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"Ciel! Cieeeell! Waaaake uuupp!"

A low, irritated groan sounded deep in the now awake Earl Phantomhive's throat. This was certainly a different way to wake up—a high, girl voice excitedly squealing rather than the deep, velvety voice of his butler and the clinking of tea cups. Before Ciel could muster up the energy to respond, the sudden weight of a body attacking him made him gasp and his mismatched eyes shoot wide open.

He was met with an abundance of golden curls and wide, bright green eyes sparkling excitedly at him. He quickly shut his right eye, not wanting Elizabeth to see the Faustian contract on it. He doubted she would have noticed anyway. "Good, you're awake!" she squealed. "Oh, I'm so excited! Hurry and get out of bed, I've got a lovely surprise for you!"

Ciel could only stare, still half asleep. How can one be so hyper in the morning? he thought warily. "Lizzie... what a surprise," he said, trying to hide his annoyance. "What time is it?"

"It's eight o'clock! Sebastian let me in and said I could wake you up a little early today, it was so nice of him! He really is quite lovely, isn't he?" She obviously didn't expect an answer, and Ciel wasn't about to give her one. She didn't need to know how he felt about Sebastian. He shut his eyes warily, exhaling loudly. Lizzie made a sound of frustration and was about to say something when the door to Ciel's room crept open.

"Good morning, young master." Ciel opened his left eye a fraction to see his black haired demon butler walk into the room, holding a tray in his long, black-clad arms. A wicked smile curled his lips upon seeing the death stare Ciel was sending his way. "Did you sleep well?"

"I was," Ciel muttered.

"Lady Elizabeth informed me that she had a surprise for you and insisted I let her wake you up. It's not a problem, is it?" He set the tray on the table next to the large bed, his dark red eyes looking up through thick lashes to see what Ciel's reaction. They seemed to laugh as the earl just sent him another, more intense death stare.

Finally Ciel looked away, slowly, from his butler, rolling his eyes in annoyance. "No. Of course it's not," he said. His frown deepened as his blue eye slid over to Elizabeth, who was sitting on top of him, bouncing like he was a trampoline. "Lizzie..." he said softly. "I know you're my fiancée, but may I ask you to leave while I get dressed? I don't want you to see."

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed, flustered. "Of course, I don't know what I was thinking—" She got off the bed ad rushed out of the room. Her footsteps faltered and then she poked her head back into the room, smiling, "I'll wait in the parlour, and do hurry! Sebastian, don't let him put anything complicated on!" With that, she left, her short heels making clicking sounds down the hallway. When the sound faded and they were completely alone, Ciel sighed and turned to Sebastian, finally opening both of his eyes.

"Never, I repeat, never let Elizabeth wake me up again, and that is an order," he snapped, rubbing his temples. "I've got a headache already, and the day hasn't even started." He yawned. "What is so special about today that she had to come so early, anyway?"

Sebastian smiled and bowed, muttering, "Yes, my lord." He straightened up and poured a cup of tea. "Don't you know, young master? Today is... Halloween, I believe that is what they are calling it these days." His eyes were amused, and Ciel supposed they had every right to be. Any demon would surely find a day like this ridiculous.

Still, he stared in disbelief before huffing and falling back into his pillows. "That's what she's so excited about?" He groaned. "Kill me, now, before I do it myself."

"Is that an order?" Sebastian asked, tilting his head to the side. His eyes started to glow pinkinsh-red, and Ciel blushed, looking away.

"Don't be ridiculous."

The demon smiled again, and walked over to slide the curtains open. Instantly light flooded the room and Ciel squinted against the suddenness of it, dimly able to make out the black form of Sebastian standing before him. "Would you like your morning tea now, or after you speak with Lady Elizabeth?"

Ciel immediately said, "After. I'll need a stress reliever, I'm certain..." He brushed his bangs out of his eyes and sat up. "Now, help me get dressed."

