These Dimension Holes

omnious: Okay then, this story… credit to Haosbringer981. Because of his story, I got an idea of this story. Of course I have asked him either I can use his idea or not. Thankfully, he allows me to use his idea.

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Prelude 1

A Distorted Being

Human world, as the time passes, no one ever think of there is another world beside their world. But that is not true. There is another world, the world they fantasize as a game named Grand Chase. This game is so popular and a lot of GC'ers took so much time to play it. Several of them has been addicted to this game.

Now let the story begins with a boy who also a GC'er. He played it but we were not addicted by it. He only loved the game and played only to refresh every of burden he got. This boy was not too popular, but that was not means he wasn't popular. He was a good fighter both in Grand Chase and real world. He had ever beaten bad boys and liked to help the weak, a kind of hero. His name is Ziel Pentral. With his black spiky hair and black eyes, he wore middle high school uniform like the others, white shirt, blue pants, and a pair of black shoes with white shocks inside it.

"Nothing interesting these days…" Ziel muttered.

"Don't say thing like that! You must enjoy your everyday." a boy behind him said.

He saw at the source and he found his pal there. He is Quis Sequor. He was also GC'er and mostly they went to Elia Continent's Dungeons together. They are friend since in play group and they have never separated, always in the same school and in the same class. He also has a black hair, but his hair is straight, not spiky. His eyes are black and wore eyeglass. Of course he also wore the same school uniform.

"There is still one more class. Don't whine now." Quis told Ziel.

"I know, but I hope this one ended quicker since this is the last class." Ziel said while he leaned on his chair and put his both hands to her back of his head.

"I hear that Ziel. I'll make sure this class last long enough until the bell rang." the teacher said, shocking Ziel which quickly placed his hands on the desk.

Obviously he got some death glares from most of his classmates. He buried his face in his arms on the table, indicating that he was embarrassed. One of his friends, a girl, sighed. She was the most popular female student in the school. Smart, beautiful, kind, there were many other great things to describe her. She is Aposta Violo. She was Ziel and Quis friend in play group. But she went to another elementary school and they met again in this school.

'Why must I meet this Block Head again?' she though.

"Aposta, could you answer the question on this page?" the teacher asked her.

"Yes, sir." she replied.

She stood and said her answer. When she stood, most boys looked at her black colored straight hair that long enough to her waist. With her shiny black eyes were looking at the teacher which was waiting for the outcome of her answer. She answered and obviously her answer was right. The teacher said that and let her sit again.

"Wow... this question so hard to understand, but she answer it well." one of her classmates whispered to the other.

The class truly last until the bell rang, then the teacher went out from the class. The students packed their belongings and started to go home.

"Will you online this evening?" Quis asked Ziel.

"Hmm… maybe I need to stress out this last class…" Ziel answered.

"Don't forget to study, Block Head." Aposta mocked.

"I'm no block head, you Shy Princess!" he responded back.

Then, they had mouth fight on Ziel's desk. It took some minutes for them to calm down. They quickly went out from the class and walked to their houses. Quis was near them, but he was only hearing the entire mouth fight and following Ziel to go home. They were chatting on the way and parted as Ziel arrived at his house. He waved his hand and got a reply the same hand-waving.

Ziel quickly went to his room, of course after saying 'I'm home' as courtesy. He changed his cloth into blue shirt with Ronan's face as the motif and white pants with red vertical stripes on its right and left. He also changed his shoes into white shoes and he went out again.

Ziel was walking towards Aposta's house to continue the unfinished fight, but on the way, he saw a child got bullied by 3 of his school friends. He quickly came near them and scolded the bullies. Of course they know who they were facing and they let that child to go away. Ziel's business was still on the way. He was angry at the bullies and stopped them from walking away.

"Stop right there!" Ziel shouted angrily.

"No!" one of them shouted and ran away.

Ziel could catch him and drag him towards the other. Then he started to scare the bullies. He clenched his hands and saw them as if they were his prey. But then, the fat one took a gun from his pocket and aimed it at him.

"Stop! This gun is real!" he threatened.

"So what?" Ziel said as he walked towards him.

"I-I'll shoot you!" he threatened more, but Ziel was not wavering.

That fat bully got himself full of sweat and then he pulled the trigger. Ziel quickly evaded the bullet and slapped the gun upwards. When the gun pulled by gravity, he took it and threaten the bully back as he pointed it to him. The fun ended as a portal opened behind Ziel.

"This is so tiring." a voice, a deep woman voice could be heard. This voice was enough to inflict fear just by hearing it.

A woman figure appeared. She wore odd clothes. Her hair is purple and her eyes are red. As she saw at her front, two bullies were running away, Ziel and the fat bully still on their place. She smirked and walked towards Ziel.

"Who are you?" Ziel asked as he pointed that gun.

"Oh, my. What is that thing? It is so small." she said calmly and continued with a smirk, "Oh, right, how rude of me. I'm Kaze'aze."

