Power Rangers belongs to Haim Saban and Nickelodeon. I only own the plot. This is being written because Tyler's going to be making appearances in Legacy Of Power and my idea for him won't work if he and Jason are constantly at odds. Takes place after "A Ranger Dilemma".

Tyler let out a sigh as he headed home. Hearing a small burst of laughter, he turned to see Katherine and Jason. Tyler watched as the boy put an arm around the girl's shoulders and whispered in her ear, resulting in another laugh as she threw back her head. Tyler let out a sigh. I wish she'd let me make her laugh like that, he thought. But she only had eyes for Jason and she had made it perfectly clear that she wasn't interested in him romantically. He let out a sigh. He hated to admit it, but he had been crushed when he realized that he would never have a chance with her. Well, it's not like she strung me along, he thought to himself. Squaring his shoulders, he headed for them. Seeing the boy, Jason and Katherine stepped away from each other.

"What can we do for you, Tyler?" Jason asked.

"I owe you guys an apology," Tyler stated. "Katherine's made it totally clear that she's not interested in me the way I'm interested in her and I haven't respected that. I'm sorry," he said.

"You can't help who you fall for," Katherine reminded. "But the way you went about it is what turned me off," she continued.

"You made me nervous and I thought I had to come on strong to get you to like me," he admitted. "But I guess we all know how that turned out."

"Look man, we're both working for the Junior Police Patrol, and frankly I'd rather work with you than argue with you," Jason stated.

"Me too," Tyler agreed.

"What do you say? Friends?" Jason offered, holding out a hand.

"Friends," Tyler declared, taking Jason's hand and shaking it.