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"Get off me Shizuno! I was just about to score the big win! Get off! I said get off!" the hulky drunk man screamed, flailing his giant arms in the slot machines direction. His slim assistant pulled a nervous expression at his antics, struggling the bigger mans weight. Great… people were watching them leave.

"I think you've had enough Lord Tsunade." He tried reasoning, but the older male didn't get his name 'stubborn prince' for nothing. "Shizino! I command you to stop commanding me to do things!" was his drunk slur. The mousy helper just shook his head with a nervous chuckle. "My lord, I think you need to rest." He was answered with a loud induced alcohol snore."Snore! Snore!…. More Snore … sake..Snore"

"heheh… oh goody, now how am I going to get you back to the hotel?"


"… so you and your organization are after Naruko all along then."

That's what Jiraiya had said, of course she was right.. but it was a such an enormous shocker that Naruko was still recovering from it.

"What is it?" came a bored drawl.

Her hand unconsciously gripped her stomach, the spot of her seal. "This thing… What is this thing anyway?" she asked, her tone distant and dull. "This… monster attacked Konoha, that's why everyone's scared of it. But why did those guys want it?"

"The nine-tails is indeed a monster. It's been appearing age after age, a demon hell bent of destruction. People of old feared it… but as for why this 'Akatsuki' organization would want you… I'm guessing it's to harness that destructive power." Jiraiya couldn't see the young girls expression behind her shadowing hair, but figured she was feeling scared. It was understable, she would've been terrified of a gang of S-rank criminals out to get her as well. "You'll be having to watch your back for the rest of your life, but I'll be there to protect you so don't-"

"And that's exactly why I have to get stronger." There was that strength in her eyes, burning brightly for all to see. "So let's hurry up and find this Tsunade person! He'll fix Sasuke, and we can finally start training!"

The Toad sage's bright red lips quirked upwards in a smile, she found the hyper child's attitude adorable. "That's Naruko for ya…"

A thought struck the young blond. "Oh! Is this Tsunade dude one of the 'three legendary salami'?" Her mentor snapped "Sanin! Sanin! you ignorant little twit!... and yes."

Ignoring her clearly unjustified outburst Naruko continued with her inquiries. "Than how old is he?"

"My age!" she chirped,

"He's ooold than."

"Why you little!"

(A few moments later…)

"So what's this Tsunade guy like?" Naruko asked, finally feeling the lump on the top of her start to go down.

Jiraiya had to think, trying to find the best way to describe her old teammate. "Well… he's a bit annoying, a compulsive gambler and drinker he's well known as the legendary sucker."

"Legendary sucker?" that was a curious nick name.

"It's because the idiot has no talent or luck when it comes to gambling, but… he always keeps on gambling, always been a stubborn man… people used to call him 'stubborn prince' when we were younger, sure he was a looker, but a 'prince' is just pushing it." She didn't notice she was rambling or just didn't seem to care, but Naruko had never seen that expression on her face before. Clear annoyance knitted with nostalgic happiness, it was a look that suited her age.

"Um… is that good or bad?" she was confused whether the man was nice or mean and the way Jiraiya was imaging him made him out to be lazy, "It's annoying, but other than that he's an amazing medical ninja." Naruko decided it was better to just accept that the guy was good and leave it at that.

"Wow! I've never seen so many people before!" bustles of people rushed the streets, stalls and vendors of festival games lining the pathway. Her giant blue eyes took in the extravagant scenery with excitement. Lady Jiraiya smiled at the girl's expression, "This'll be a break before the training begins. And until the festival is over… we'll stay here for now and do the training here as well!"

"YEAH!" she yelled excitedly, no one was paying attention though because of the festivities that surrounded them, what was one excited screaming child to the other?

"So what are we gonna do first?!" That caught the toad summoner off guard, but didn't let it show on her face. "Ehh... well you see, I gotta prepare a bunch a things for your training! So you probably won't see me until tomorrow morning! Yeah, so you go and have fun!" and just like that, she was gone. "Oh well! She said to have fun! So that's what I'm going to do!….." she hesitant to turn and walked away but she did, hoping to find a fun game to get her mind off the guilt she felt.

Of course she couldn't take her mind off her mentor. After a full hour of doing just about everything she's always wanted to do since she was four, Naruko finally realized it was useless to try and cheer herself up. While she played and had fun, Jiraiya was working her butt-off doing god-knows-what… for her!

So, out of the 'kindness' of her heart she finally broke down and bought two dumplings, best in the nation-what the man said. It was pretty easy to get her whereabouts with such an outrageous and scantly attire. All-in-all her search for the woman had taken her to a rowdy area in the festival, men grabbing at the dumplings as her head bobbed through the sea of bodies. It was difficult to fight off drunk idiots from trying to take her food, but she persevered. Thinking if the old woman could handle these types of people than so can she.

