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Chapter 11: Honeymoon

The Royal Couple were sat in their carriage heading towards their honeymoon. Lady Celi had planned it so they didn't know anything about the place they were heading to now. Yuuri sat near the window with Wolfram sitting next to him. Yuuri had insisted that Wolfram should sit opposite of him but, the Prince Consort just ignored his King's pleas and proceeded to sit next to him.

"Wolf, how long will it take?" Yuuri asked while yawning covering his mouth with his hand.

Wolfram looked at him affectionately. "Mother said it's going to take about three hours before we arrive."

Yuuri blushed at a look Wolfram gave him. He quickly looked away staring out the window. "O-Okay." with that said they fell silent.

It had been about two hours since they left Blood Pledge Castle. Yuuri's eyes were starting to close by themselves. He had yawned for umpteenth time now and he couldn't hold anymore. His head was starting to lean onto the windowsill and he fell asleep just like that.

Wolfram who was facing the other side of carriage, wondered why his husband was so quiet. He looked at Yuuri to see him sleeping, leaning against the windowsill. He smiled tenderly; carefully and slowly, he fixed his husband's head so it rested on his shoulder. Yuuri smiled in his sleep and mumbled some incoherent words. He snuggled closer into his consort and made Wolfram smile at the warm feelings welling up in his chest.

The cold breeze from the open window made Yuuri move closer into the warmth that came from his 'pillow'. He snuggled closer into it and wrapped his arms around said 'pillow'. However, something was strange about the 'pillow'; it was comfortable yet hard, not his usual feathery soft pillow, and it was moving.

Yuuri let his tired eyes opened slowly and when it fully opened, he was shown a blurry image of golden blonde hair and emerald green. He let his eyes adjusting to the light and the blurry image started to clear. His eyes widened when he realized - once again - he had cuddling into his husband chest.

The 'pillow' was Wolfram!

The double black quickly sat up and looked away, embarrassed. He was blushing and he could hear Wolfram chuckling beside him. 'Oh God! How could I cuddle into him again? Wahh! This is totally embarrassing!'

"Did you get enough sleep?" Wolfram asked while smiling. 'He's so cute, being embarrassed over something like this.'

Yuuri who's face was still red from before just nodded his head. Not trusting his voice to speak. He was still faced away from his husband.

Wolfram seeing him still reluctant to speak, continued. "Well, since you've woken up. How about we get out of carriage."

"Eh? Have we arrived already?" Yuuri immediately turned his head at Wolfram's words. Locking black onyx eyes with emerald green ones.

Wolfram smiled when Yuuri finally looked at him. "Since, you'd been so comfortable sleeping on my chest. I felt too guilty to wake you up and yes, we've arrived."

The double black blushed again and quickly moved to escape from the carriage. Wolfram followed him. Both of them looked at their surrounding in awe. The chalet looked so expensive that it was only fitting for Royalty. It was located near the beach and there was a field of flowers at the opposite site of the chalet. The newly wed couple went inside the chalet side by side. Their luggage been carried in when they arrived at the chalet. Wolfram had asked the servants to bring their luggage earlier and stayed in the carriage until Yuuri had awakened.

Yuuri opened the door to their bedroom eagerly heading to the closed window. He opened it widely letting the fresh air entered the room.

"Whoa, Wolf! This place is so beautiful! This is the first time I've seen a place this beautiful in Shin Makoku!" Yuuri exclaimed loudly. Black eyes sparkling admiring the green and blue surroundings. His mouth open in awe and legs rigid from their place near the window. Letting his black tresses be swept gently by the sea breeze. The sunset made his tan skin glow a golden color and looked as soft as ever. He looked majestic and beautiful all at once. Full of naivety and innocence that no one but him could posses.

The blond Prince Consort looked in awe at the figure that stood in front of him. 'So, beautiful…' he thought.

Wolfram smiled at Yuuri's naivety. He looked so much like a little kid who'd been given a new toy and was admiring it with all his might. Yuuri would always be innocent in Wolfram's eyes and mind. This boy King was much too innocent that Wolfram felt the urge to protect him from anything that could hurt him. That was why when he saw Yuuri being reprimanded by the Ten Nobles after being hurt by his ex-fiancé, he couldn't take it and offered to marry him - though, he really was in love with said King.

"Yeah, it's beautiful, Yuuri…" Wolfram answered while smiling and added in silent whisper, "…but not more than you…"

"Let's go take a look at the surroundings!" Yuuri chirped in cheerfulness, grabbing Wolfram's hand to drag the blonde along with him. Long forgotten his worries over his husband and his own chaotic feelings.

