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Chapter 1: Naruko Uzumaki

Having defeated the demon, the brave shinobi died.

That shinobi was the fourth hokage, the fire shadow, the champion of the hidden leaves.

A gentle breeze blew through the hidden leaf making two blond tiny pigtails sway softly. Dangling from rope's on a mountainside a grin bearing petite girl giggled to herself. "This Is So Cool!" wiping some black paint on her already black baggy tank top she grinned at her biggest prank ever.


Sighing the hokage turned away from his now ruined scroll to the panicking shinobi. "Yes? What is it some new outrage by Naruko I presume?" the ninja nodded furiously "She's defacing the mountain side images of all the heroes of our village your honoured predecessors!" "IN PAINT!" another shinobi pressed both wearing furious and bewildered looks. With a final huff he placed his hat on his balding head and turned to the door muttering about getting a lock before closing it behind him.

"Enough with the stupid pranks!" an angry spectator yelled in anger. "Grow the heck up Naruko!" "Your in so much trouble when they catch you! You know that!" "Your a little trouble maker!" the crowd yelled trying to scold but to Naruko it all became one big hum. Grinning to herself she swung around splashing paint as she did this.

"WANNA-BE'S SHUT UP" looking down at the crowd with an evil grin she laughed. "None of you have what it takes to do something this low! I rule and you drool!"

The hokage walked into the crowd and at Naruko's last comment he frowned up at the blond haired girl. "How dare you? Who do you think you are?" people around him hushed and whispered some smiled knowing that Naruko would get in trouble.

Appearing in a puff of smoke Iruka was gritting his teeth in annoyance. "Lord hokage.. I can't apologize enough..." Iruka drew in a long breath as the hokage squinted his old eyes at the new arrival. "Oh Iruka is that you?"

As Naruko was putting the finishing touches on her master piece the air was quiet and the air around her rumbled. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU DITZ? GET DOWN FROM THERE AND GET BACK TO CLASS!" The aftershock of the yell made her jump also making the rope she was hanging from bounce. The paint in her hand sloshed and splat everything around her. "Master Iruka! I'm screwed!" Turning around her hand accidentally let go of the paint can whizzing towards the group below. She watched with a stifled laugh as it landed on Iruka's head that was now red head to toe in anger and paint "YOU DITZ!"

Tied up, Naruko sat at the front of the class for all her classmates to see. Narrowing her eyes she snorted in anger at her teacher and at the bored looking students who either snickered or looked at her in irritation. She looked away from her snarling teacher in a final defiance. Getting fed up Iruka pointed down at her an angry red tick appearing on his temple. "Tomorrow all your classmates will pass the final and graduate from the ninja academy, But the last two times this day came around, you flunked every course you'd taken in the secret arts!" stopping to catch his breath and glare even deeper he continued. "And You Chose Now For Your Stupid Tricks? You Ditz!" Huffing in annoyance she rolled her eyes at her overly dramatic teacher "Whatever". Iruka turned around at his other students surprising some of them out of their sits from his snapped expression. "TODAY IN CLASS WE'LL BE REVIEWING THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION" "WHAT?" all of his students said in unison even the tied up Naruko who was banging her feet on the ground in an almost tantrum. "All you have to do is conjure a form that looks like me!"

Naruko stood in line waiting for her turn, hands in her baggy orange jacket that hung off her shoulders lazily the collar up hiding the side of her chin. "Next up is Uzumaki" Iruka called making her look up with a frown. "Why can't you act like a normal girl?" someone said from behind her making her growl low in her throat. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" she dragged her feet as she made her way towards Iruka eyes on the ground. "Act like a girl huh?" She thought as a mischievous smile shown on her tanned features. "Well here goes nothing..." she touched the goggles on her head before they clapped in front of her in a hand sign."CHANGE!"

The smoke cleared to a giggling beauty with tied back black hair and a scar running across her nose. The only thing she wore was black and green underwear with the smoke still barely covering her. Iruka gawked at his Mirrored female image. Blood dripped from his nose as he continued to gawk. "GAAAAH!" was the last noise Iruka made before he shot back from his enormous nose bleed. Naruko changed back clutching her stomach as she pointed at Iruka "HaHaHa! How do you like my new jutsu? I call it my sexy jutsu Iruka style!" Ruining Naruko's fun Iruka got back up with bloody tissue sticking out of his nose eyes menacing. "HOW BIG A DITZ ARE YOU?" Naruko stood in his yelling wind with half her face in her collar glaring at Iruka. "You waste all your time and talent inventing these stupid tricks!"

