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Chapter 43: Little Talks

Bellatrix awoke the next morning with a splitting headache; she gently pinched the bridge of her nose, all she wanted was to get this over with. There was guilt on her side, but not anything illegal was done on her side, Rodolphus had been the one who broke the law.

"It's not like he has been the doting husband that he claims to be." She thought bitterly to herself.

She sighed and pulled her knees to her chest, today was going to be a long day.

"It's not like I have been the doting wife either." She whispered out loud.

"No, but what he did to you was not okay Bella." Narcissa said from the doorway.

Bellatrix had been so caught up in her misery that she hadn't noticed her sister standing there with a tray of tea and some toast.

"Come in Cissy." Bellatrix said softly.

Narcissa entered the room and sat the tray on the bed; she sat down across from her older sister, crossing her legs. Bellatrix looked exhausted and Narcissa knew that she had barely slept the night before.

"I also brought you something for your headache." Narcissa said handing Bellatrix a small vile.

Bellatrix gave a weak smile, and uncorked the vile; she drank the potion and handed the vile back to Narcissa. Bellatrix gave her sister a small smile, which was returned almost at once.

"Better?" Narcissa asked.

"Better, thank you Cissy." Bellatrix replied running her fingers through her raven curls.

A short silence passed between them, Narcissa could see that Bellatrix was on edge, but it was more out of fear and nervousness more than irritation or anger, as it usually was. She handed Bellatrix a cup of tea and poured one for herself. As they sat in the silence, Bellatrix couldn't help at feel that there was something that was bothering Narcissa about this whole thing, but she didn't dare push in case it started an argument.

"I want today to be over with Cissy…I want to put this whole thing behind us…I want to move on with my life." Bellatrix said breaking the silence.

"I know Bella, don't worry, after today, you will be able to move on." Narcissa said sipping her tea.

The thought of Bellatrix leaving her Manor and going back to her own was breaking the younger witch's heart, but she knew that it was the best thing for Bellatrix. They were not children anymore, and it was time she stopped acting like one.

"Cissy." Bellatrix's voice was soft, and soothing.

Narcissa looked up at her sister, concern etched on her face. The older witch ran her fingers through her raven curls, she didn't want to argue, but this needed to be said, with any luck, Narcissa wouldn't argue, or get upset.

"Cissy…I may be going home, but I am not leaving you. I will always be here for you." Bellatrix said reaching her hand out to caress her sister's face.

"I know Bella…I have just gotten so used to having you here with me…that it will just be hard." Narcissa said closing her eyes, meting into Bellatrix' touch.

"Cissy, I will come to visit and you can come and see me…but you know…you know that I have space issues sometimes." Bellatrix said running her thumb over a pale cheek.

"Yes, I am aware." Narcissa said smiling a little.

Bellatrix extracted her hand and finished her tea. Yes, they would be just fine. Narcissa finished her tea and handed Bellatrix a piece of toast.

"I figured that eating something heavy wouldn't be good, especially with the anxiety, but you need something in your stomach." Narcissa said.

"Always looking out for me." Bellatrix said smiling.

"It's the least I could do Bella, you're my sister and I love you." Narcissa said taking a bite of her toast.

"I love you too Cissy." Bellatrix said eating her toast.

The two women ate in silence, staring out the window. It was a sort of gloomy day outside, cold and it looked as if it might rain. Narcissa finished her tea and sat her cup back down on the tray.

"We need to start getting ready; we need to be in London within the hour." Narcissa said getting to her feet.

Bellatrix tilled her head to the side, studying her sister for a few moments.

"What is it Bella?" Narcissa asked, blushing under her sister's gaze.

"Um…what should I wear?" Bellatrix asked a little awkwardly.

Narcissa couldn't help at suppress a small laugh at this question, Bellatrix smiled and got up off the bed.

"Well, you could wear what you usually do…or you could wear something a little more modern." Narcissa said tapping her chin thoughtfully.

"Those…um what did you call them…Jeans?" Bellatrix asked.

Narcissa couldn't help but laugh at this, Bellatrix grinned.

"Bella, you can't wear jeans to court, but you can wear slacks." Narcissa replied.

Bellatrix looked confused for a moment before a look of comprehension dawned on her face.

"Yes, okay, um…do you have a pair?" Bellatrix asked.

"Yes Bella, come on." Narcissa replied.

Narcissa led Bellatrix to her room, pulling some clothes out of her dresser. She handed the slacks to Bellatrix and went into her closet. Bellatrix followed and sat down on the large couch in the middle of the closet, she watched her sister run through all of her blouses. Bellatrix looked at the slacks in her hand, not quite sure what to make of them. Finally Narcissa reemerged and handed Bellatrix a dark green blouse.

"I think it will go good with your eyes." Narcissa said smiling.

Bellatrix smiled and took the blouse from her sister's hand.

"I should…get dressed." Bellatrix said.

Narcissa nodded and grabbed her outfit and left Bellatrix alone in the closet. Bellatrix looked at her outfit a bit uncomfortably. She had only worn jeans once before and as much as she didn't want to admit it…she found them rather liberating and comfortable. Finally deciding that she should quit stalling she stripped, pulling the slack up her legs. The fabric was softer and smoother than the jeans and she moaned softly as they rested right on her hips. She bit her lip, buttoning them, pulling up the zipper. She then picked up the blouse and began to button it. After a few minutes Narcissa was back and she handed Bellatrix a pair of stockings and simple black heels.

"You can't wear those Merlin awful boots with this outfit, so put these on, and when you're done, I have a jacket for you." Narcissa said walking back out of the closet.

Bellatrix sat on the couch and pulled up the stockings and put on the heels. Bellatrix laughed softly to herself, she was so used to taking these off as opposed to putting them on. Details in attire weren't something that she really stressed about. Narcissa was all about appearance. Old habits die hard. After a few minutes she left the closet where Narcissa put Bellatrix in a jacket.

"There, your hair is literally impossible to do anything with…but it looks good for now. And there is no need for makeup, your skin looks good. Let's get going, Lucius is waiting for us." Narcissa said picking up her purse.

Bellatrix followed her skirt clad sister out into the foyer where they put on their coats. Bellatrix followed Narcissa into the drive way, Lucius was standing by the car. He opened the door for the two women who climbed into the car. Bellatrix buckled herself in the back seat and stared out the window, absently playing with the buttons on her pea coat.

This was going to be a long day….