Wolfram smiled and let Yuuri led him to wherever his love would want to take him. Anywhere. He would go anywhere Yuuri went as long as he was with him. Even to hell, he was willing to.

The two were enjoying the sunset on the beach near the chalet. They sat side-by-side in a comfortable silence. Both their eyes looking at the beauty of God's creation in front of them.

"Look Yuuri… the sunset is beautiful…" Wolfram said softly breaking the silence between them.

Yuuri looked at the beautiful scene in front of him and nodded his head gently. "Hmm… you're right, Wolf."

"But, you want to know something?" Wolfram turned his head to look into his husband's eyes. "There is nothing more beautiful than my husband." He whispered softly with a loving tone - making the double black blush.

The sunset formed a beautiful shade to Wolfram's blond tresses. Its already golden color looked more stunning with the sunset shone over them. His emerald eyes adorned by an orange tinge making them look even more beautiful than a lake that shone in the summer's sunlight. His pale skin glowed under the sunset and gave him an angelic look for his already gorgeous face.

Yuuri was stunned in his seat and looked at his husband's figure in awe. He stared into his husband's emerald eyes. His black orbs seemed to be trapped in those enticing emerald eyes as he was looking at the beautiful being in front of him. Black met emerald green. As their eyes locked with each other, Wolfram leaned closer and… closer. Yuuri still stunned by his husband's beauty, also leaned forward as if he was spellbound by Wolfram's beauty. As soon as their lips met for the first time since that wedding ceremony, both closed their eyes in pure bliss. Both of them savored the feelings of the other's warm lips. Wolfram smiled into the kiss and Yuuri could feel it too.

The double black could feel his heart's erratic beating and his pulse pounding loudly. All his worries were gone in the instant their lips touched. All he could feel was love. An overwhelming love that Wolfram poured into his kiss and maybe… his own love… towards his husband.

The Prince Consort broke the kiss - as both of them needed air - and opened his eyes - smiling. Yuuri opened his eyes slowly when he felt the soft, warm lips no more. His black orbs locked with Wolfram's emerald one. He started to blush furiously when he realized that he had kissed his husband and looked away - hiding his red face. Wolfram smiled at his husband's blushing face. He cupped his face and brought him to look into his emerald orbs.

"Yuuri… I love you…" Wolfram said with deep affection while looking into those huge black eyes with loving gaze.

As those three words escaped from Wolfram's mouth, Yuuri was blushing ten shades of red and he looked away, again. "I… I-I." he stuttered and stopped. Not knowing what the exact words that he was supposed to say. Wolfram's passionate gaze was so intense that he could not hold it - his heart was beating faster and louder than before, he was sure the blond Prince could hear it too. Mind made up, the double black stood up - breaking the intense gaze and loving atmosphere that he had came to like - walking away from the blond Prince and heading to their chalet. Leaving his husband alone on the beach.

Wolfram looked at Yuuri; with hurt in his emerald orbs, though he was smiling - sadly. "At least, this is the first time he willingly kissed me. I'll wait patiently until the day he says he loves me."

That night in their bedroom.

It was midnight, when Yuuri opened his black eyes. He turned his head and body towards his husband's side. His eyes watched over his husband's figure that was sleeping peacefully next to him. Black orbs traced over his beautiful face. Wolfram's golden tresses fell all over his face. His lips slightly parted and there was a sound of light snoring from him - indicating that he was sleeping deeply. His pale skin shown to Yuuri's gaze as his nightgown fell from one of his shoulder. That porcelain like skin was so white and smooth, there was not a mark on them - despite Wolfram's post as a bodyguard and soldier who had always been in dangerous situation.

Reminding himself that Wolfram was in fact a soldier made his heart ached painfully. Many thoughts crossed his mind. What if that beautiful body was marred by enemy's blade? Moreover… what if those luscious lips bled from hurt and pain? What if he could not see those beautiful emerald eyes were looking at him… ever again? What if they lose their light and passion that proves those eyes belonged to the blond Prince? What if this warm body didn't emanate the heat that he had came to love when he was sleeping next to him? What if…


It wouldn't happen.

He couldn't let it happen.

With his chaotic feelings and thoughts, desperately, Yuuri stretched out his hand, wanting to touch those soft golden locks - to prove that Wolfram was there with him. When he had those golden locks in his hand, he could feel the softness and silkiness from it. He then proceeded to touch the soft cheek that belonged to his sleeping husband with his other hand - warm and alive. All of a sudden, his previous thoughts came back to him and it made him scared. Yuuri could feel his eyes watering and his heart hurt unbearably. No. He was not going to lose him. Not after he had come to terms with his feelings.


He loved him.

He loved his husband.

He loved Wolfram.