"Of course." In less than a second, he was kneeling before Ciel, barely a foot away, his nimble fingers swiftly undoing the button-up nightgown the earl had on. Ciel suddenly couldn't help but remember—yes, remember, as he'd noticed several times before—how handsome Sebastian really was, and how good he smelled. Like every one of the magnificent treats he'd ever prepared times six hundred and sixty six, with a hint of something else, something Ciel had never smelt before he'd summoned him. His cheeks heated up against his will and he tried not to breathe too much. Shiny black hair moved like silk in a breeze and he wanted to touch it and see if it was as damned perfect as it looked—but he didn't, of course. The nightgown slipped off of his shoulders and fell in a pile around his waist, and Sebastian's long, graceful hands picked it up, setting it next to the boy's hip. Ciel wondered idly what it would feel like to have those hands caressing his body, running through his hair and—

"My lord?"

Ciel snapped out of his daze. He realized he was blushing slightly and cleared his throat, wishing those thoughts had never entered his head. It was happening too often. "What?"

"Are... you alright?" Sebastian asked hesitantly.

"Yes. Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

Sebastian shook his head. "Your cheeks were turning rather red, and you weren't breathing. I thought perhaps you were having another asthma attack."

Ciel looked away. "No, no, I'm fine..."

"If you insist."

Ciel's thoughts almost started drifting again, but his stubbornness took hold and he ignored it, letting Sebastian dress him quietly.


"Mister Sebastiaaaaaaaaaaan! Young maaaasteer! Heeelp uus!" Finny's high, panicked voice reached their ears before Ciel and Sebastian could even open the door the parlour. Identical sighs of wariness escaped them and their eyes met momentarily as they braced themselves for the—cuteness—Lizzie had surely created. Sebastian swung the door open.

"Oh dear Lord," Ciel said flatly, staring at the now orange and black, sparkly garland, Jack-O-Lantern, cheesy decoration filled room. It smelt strongly of pumpkin spice, to the point where Ciel actually thought his head had a chance of exploding. "Elizabeth, what have you done?"

Before Lizzie could respond, Bard, Finny and Mey-Rin jumped out of nowhere and attached themselves to Sebastian's legs, all three wailing loudly and screaming "She's crazy! She's crazy!" at the top of their lungs, over and over again. Ciel pinched the bridge of his nose ad Sebastian looked down at the servants with a look of calm disinterest.

"Help us, master!" Mey-Rin screeched, grabbing Ciel's tiny ankle like she was some sort of zombie. "She stuffed us into these costumes, she did! It was a sneak attack!" Bard and Finny nodded quickly in agreement. The maid was wearing a light gray bodysuit, which was tight enough to make Ciel blush a little. Her red hair was tucked underneath the hood, which had two obscenely large round ears protruding from it. Her nose was painted black, and tiny little whiskers were visible on her cheeks. There was also a long, thin tail.

"Mey-Rin... are you supposed to be a mouse?"

"I am, sir!"

"And I'm 'sposed to be a cat, see!" Finny gestured to his black bodysuit, again with a hood, but this one had smaller, more pointed ears and a thicker tail. He had similar makeup, and his green eyes were wide. ""She's got us all in matching costumes, she's mad!"

"I see," Sebastian said, grinning. "How about you, Baldroy?" he asked, seeming way too amused for the situation. Ciel supposed there wasn't really such a thing as too amused once he spotted the grimace on the cook's stubbly face... and the costume he was sporting. He had to stifle a laugh behind his hand and disguise it as a cough, but Bard still got the message. He glowered.

"Isn't it obvious?" he asked gruffly, rubbing at his neck with one hand and gripping a long, black whip with the other. He tugged down the uncomfortably short skirt and adjusted the black and red fishnet top, which had a leather vest over top of it that did nearly nothing to cover any skin. He shifted from foot to foot, obviously not accustomed to the knee high black high-heeled boots he'd been forced into. "I'm a lion tamer" he grumbled, "and Lady Elizabeth is one twisted little girl. She threatened me by sayin' she'd use this here whip on me if I didn't keep it on..." He went on grumbling things no one could make out. Finny giggled.

"So, then, who's your ma—" Before Ciel could finish, Elizabeth's high, excited voice suddenly sounded loudly in the room as she skipped in. "Ooooh! You all look adorable!"

...And out with her came Tanaka, dressed in a child's lion costume. Bard facepalmed and muttered dark things as the old man did his croaky little old man laugh and sipped his Japanese tea. Sebastian chuckled as Tanaka sat next to Bard and Ciel nearly choked on his spit at the whole display.