Naruko scrubbed lazily at the paint she had left now wishing she didn't put so much on now. Jacket tied around her small waist she glared at the wash cloth in her hand as if it was the source of her misery. "You don't leave here until every drop of paint is gone" Iruka said arms crossed with a voice with authority. Either way Naruko didn't care and looked up from her cloth "So? It's not like I have anyone waiting at home for me!" realizing what she said she quickly looked back down with an annoyed look "so hah!" she added lastly. But it was too late Iruka saw it the hidden pain she kept only for herself and no one else.

"Naruko..." Catching her attention she narrowed her eyes at her master "what now?" a couple drops of sweat slide down the sides of her face. Eyes looking anywhere but her face Iruka scratched his cheek with a blush "how about once your finished I buy you a bowl of ramen?" These were Naruko's magic words as her face lit up with a happy glow. "YEAH! Don't worry I'll have this cleaned up in no time!" Iruka had to smile at the now bubbly girl's willingness for work.

They sat at the ramen stand snapping their chopsticks apart to dig in. Iruka watched the small girl beside him devour the ramen with a sweat drop. "How can she eat so much she's one of the smallest in my class"? Looking down at his own ramen a thought popped up in his head. "Naruko..?" looking at her master with leftovers still hanging out of her mouth she acknowledged him. "Hmm?" "Why did you choose of all places that spot to deface? I mean you do know who the hokages are right?" he asked trying to make her see what she just did was wrong. Naruko only swallowed and gave Iruka a strange look. "Of course I know. Being hokage mean you were the best shinobi in the entire village" she made a serious look after swallowing her food. "The fourth hokage saved the village from the fox demon by finding a way to defeat it" eyes becoming glazed over with admiration. Iruka nodded his head in understanding "ok then.. But why?"."Because one of these days they'll be calling me lady hokage" with a big grin Naruko turned and pointed her chop sticks at her master. "I'm going to pass everyone who came before me! And when that day comes everyone's going to give me respect at last! Believe it!" Iruka was surprised at the least not at her notion but at the certainty that was carried in her voice, her confidence.

Looking up at her master with big blue sparkling eyes Naruko clutched her hands together in front of her chest. "Umm master can I ask you a favour?" "You want another bowl? Wow for a girl-" "Can I wear your head band?" she cut him off before he said anything that would make her mad and never ask again. "Oh this? Nope sorry not yet, it's a badge of adulthood you don't get one until you graduate" "Awe Man! You're not fair Master Iruka!" "Is that why you took off your goggles?" "I want another bowl of ramen!"

"For your final exam you must generate a dopple ganger! wait here until your name is called than come next door" Iruka announced eyes sweeping everyone in the room staying a half a second longer on Naruko.

When Iruka left the room Naruko threw her hands over her head as it connected painfully against the hardwood desk. "Why'd it have to be that one? That's my worst technique!"

As she walked into the room she looked longingly at the rows of headbands easily imagining herself wearing one. "Well here goes nothing! BEHOLD A PERFECT DOUBLE!" as the smoke cleared Naruko quickly tried to step in front of the disfigured clone who gurgled than tried to smile. "Ah let me redo-" "YOU FAIL!" Iruka looked furious as he called in the next person in while Mizuki gave Naruko a sympathetic look.

Under the shady tree Naruko watched as families congratulated her classmates with big smiles. "Good job sweetie dad's so proud" "Now we're all adults!" "Good job graduate moms gonna cook up a feast tonight!" watching with envy Naruko put on her goggles unbenounced to her two women were watching her whispering things to one another about her.

The crunch of gravel beneath her feet was the only sound she heard not comforting at all. Remembering the many times when she was smaller why she took this way home when she was sad was beyond her. "Naruko" looking back startled "Master Mizuki!" she recognized who it was by the white head of hair. He smiled softly making Naruko blush in embarrassment "Do you want to come see my favourite place in the whole village?" Naruko didn't say anything but look up at the man in complete wonder than nodded her head.

Later that night an orange clad figure snuck against a wall of the hokages house trying to find a way in. "What do you think you're doing in my house in the middle of the night?" Naruko froze mid step as the old man's voice went deep and frightening making a cold shiver go up her spine leaving only dread in her body. Looking back with a nervous smile and a sweaty face she put her hands behind her back innocently. "Oh nothing just- SEXY JUTSU IRUKA STYLE!"