A single tear fell onto Wolfram's face making the blond Prince Consort open his eyes slowly. When his vision was cleared, he could see his husband, Yuuri, crying while caressing his face and hair. He was worried and wondered what had made the King cry. He sat up from his sleeping position and stared right into those watery black eyes.

"Yuuri… what happen?" he asked with a soft voice - worry painted all over his face. Hands on the double black's shoulders.

Yuuri seeing that Wolfram had awakened, looked at him with his still wet eyes. He just shook his head as a response to Wolfram's question. Wolfram withdrew his hands from the double black shoulders - adjusting his sitting position. Yuuri's fear started to grew when he could no longer feel those warm hands on his shoulders. He flung his body towards his shocked husband and wrapped his arms around the blond Prince's torso - tightly. His tears were falling heavily and soaking Wolfram's nightgown.

"Yuuri… shhh… what's going on?" Wolfram asked while he tried to hush the double black's uncontrollable cries. He patted his husband's back softly trying to calm down the crying Maou.

Yuuri replied to the blond in a choked voice, "…I don't…" his other words were mumbled to quietly for Wolfram to hear.

"What is it, Yuuri?" Wolfram asked softly.

"…don't want to lose you... Don't… please, don't leave me alone…" Yuuri said again as he continued to cry.

"…I'm not going to leave you. And I'm not going anywhere." Wolfram replied softly, slightly happy at the cozy feelings that invaded his heart from Yuuri's need to stay with him.

"…But…I'd always rejected your feelings… how come you don't despise me?" Yuuri asked quietly. His tears staining his beautiful face as he tightened his hug on the blond's waist. He needed something, something to tell him that Wolfram was there for him. Afraid if he let go of his waist, that body would fade away. Into nothingness… and that scared him the most.

Wolfram unwrapped the arms that held him possessively to face his crying husband. Yuuri's watery black orbs met with Wolfram's soft emerald eyes. Wolfram smiled and held those shaking hands in his own. Holding them firmly in his hands - to reassure the double black that he was not going anywhere.

"Yuuri…" he started. Yet, Yuuri refused to look at him and Wolfram tilted his head up with one of his hands.

"Listen here… I love you. I love you so much that I don't and never will think of leaving you. If I'm ever given the choice, I'd trade my life for your happiness. I love you and only you. I'll never forgive myself if I ever hurt you emotionally or physically… That's how much I love you."

"Wolf… I" Yuuri said and stopped because of his voice was choking with sob. "I… I love you. I just realized that I love you. I realize that I've rejected you so many times, but… I want you… I want you to gives me a chance to love you... To let you love me." he said while sobbing.

Wolfram's eyes went wide at Yuuri's love confession, before he closed and opened them again - with a softer look. With a loving look, he stared into those eyes that he loved. "I'll always love you…my love." he said as he enclosed his arms around his husband's trembling body.

Yuuri was smiling - despite the tears and sobbing - and leaned into the touch given by his husband. He let his own hands wrapped around the blond's waist. They stayed that way for a few minutes until Yuuri had calmed down.

Yuuri loosened his arms and looked bashfully into Wolfram's green eyes. "Wolf… I've been denying you your rights as my husband for all this time. Now, I'm giving you it all, my soul, heart,… and body. Just…" Yuuri stopped and continued in a softer voice, "…Let me feel your love tonight…" he said shyly and almost inaudible. A pink color tinted his cheeks.

Wolfram slowly removed his arms and looked into those enticing black eyes - to find any hint of unwillingness. "Are you sure?" he asked carefully - with anticipation. He had been waiting for this since their wedding night but never got a chance since he was waiting for Yuuri to accept him wholeheartedly.

Now, Yuuri had accepted him.

Loved him.

Yuuri nodded his head shyly and kissed his husband on his lips to convince him. Wolfram smiled into the kiss. Slowly and gently, he laid Yuuri back on the mattress while still kissing him. Hovering over the top of him, he stopped and broke the kiss to make sure that there was no other emotion in those black orbs - except love. Yuuri looked at Wolfram's passionate gaze and smiled reassuring. Wolfram smiled and was sure that there was no other emotion except love and pure happiness in Yuuri's black eyes.

That night, they shared their first time and for the first time since their marriage, their love was shown openly, there was no more walls that prevented them from feeling each other's love. The melancholic night ended up as the happiest night for the Royal Couple when each party confessed their feelings and insecurity for each other.

They spent the days of their honeymoon with their newfound happiness. Yuuri with discovering his feelings towards his husband and Wolfram with new a happiness from Yuuri's love for him. Finally… finally, his husband had come to love him. All of his waiting had finally produced fruits called happiness and love.

While for Yuuri… it was an unexpected love.


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