"And what are you, Lady Elizabeth?" Sebastian asked, gesturing to her light blue dress and loose curls cascading down her back.

"I'm Alice, from Alice in Wonderland!" she squealed excitedly, clasping her hands together. "I've gotten Grell to dress like the Cheshire Cat, he looks positively adorable! Come out, won't you, mister Grell?"

A pair of yellow eyes peeked out from the door. "I look ridiculous."

"You look lovely! Now, come out here!"

Grell made a little 'eep' sound and scurried out. No one, not even Sebastian, could manage to keep a straight face once the sight before them registered in their eyes. Grell had a purple and pink tail, with matching ears and bright striped clothes to go with it. He was a mess of pink and purple. It was by far the most ridiculous thing Ciel had ever seen, and even Bard's outfit had nothing on this. It all clashed immensely with the angry red flush on Grell's cheeks.

"Oh no!" he went on about killing himself, but no one paid it much mind, used to it by now. Grell sulked in the corner.

"The young master and Sebastian are the only ones with no costumes," Bard commented, lighting a cigar. He inhaled deeply. Ciel could honestly say he could probably use one as well, right about now. "What d'ya got planned for them?"

"Uh, no. No, that's alright," Ciel said quickly, backing up. "That won't be necessary. I've got work to do, and Sebastian—"

"I won't have it!" Lizzie cried. Ciel flinched. "Ciel, you must wear the costume I picked for you, I went through so much trouble to find the perfect one! It matches with Sebastian's, oh please tell me you'll wear it!" She widened her eyes pleadingly and stuck her bottom lip out in a pout, her hands clasped tightly in front of her chest. Ciel stared, indecision written clear on his normally cold features.

"It would be terribly rude to refuse, my lord." Sebastian smiled.

Ciel opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again, and the finally irritably sighed and said, "Alright. But only because you went through so much trouble, Lizzie." Lizzie squealed before he was even done speaking and grabbed his hand, dragging him off. Ciel glared at his butler, silently ordering him to follow, as he was dragged off to what he knew would be a little slice of Hell in sparkly, fluffy, adorable form.


Sparkly? Check. Fluffy? Check. Aorable? In Lizzie's terms, check. In Ciel's... not so much.

"Is this a woman's costume, Elizabeth?" he demanded, staring into the huge mirror in the corner of his room with absolute horror. "How could you have me wear a dress?" Not that he hadn't before, of course... he shuddered at the memory of just a few days ago, when he'd been forced by his aunt and Sebastian to wear that horrid pink dress to the Viscount's party. Even he had to admit, though, that he'd rather wear that again than this; the dress went to about mid-thigh, showing a considerably larger amount of skin than what would be appropriate for anyone in this day and age. Luckily (or not), Lizzie had forced him to wear the white stockings that came with it. He felt like he was wearing some lingerie to please a lover or something. The whole thing was made of some sort of material that was sheer and loose and flowed like water, and if he'd been a lady and had any curves, the flimsy thing would have done nothing to disguise them. White lace peeked out from the bottom and sweetheart neckline, tickling his legs and collarbone.

On his hair, Lizzie had carefully placed a pure white gold halo, which had the finest white diamonds money could buy embedded into it, giving it a glowing effect. Last but not least, a large pair of snowy, feathery wings that must have been made with real feathers protruded from the back of it, giving the costume that final touch.

Bard had mentioned earlier that Lady Elizabeth had a twisted sense of humour. Ciel found himself agreeing wholeheartedly with that statement.

"And why on earth would you choose for me to be an angel?"

"No matter, it looks so good on you! Now, if only you'd remove that dreadful eyepatch..." she pouted.

"I can't, I've told you," Ciel said warily.

"I know, I know. Could you at least wear a white one, instead?"

Ciel sighed impatiently. "I suppose that wouldn't be too much trouble. I'll have Sebastian bring me one. Speaking of that butler," he looked around, "where is he?"

Lizzie frowned, and fiddled with one f her curls. "Well... I couldn't really find a good costume for what I had in mind for him. None of them looked good enough, they were all cheesy and stupid. He said he'd whip something up, though." Her eyes lit up. "He should be almost done. What do you suppose he'll do?"