She searched high and low when she finally found her prize and crazy smile appeared on her face after going through such sneaky tactics just to get this of course she was going to be happy. Rolling the giant scroll back up she placed it on her back and ran for the forest her mind dead set on her task.

Finally making it to the clearing in the middle of the forest she took off her jacket glad she brought her orange shorts instead of her jumpsuit pants. Blond pigtails bounced as she jumped up and down excitedly "Yeah! I got it! Believe it! Now let's see what's first". Sitting down with the open scroll her smile faded "Dopple gangers? Awe man! My least favourite technique and suddenly it's turning up everywhere!"

The hokage called all the available shinobi to find the missing valuable scroll. Many yelled that this was the last straw while Iruka stood in the back of the crowd not really believing that this was actually happening. Pulled from his doubts the hokage spoke "This scroll was forbidden by the very first hokage, in the wrong hands it could be very dangerous. We must find that scroll" "SIR!" everyone said in unison before disappearing in black blurs. Iruka stopped to look around on one of the buildings breathing heavily "That ditz! Where she go" seeing the forest an idea came to his mind and off he was again heading towards the forest.

Naruko sat resting from her endless training not noticing the shadow that slowly approached her. "Gotcha" an equally tired Iruka slightly crouched in front of her giving her a scary stare. Not bothered Naruko smiled and got up pointing at him excitedly. "Bout time I found you nose bleed!" "NO YOU DITZ I FOUND YOU!" letting out a sigh Iruka stared at Naruko strangely. Did she really not know she's in trouble? Casually scratching the back of her head Naruko smiled awkwardly. "Heh I guess you did. You move so fast I only got to memorize one technique" Iruka looked more closely her, pigtails were trying to come undone scratches and dirt almost covered her body. "You look exhausted, what have you been doing?" he asked genuinely curious. I've been training cause Master Mizuki said if I master everything in this scroll than you'll let me graduate! He also told me about this place. But then you came I don't know what it is but you always seem to find me" Naruko scratched her whiskered cheek in thought. Iruka stared in dread as he soaked in the information. "Mizuki?" suddenly aware a noise from above broke him out of his realization and instinct kicked in.

Naruko got the wind knocked out of her as she was hit in the stomach by Iruka who got in a cheap shot. During the decent to the ground her ties that held her pigtails together snapped making her chin length hair fall everywhere in a shaggy mop. Looking up from her own pain she seen Iruka suddenly pinned to the wall of the cabin in the forest being held in place by multiple kunai. Looking up from where the barrage of kunai came from stood Mizuki. "Whoa! Man what was that? What's going on?" she looked back and forth at the injured Iruka and smirking Mizuki. "Naruko give me the scroll I can teach you what it all means" Mizuki held his hand out expectantly. "DON'T DO IT NARUKO THAT SCROLL IS VERY DANGEROUS! MIZUKI ONLY USED YOU TO GET IT!" with a gasp Naruko glared up at Mizuki who only smirked evilly down at Naruko's master "You know what happened twelve years ago when the demon fox was sealed away Naruko? After that incident the whole village was swore to a decree..." Naruko looked up at the change of subject but went along with it. "I don't remember any decree" Mizuki chuckled under his breath making her shake involuntarily. "Course you wouldn't part of the decree was that everyone would know but you" "What? Why not me? What are you talking about?" she tried to push further but he only laughed more making her even more impatient. "SHUT UP YOU FOOL!" Iruka's words went unheard as Mizuki looked up at Naruko making her gasp in surprise. "That decree was that no one must ever tell you, that you Naruko Uzuimaki are the demon fox!" Her eyes went wide as she took a step back shaking her head "What are you talking about?" she yelled frantically looking at both hands than at him. "In other words you are the spirit of the nine tailed fox that destroyed the village! It was you who killed Iruka's family!" "STOP IT!" Iruka futilely tried again but was again unheard as Mizuki only spoke louder. "You were bound in this form by the hero fourth hokage! Being made a fool by everyone. If he were honest the great noble Iruka would admit he hates you to!" distracting her Mizuki spun out his shurikun and readied to throw it. While Naruko held back more tears as a gust of power enveloped her making her into one giant anger spit fire. "No one will ever accept you!" Mizuki's last words died out.

