimpers, catching on to the joke. He peers through his fringe with a puppy-dog look.

Awwww… I think. He looks so cute… And hot. And sexy. Oh my god! Jump his bones! Jump his bones!

"Max?" he asks, worry clouding his eyes. He starts so walk towards me, but I immediately stop him.

"No! I'm fine. Just distracted, that's all…" I mutter. And horny, I mentally add.

"Oh. Because I was-" he starts, only to be cut off my the door banging open as Jeb waltzes in.

"Hi, sweetheart," he croons, starting towards me.

"No," I command. I will now have that man touch me. I thought he was helping us. I thought I could finally trust him. I thought that I was safe around him. But It turns out, I was wrong. He was nothing but a cheating, lying, piece of scum.

Seeing as Jeb didn't react to my comment, Fang steps in front of Jeb, successfully blocking his path.

"She said no," he says, his stance oozing dominance.

"She's my daughter. I'll do what I want," Jeb says, starting to step around Fang.

"No, you won't. She's my girlfriend, and I'm responsible for her," Fang comes back, sidestepping so he was still in front of Jeb. I take this golden opportunity to check out his butt, as it's right there in front of me.

Seeing the determined look in Fang's eye, Jeb backs down and turns toward the door.

"I'll just take this opportunity to explain out plan, then," he tells us, his eyes scanning over us, especially lingering on me. His gaze kinda creeps me out, so I cross my arms, and cover my lower regions with one of my wings. Fang instinctively moves to stand in front of me. "Well, feeling protective, are we?" he asks Fang. Seeing as he gets no answer, he continues. "Our plan is to create more hybrids. And what better way to do that than to take two hybrids and make them reproduce? You're lucky you got someone of your own species.I think we have a capuchian monkey hybrid and kangaroo hybrid in the other room. I'm betting that won't turn out well," he says with a cringe. "If you're feeling reluctant, Fang, I always get someone else. I know of a boy up in Canada, I think Dylan's his name, who would be willing to do the job for you," he croons, and I see Fang's muscles in his back tighten. "Although Dylan would be much less gentle than you would. He's more of a fuck-and-go type of guy," he concludes, slamming the door shut and walking out.

"I will kill him," Fang mutters, walking over to sit down on the bed.

"I know. I hate him and he's my father," I tell him. Sitting down on the floor.

"God, I'm exhausted," Fang yawns, stretching out on the bed.

"Now that you say that, me too," I say, stifling a yawn.

"I'm going to bed," Fang mutters. "Maybe it'll be gone when I wake up."

"Yeah, I know. What a nightmare," I whisper as Fang falls asleep.

Jeez. Now what do I do? I'm stuck in a small room with a naked teenage boy. And I'm naked, too. We can't forget that. This is going to be an eventful night…