"I don't know, you didn't even tell me what he was supposed to be."

"Oh, I thought you'd be able to figure that out, Ciel."


Before he could protest, the door eased open, and Sebastian walked in, adjusting his gloves. "Pardon me, my lord. Am I interrupting?" He looked no different from usual. Lizzie frowned again and Ciel shook his head in response to Sebastian's question.

"Sebastian!" she chided, running up to him. She looked up at him and made a pouting face. "You're not dressed up!"

Sebastian smiled, showing teeth. "Ah, but look closer, my lady. You wanted it to be subtle, didn't you?"

"Oh!" Lizzie exclaimed. "How did you do that?" she demanded, examining his teeth closer.

"Do what?" Ciel cut in, momentarily forgetting his embarrassing costume.

"Look, Ciel! Look at his eyes and teeth!" She grabbed Sebastian's hand and dragged him over to where Ciel was sitting, an action that nearly made Ciel laugh. He smirked a bit, but it disappeared when he met Sebastian's eyes, which were now glowing with that pinkinsh red aura, pupils dilated like those of a cat. His teeth were pointed underneath those devious lips. Everything about him screamed unnatural and evil and sinful, but to Ciel, the only thing that could describe it was 'terrifyingly beautiful'. He felt his breath catch and remembered all too suddenly that he was wearing nothing but a skimpy little dress; he quickly looked away, taking great interest in his dark blue duvet. It was just the normal Sebastian. There was no need to act like this.

"It's simply a costume, my lady," Sebastian purred. "After all, what kind of a butler—"

"Would you be if you couldn't play as a demon for your master?" Ciel interrupted. His cheeks felt warm.

"You took the words right out of my mouth." Damn it, that voice... Ciel took a deep breath and stood up, sliding his feet into the little slippers Lizzie insisted were lovely with the costume. They weren't very comfortable, but he gently put a hand on Lizzie's back and said, "I know. Let's go and get this over with."

"Yes, my lord."

Ciel couldn't help but feel like a pair of red eyes was burning holes into his back as he led Elizabeth out of the room. It sent tiny shivers down his spine, but he refused to look back.


Lizzie insisted they sit in the parlour and eat Halloween-themed food (which had yet to be created, but she kept dropping hints not-so-sneakily towards Baldroy and Sebastian), and Ciel didn't really have the patience to refuse her and get into a huge, ridiculous argument. So there they were, Ciel in his usual high-backed dark red chair with Sebastian standing at his side. Mey-Rin, Finnian, Baldroy, Tanaka, Grell and Lizzie were scattered about on the other chairs and couches.

"So, master, you're an angel and Sebastian is a demon?" Mey-Rin asked. Ciel refolded his legs, still not used to the dress, and nodded. He put his chin on his hand and sighed.

"Unfortunately," he deadpanned.

"Seems kinda wrong," Bard commented before Lizzie could get into huff about Ciel's obvious indifference. "Angels are supposed to be all perfect and stuff, right? Seems to me Sebastian should be the angel. Er, no offence," he added hastily, spotting Ciel's raised eyebrow.

Sebastian chuckled a little. "Don't be ridiculous, Baldroy. A demon suits me very well, and the young master makes a good angel."

Bard shrugged. "I was just sayin'."

Ciel couldn't help but smile. "Sebastian is right. Lizzie chose the perfect costume for him. I couldn't have picked a better one myself."

Lizzie beamed. "You really think so?"

"Of course." Ciel had barely finished his sentence before he was crushed into a huge hug.

"Oh, Ciel, thank you! I'm so glad you like it." Her big green eyes shone at him and he couldn't help but soften a bit. He patted her back, somewhat awkwardly. After one final squeeze, Lizzie stood up and clasped her hands together. "Sebastian. Would you be a darling and make us some Halloween treats, please?"

Sebastian's eyes slid over to Ciel for a moment. When the Earl nodded, he smiled and said, "Of course, my lady." He bowed and left for the kitchen. Bard watched his retreating back and frowned deeply.

"Why's he get to do it?" he asked. "I'm the cook around 'ere."