"Hey old woman!-" A light red hue lit her face in humiliation. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Jiraiya's head lolled backwards over a couch, finding her favourite little person with sweets. "Oh! Hey Naruko! Aww that's soo sweet of you to-"

"WHAT THE HELL?!" she repeated, clearly the woman was too intoxicated to notice the intimate position she had currently seated herself in. The two young men currently being used as couch cushions smiled at the newcomer with sheepish drunk looks. Of course she would go for a couple of dimwitted young virgins, they must've been the easiest for her to catch in this slew of handsome men.

"What?.." it took her a couple seconds to finally get her meaning, "Oh! I umm… ah! It's all for-"

"THAT'S BULL! WHY'D I BELIEVE YOU?! YOU CRADDLE-ROBBING HAG!" Naruko unknowingly tossed the two sweets, not caring where they landed. Unfortunately for her… she should've.

"Hey! Brat with the mouth! You dirtied my boss's suit!" turning to the one who called, she found two smartly dressed business-like men, both wearing black sunglasses inside. It took a bit of self-restraint to not roll her eyes at her last thought. "Oh… umm sorry? I'll pay for it. How much?" the one standing behind the bigger man smirked. "100,000…"

She nodded her head, trying to think of how much money left she had before what he said finally sunk in. "W-WHAT?! I don't have that kind of money! There's no way I can pay for that in one night!"

"Than you're in luck! My boss owns a nice little 'restaurant' that's looking for young pretty little workers! With a unique face like yours we could get a bit of variety!" she was-not liking where this conversation was going.

"Tell me something…"Jiraiya interrupted their little shake down. "Exactly how much girls have you employed?" They gave her a nervous look, expecting her to be a cop of some kind, but one look at her lewd and alcoholic state relieved any suspicion. In this town no serious peacekeeper would act so provocatively without risking their precious reputation. "Mind you own business, nosy woman."

"You wanna know what I hate more than people threatening young girls?" she reminded Naruko of their earlier encounter with the two Akatsuki abductors, when she stopped Kisame from taking a leg. "…People who trick girls." A bright blue ball of chakra spun wildly in her right hand. Naruko was the only to see the woman's movements when she stuck her hand between the two men, causing both to flip uncontrollably backwards and out onto the street. Smashing an innocent merchant's stall to pieces.

The blond was stunned in complete awe. Eyes wide, mouth slightly hung ajar. Well now… that was unexpected.

"m-m-my stall!" the owner babbled, Jiraiya sluggishly tittered back around to look at him. "Oh… yeah, I'll pay for that… umm can I have the water balloons?"


"Alright kiddy! Training day one begins! Got that water balloon I gave you before?" she nodded, presenting it to her. "Right!" her fingers clutched the rubber exterior lightly, not applying to much pressure. But none-the-less it burst in her hand. "Did you see what I did?"

"Wow! That was amazing! Tell me how you did it!" Naruko was bounding happily in one spot, like an excited child.

Jiraiya smiled softly. "Do you remember the water walking? How you concentrated a certain amount of chakra to one place?... well it's the same basic idea, but this time it's much smaller and theirs more spinning involved. Look…" Naruko looked curious down at hand finding the palm with a black swirl in the middle. "It helps me concentrate. "

Warm bright light splashed across the ground at their feet. Naruko had to untangle herself from the older woman's arms and legs to sit up. This new day was already annoying and painful. A trebly weak hand rose to brush the static hair from her face. "Get up you old shrew… I'm hungry." She poked and shook, but was an in vain, the woman was a deep sleeper.

"Fine than… I'm going to the bathroom."

Jiraiya pried an eye open to watch her leave and heaved a heavy sigh "Ugh… look at that hair… I'm gonna have to teach her how to brush that hair."

Naruko was halfway to the bathroom when she noticed a black cat cross her path, of course she was never a superstitious person; she just hated cats. The moment it laid it's eyes on her the ugly little creature's back arched and hissed. A glared knitted her brow and she let out her own little animalistic growl. "Grr stupid cat! Go away why don't cha!"

Its eyes gleams and caught sight of a something much more interesting than her, without warning it pounced near her feet nearly making her jump in fright. "GAACK! STUPID CAT LEAVE ME ALONE!" she barked,

She wasn't expecting to find the dumb feline to be rolling around on the ground… with her training balloon?!

"Hey! Hey you dumb cat that's not a toy! I need that for training." Naruko watched with irritation as it swatted at her water balloon back and forth between its paw, right up until it burst in an explosion of weird smelling water, soaking the cat from head to toe. It seemed to understand her laughter and launched itself at her, using her face as its own scratching post. "Ahhh! I just laughing! It's your own fault for being stupid!" the tiny creature didn't like the tone of her voice and double its efforts in making her feel pain.


"So what's with the new look?" Jiraiya questioned, although she wasn't interested in the first place. But Naruko answered none-the-less. "A cat got mad at me for laughing at him!" did she sound happy?

"Well… okay than, I hope you've had your fun. Cause this is where all the fun and games come to and end. And the serious training begins…"