"Naruko from the moment you were born you were shunned by the entire village. You never knew a parents love. The best you could hope for was attention not love and you could only get that by getting into trouble and you didn't care about what anybody said as long as someone was paying attention to you." An image of a cheeky Naruko flashed through his mind. "Nyah, nyah master Iruka!"

"It was a brilliant performance Naruko... but it was all a sham to hide your loneliness... and pain"

Knocked on her side Naruko felt wetness on her cheek and looked up. Iruka's face was contorted into a grimace teeth clenching together in pain. To afraid to move Naruko stay in her place tears threatening to fall. Iruka didn't open his eyes only stay still. "W-Why?" she shakily asked after finding her voice from what seemed like hours. "...I..." Iruka shakily made the single word with difficulty.

"With my parents gone there was no one to praise or respect me ...I was so lonely... I became the class clown... anything to get attention. I just wanted someone to notice how good I was... To be proud of me. Being the class clown... was still better than being a nobody.

A small boy with a black ponytail sat in the corner of an empty house.

It... Hurt so much.

"I know that, Naruko I was so hard on you, yelling, scolding... It must have hurt..." Tears slide down Iruka's cheeks onto the surprised Naruko. "Forgive me if I've been a better teacher... a better self... Maybe neither of us would have come to this" a shadow hid her eyes as Naruko turned around and ran away from the truth away from the guilt away from everything.

Pulling the giant windmill shurikun from his back Iruka didn't look at the evil shinobi. "She's going to get revenge on the whole village now for what everyone's done to her you seen those eyes, they were the eyes of a demon" Iruka still didn't turn back only huffed in exhaustion. "You... don't know ...Naruko at all" "I don't have to know her to kill her!"

Back at the village the hokage sat with a pair of seriousness as he looked into his crystal ball. "Mizuki how could you do such a thing to poor Naruko. I have to find her"

Running from branch to branch Iruka slowed when he caught up to a familiar black tank top. "Naruko quickly give me the scroll that all that Mizuki's after" Bursting off the tree Naruko collided with Iruka's stomach head-on completely knocking him off and towards the ground."Heh how do you know I wasn't Iruka?" another cloud of smoke appeared where Naruko once was now an injured hunched Iruka was a smug grin. "Because I'm him" Mizuki smiled as well but a lot more smug. "Iruka how noble of you saving your parents murderer for what? What would to happen if we let him live?". "Then maybe the scroll is safer from a complete scum bag" he snarled. Mizuki let out a low chuckle and a shake of his head "Me and Naruko are two of a kind"

From behind a nearby tree Naruko listened as they talked hugging the scroll close to her chest in an old habit. "Two of a kind?" "That's right we both hunger power. The demon in her especially you were right to fear her, despise her." Everything was quiet and Naruko took that as confirmation that he agreed with Mizuki. "So master does blame me for what happened" guilt made her clutch the scroll closer. "It's true I hate the demon but not Naruko. Never Naruko she's a good student and I respect her". Hiding her face in her arms Naruko sobbed quietly.

"Awe how touching look at you almost dying and still want to defend her" Mizuki whipped out a weapon and charged letting his guard down. "Goodbye Iruka!".

Very thing was in a blur when Naruko showed up surprising both chunins with her speed and strength. She rolled into a ball knocking Mizuki off course and letting go of his weapon. "You touch my Master you die!" "Ha I'll kill you with one hit!" "Oh yeah?" in a puff of smoke hundred more giggling blondes appeared behind her hair down orange shorts black tank tops with evil grins. "Well I'll return every hit a hundred times worse!" both men opened and closed their mouths almost like fish. "Well if you're not going to move I will!" She charged forward signalling the others behind her to copy her.

A beaten up Mizuki after Naruko crouched beside his body poking his side with a stick. "Umm I think I over did it" smiling she scratched her whiskered cheek with a fox like grin. "Naruko come here" doing what she was told Naruko sat in front of Iruka with big blue eyes of curiosity. "Close your eyes" slightly taken back Naruko looks around for a way out not wanting to be hit across the head for stealing the scroll. Seeing none she sighed and closed her eyes tightly knuckles turning white as she was expecting a hit from her teacher. "Open your eyes" Iuka's blurry smiling face made her relax but once she noticed the missing head band her hand unconsciously touched her forehead fingers coming in contact with metal. "Congratulations... Graduate"

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