Unexpected Love

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Rated: T

Summary: Yuuri is engaged to another noble. Because of jealousy, Kevin calls off the engagement. Wolfram comes to Yuuri's rescue and offer to marry him. Now, Wolfram will have to make the Maou fall in love with him. Yuuri/OC eventually YuuRam.

This story is taking place in Shin Makoku. Yuuri and Wolfram weren't engaged at the beginning and some circumstances happen that lead to the their plan future. Yuuri is originally from Earth and he is not homophobic. Wolfram is Yuuri's bodyguard and personal assistant that love Yuuri since they first meeting during the dinner when Yuuri is appointed as the new Maou. But, Yuuri doesn't know about this and always thinks of Wolfram as his friend. Then, another demon comes into Yuuri's life and they fall in love. What will happen to Wolfram? Slightly AU.

Pairing: Wolfram/Yuuri

Warning: unbeta'd/OOC/Sligthly AU

Chapter 1: Far Too Late


A sound of the slap was heard from the garden and the Maou of Shin Makoku stared eyed-wide at the person in front of him and placed his hand on his red cheek.


The dark green haired demon with dark green eyes stared at the young Maou and smiled. He then placed his hand on the cheek that he had slapped and caressed it softly.

"Will you marry me?"

Yuuri's eyes watered and he nodded. He hugged the tall demon and answered him. "I do. I'll marry you"

Kevin smiled as he wrapped his arms around the King. He had fallen for the King since their first encounter when they arranged about the matter with his land. After that first meeting, Kevin had always pay visits to the King using works as his motive and eventually was trying to befriend with the friendly King. Lucky for him, Yuuri also grew closer to him each day and eventually Yuuri had come to loved him. When, he told Yuuri his feelings, the young Maou answered him and he said that he loved him too. After that, they were dating and kept their relationship as a secret as Yuuri was the Maou and Kevin was only a Lord. But, as the days passed… Kevin decided that he should propose to the double black because of the amount the suitors that always come to get his beloved.

And that day was today. He was finally officially engaged to Yuuri. He was very happy and they were going to announce the news tonight during the dinner.

During the dinner tonight in the dining hall. All of the royal family were seated on their chair. The ex-Maou Lady Cecilie von Spitzberg was already there with her three sons; Gwendal von Voltaire, Conrad Weller and Wolfram von Bielefeld. The door opened and showed a young Maou and his newly fiancé, Kevin von Weisberg. Yuuri nodded to the room occupant and noted Kevin to take a place next to him.

Wolfram eyed the double black and a bit of jealousy burning inside of him. He had loved the Maou since he first saw him; during that night when Yuuri was introduced as a replacement for his mother, the new Demon King. Conrad had given him the job as the Maou's bodyguard and personal assistant and they were always together since that. However, Yuuri never think of him as more than a friend. They were close but Wolfram never crossed his line as a soldier to the King. The blond ex-Prince looked at the Maou with a longing look and felt the knot in his heart was tightened at the display of emotion in front of him. Yuuri was smiling lovingly at the dark green haired demon and their hands were laced together on the table.

Meanwhile, Conrad, the brown haired soldier eyed his younger brother from his side. He could see his brother was looking at the Maou with love in his eyes. Conrad had known better since long time ago, that Wolfram had come to love their King. But, his younger brother never did anything to let his feelings out and Yuuri never realized Wolfram's feelings. He never said anything about it. Now, he could see it. The blond haired soldier's eyes were filled with hurt when he looked at the two.

Yuuri looked at Kevin and Kevin looked at him. He smiled nervously and Kevin squeezed his hand to give him some courage. The double black stood up and cleared his throat. All eyes were on the Maou and waiting for him to speak.

"I want to make one announcement here" his voice slightly quivered and Kevin just nodded reassure.

Yuuri then added. "Kevin and I are engaged and we'll plan our marriage three months from now"

After that, Kevin stood up and gave the double black a chaste kiss on his cheek and the room was erupted with Lady Celi's squealing. Yuuri could feel his cheeks were red from embarrassment and he just looked down. Meanwhile, Wolfram could feel his heart was crushed from the announcement and when the dark haired demon kissed the Maou. His knuckles were gripped tightly under the table. He looked away from the scene in front of him and forced a smile upon his lips. Nevertheless, not all that actions went amiss from Conrad's eyes. He saw his younger brother heart was squashed when the King announced his engagement. Conrad sighed and he hoped he could help his brother but he knew he could not force the Maou to break his engagement just because of his little brother. Moreover, he could see the Maou was really in loved with the dark haired demon.

Wolfram stood up and congratulated the newly engaged couple.

"Congratulations, Heika and Lord Kevin" he then bowed a little as a gesture of respect. Wolfram could hear his voice shook and he tried his best to smile despite his broken heart.

Yuuri smiled his brightest and spoke. "Thank you, Wolf! I hope you also will find your love!"

Wolfram just nodded and thought secretly. 'I will never find my love. For you have been engaged to him' he then smiled sadly and sat back. Gwendal eyed his brother's every movement and rubbed his temple. 'I knew he's in love with the Maou. Why didn't he just tell him before the Lord proposed to him? Why did he wait until King Yuuri fall in love with another man? I could never understand him.' he sighed and his wrinkles had multiplied.

The dinner ended with the two excused themselves and went to the castle front door. Yuuri sent away his fiancé with a smile and waved him goodbye. Kevin mounted his stallion and exited the fortress. Wolfram watched the Maou from behind the pillar silently and sorrow filled his heart.

Yuuri walked back to the castle and smiled happily. Wolfram then decided to show himself.

"Yuuri Heika…" Wolfram walked slowly and stood next to his King.

Yuuri was shocked at the sudden voice and looked at his side. "Wolfram! What are you doing here? And didn't I tell you not to call me Heika."

Wolfram smiled and answered. "Well, Yuuri. I'm your bodyguard and personal assistant. I need to make sure our Maou is safely back to his chamber"

"You sure are my bodyguard. But, first… you're also my friend. Don't worry, I'm going back to my room just fine. No one is going to kidnap me" the double black then laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"Well… you're a wimp. A wimpy King to top it of. So, I need to make sure that you're safe." Wolfram snorted and crossed his arms over his chest.

Yuuri rolled his eyes and retorted. "I'm not a wimp! Don't call me that!"

Wolfram just smiled and chuckled. "Well… we're already in front of your room. See you tomorrow, Yuuri. Good night."

"Good night, Wolf"

Wolfram waited until the double black closed the door and ordered the two soldiers to guard the Maou's door. He then walked to the direction of his room and clenched his fist on his uniform. He fought hard to never let his tears fall and mumbled sadly.

"I'm too late…"

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