"Kaze'aze? Where have I heard that name… wait! You're The Queen of Darkness?" Ziel realized at instant and he threw away the gun. He knew that that gun was no use against her.

"Hey you…" he told that bully without looking at him. His attention was on the figure in front of him, Kaze'aze. "Run! As fast as you can!" he ordered, but instead of being obeyed, he heard a shot. His head got pierced by a bullet. He saw his back and found that the bully held that gun and he is the one who shot him. His consciousness was now fading away.

"Now now… it is a shame to kill each other like that. No matter, I can bring you and his soul back to my castle." Kaze'aze said as she brought that bully with his magic and took Ziel's soul away. She went inside the portal and the portal disappeared.

That time, Quis saw at those 2 scared bullies and he meant to advise Ziel a little. He found Ziel's body on the ground with so many bloods flown. He ran as fast as he could, he lifted his body a little. Ziel's body still had heart beat, more like his consciousness was taken, not literally his very soul. Quis quickly called hospital to get a help.

Beside the portal, Kaze'aze was flying above Serdin. This was not like she wanted to be here, it was just the portal itself was an unstable dimension hole. Ziel, or rather his consciousness, opened his eyes. He got a body here, in Grand Chase World and he struggled to free himself from Kaze'aze's spell that imprisoned him. He didn't know what to do or what he was doing. At that time, from his hand, a big amount of mana gathered and pierced Kaze'aze's spell broke him free. Now Ziel was on a free drop situation and bellow him was a forest. He landed harshly, bruised here and there. Of course that hard land took his consciousness away.

"Hey, Amy, who is this guy?" a woman voice could be heard.

"I don't know. We should bring him back and give him a treatment." the one named Amy said.

The location was at Trial Forest, and those who found Ziel were Lire, Amy, and Ryan. Ryan brought him back to the mansion, Lire searched for Arme to heal him, and Amy started to cook for dinner.

After several hours, Ziel opened his eyes and found that he was at unknown place. Normally people would freak out, but Ziel wouldn't freak away like the others. He let himself sleep a little more to ease his pain. After several more hours, the sun shone from the window and succeeded in waking him up.

"Uhm… the sun shine hits my eyes." he whined.

"Are you alright?" Arme asked.

"I'm alright. Oh, yeah, where is this?" he asked without looking or noticing to who he was asking.

"This is Grand Chase Mansion." she answered.

"Grand Chase… I have heard that name… wait! Grand Chase you say? Ugh…" he said slowly then freaked after realized what that name was. He felt hurt because he forced his body to sit.

"Be careful, your body still weak." she said and pushed him back to lie down.

"That reminds me. What happened to Kaze'aze? Where is she? And… where is he?" he asked.

"Kaze'aze? You mean The Queen of Darkness? I don't know, but she must be at her castle." Arme said.

"I think… I am a dead person now…" he said as he was touching his head. But he found no scratch from the bullet.

"Why are you thinking like that?" Arme asked, tilting her head.

"… Never mind. I'll tell you everything after I know my situation." he said and he went back to his sleep.

"Have a good rest." Arme told him and she went away.

The next day, in the morning,

Ziel felt his body lighter. He went to have a walk and smelled food. Arme and Amy were cooking for breakfast and the smell got Ziel's attention. He searched for the source while sniffing it. Then a voice could be heard.

"The meals are ready!" Amy shouted.

All the chasers came to Dining Room and Ziel was following. They had meals there. Ziel saw Grand Chase full members and their shocking attitudes. After 'struggling' over foods, Elesis asked Ziel.

"Mind telling us about your name and your origins?" she asked.

"Hmm… I'm Ziel Pentral and I came from Indonesia." he answered. (Note: I was meant to use another country, but I realized it was not good, so I use my own)

"What place is that? How do you come here?" Amy asked cheerfully.

"I can't tell you much about my place and I don't know the details how I came here, but I know that this is not my place." he answered.

"You met Kaze'aze right? Maybe it is her doing." Arme said.

"Maybe, I really hope you're right, Arme." he replied.

"!" Arme shocked, "Why did you know my name?"

"Sorry to shock you. But I know each of your names. Elesis, Lire, Lass, Sieghart, Jin, Amy, Ryan, Mari and also Ronan." he said.

"Are we that famous?" Ronan asked.

"But, he still doesn't mention my name." Dio said.

"Err… sorry about you. I don't know your name." Ziel said.

"I'm Dio, remember that!" he said.

"Then, I'm Ley." Ley said.

"My name's Zero," Zero said and he took his sword, "and this is Grandark." "Hi there," Grandark said.

Ziel nearly jumped from his chair because Grandark. But he calmed himself down.

"Mind telling us more?" Amy asked while leaning on Ziel's lap.

"O-okay…" he answered, a little troubled. He was not too good to deal with a girl.

Ziel told them that he was absorbed into a hole, maybe a dimensional hole, together with Kaze'aze which suddenly appeared together with the hole. He also told them that he knew their names from a game, Grand Chase. He also said that they had different outfits than in the game, maybe because they had advanced to the next jobs. Obviously, when he played, they were still in third jobs (2nd Job Change in IDGC) but now he met them in their 4th jobs.

"That's all I can tell you. The rest… I don't understand myself." Ziel ended his story.

"Dimensional hole? It connects our world with your world." Mari said in calm tone.

"This is epic story. Do you hit your head?" Ryan mocked him not sympathizing him.

"Tree-hugger is just thinking like a tree." Sieghart mocked Ryan because of his comment.

"Shut up you Stupid Immortal!" Ryan mocked him back.

"Now now, stop your childish actions." Lire said to calm them, "Do you know how to go back to your world?" she asked Ziel and got a head shook as an answer.

They kept on talking or rather interrogating Ziel for an hour. After that, Elesis told him to follow her to Training Ground. Ziel followed her and saw some weapons. She ordered him to pick one that was the best for him. Ziel choose a sword and tried to swing it away several times.

"This one!" he said full of confidence.

While they were walking to Training Ground, Lire reported the situation to Knight Master. Knight Master went to Grand Chase Mansion as she got the report. They went to Training Ground after asking Jin.

"Try to spar with me." Elesis said, unsheathing her Ssanggeom, both of them.

"Hey! That is no fair! I only hold one sword!" Ziel protested.

"Okay then, I'll use one." she said while sheathing one of her Ssanggeom. "Let's start!"

Knight Master and Lire arrived on time. Elesis started to charge at Ziel and swung her sword vertically from above. Ziel blocked that attack and countered with a horizontal slash. Elesis jumped back a little and slashed back (evasion slash) which also blocked by him. He looked so confused because he didn't expect that Elesis has a move like that. He stepped back to create a gap, but she jumped to him and gave him a powerful vertical swing (Windmill Slash). He evaded it by centimeters and tried to slash her. Elesis quickly put his sword as a cover to protect herself in time. Ziel stepped back again and create a gap for him to think about those odd moves.

'What is this? I have miscalculated her movements.' he thought.

Elesis put herself in standby waiting for incoming attack. She got it. Ziel ran towards her and gave her a powerful slash. She evaded it by centimeters, nearly got slashed on her neck. Then she countered with a slash and a kick. The slash got blocked, but the kick went in and she hit his hand which grabbing the sword with her Ssanggeom's hilt. Ziel's sword got sent flying and thrusting the ground.

"What a wonderful move." Lire complimented.

"Yeah," Knight Master responded.

Elesis saw at Ziel's face. He glared at her, not accepting his defeat. Elesis sighed and told him, "Take your sword and we'll have another round." Ziel walked towards the sword. Before he took it, a mysterious voice rang in his head.

'You know that sword isn't your best, don't you?'

He shook his head to search the owner of that voice, but he found no one. He closed his eyes and said in mind, 'Who are you? You seemed to know me well.'

'I'm a part of you. You must realize that you're a Soul Gunner.' that voice telling him.

'Soul Gunner?' he said in his mind and when he opened his eyes, he saw a gun summoned from nowhere. It looked like Mari's Maverick, but at the same time, looked like a Revolver also.

'That is your weapon, a Soul Gun.'

He grabbed it and pointed it at Elesis then said, "I don't know who you are, but I am so grateful you are telling me about my weapon."

'Try using your skill.'

He focused his mind at the gun and pulled the trigger. "Soul Buster!" he shouted and from that gun, a mana bullet flew to Elesis. Elesis evaded it by moving her head a little and the bullet hit the wall, creating a big hole. The result shocked Elesis, Lire, Knight Master, and Ziel himself.

"What is the meaning of this?" he asked to no one, but he got no answer or even heard the voice. That voice disappeared as soon as he pulled the trigger.

Knight Master got hold of her-self and clapped her hands. "Wonderful, want to join Grand Chase?" she asked Ziel. Ziel confused for a moment and gave her answer "Yes, I want to if I can." "I'll have a talk about this matter with The Queen." she said and she went back to the castle.

"From nothing goes to our new member, great achievement!" Elesis said and she patted his back.

"Congratulation to you," Lire also said.

"Thanks," he replied.

'But still… Soul Gunner? Soul Gun? Soul Buster? I don't understand any of these…' he thought.

Let's skip a little, until the time he understood his situation.

At the Meeting Room,

"You have known Ziel and now he is officially Grand Chase member." Knight Master said.

"Please introduce yourself." she continued.

"Okay, I'm Ziel, a Soul Gunner, nice to meet you all." he said.

omnious: Okay, this chapter end here. Here are some notes:

Ziel means soul at Dutch and Pentral means spirit at Latin.

Quis means tracker at Latin and Sequor is just a random name.

Aposta is just a name from disassembling Apostles and Violo means piece, can also means break in Latin

Ziel's job is Soul Gunner with Soul Gun as his weapon.

Soul Buster is the only Sp Skill he has. Other supporting skill and the detail of his skill will be told next chapter.