Lizzie smiled brightly at him. "I was thinking this would be a lovely opportunity for me to get to know you four!" She pointed to each of the servants individually. "I'm sure Grell feels the same way, don't you, Grell?" She turned to the other butler, who nodded hastily.

"Oh, yes," he said hastily.

"Prefect! Ciel, would you like to join in? We're going to play a game. You have to ask each other questions and answer truthfully." She smiled. "What do you say?"

Ciel immediately thought about the secret he was keeping at the moment, one he wouldn't even dare tell Sebastian. "Uh... no. That's alright. I know my servants well enough already." They're all idiots is what they are. "I'll just... er, go see Sebastian. I'll let him know what kind of treats you would like."

"Ooooh, okay then, please get him to make a pumpkin pie, with a Jack-O-Lantern face!" She went on to blabber a bunch of other things that Ciel attempted, but failed, to remember, before he finally left the room.

Once he was out, he stopped for a moment and rubbed his face. "Those five always give me a headache," he muttered, slowly starting to walk in the direction of the kitchen. The closer he got, the stronger the sweet, heady scent of freshly bakes goods got. It filled up the hall, and Ciel took a big sniff. His stomach rumbled; he loved Sebastian's treats, they were incomparably delicious, even by his high standards.

"Sebastian?" he called as he pushed the door open. Instantly, the scent got stronger and all he could see was a bright array of oranges, blacks, purples and browns lining the counters, each treat flawlessly made. Amongst them was a pie, with a Jack-O-Lantern face drawn expertly onto it. He wondered for a moment how Sebastian could have prepared so many things in under fifteen minutes, but didn't dwell 'on it; the demon had his ways.

"Of course you would know what to make before I even told you," he said, knowing that Sebastian would answer him, even though he was nowhere in sight. As expected, a head of black air poked up from behind the counter, and Sebastian smiled.

"I simply overheard your conversation, my lord." The butler stood up, a handful of spices in his right hand and a wooden spoon in his left. "Do you think this is enough, or should I make some more?"

"This should be fine. It's already plenty for six people and a demon, especially since you don't like sweets very much." Ciel walked up to the counter and stared at all the different delicacies, each looking so delicious that his mouth started to water. He kept a straight, cool face, though. "Lizzie will be pleased."

Sebastian saw through his little facade and smiled. "Would you like to try one, young master?" he asked as he picked up and chocolate orange icing that had a chocolate spiderweb drawn intricately onto it. It looked as though there were chocolate chips in it as well. "You do seem to have a certain fondness for milk chocolate."

Ciel stared at the cupcake in his butler's hand for a moment, deciding. He was about to refuse, but he saw something unreadable in Sebastian's glowing eyes, and for some reason that made him change his mind. He nodded and was about to take it, but Sebastian put it in front of his mouth before he could even move his arm. Ignoring the fact that he was being treated like a child, he took a bite. It tasted delicious, as expected.

"It's good," he said begrudgingly, unwilling to give a better compliment than that.

Sebastian seemed amused. "Thank you." He sounded like he wanted to say something else, but kept his mouth shut. Ciel's eye twitched.

"What?" he asked tersely, glaring. Being with Sebastian lately was grating a lot more on his nerves than it used to... once again, he blamed his damn hormones for acting up and making him think and feel weird things. "Something on my face?"

"Actually..."—A smirk—"yes."

Ciel wiped at his cheeks, sighing. "Is it gone?"

"No, young master."

"Ugh, get it off then!" Ciel snapped. He really didn't know why he was so mad; maybe it was because the demon looked so damn amused. More likely, it was because he was trying to deny his... feelings, and it wasn't working out. Still, that stubborn part of him refused to admit that, and so he ignored it. After all, what kind of crazy person would go and fall for a demon?

He was torn rather abruptly from his thoughts when he realized that Sebastian was less than an inch away from his face. Shocked, he backed up, only to hit the counter. With wide eyes and burning cheeks, he watched Sebastian smirk once again before trapping him against the counter, getting a lot closer than necessary, and flicking his tongue across the corner of Ciel's lips. His spicy smell overwhelmed Ciel and made him gasp in a sharp, shaky breath. He felt like his heart was going to explode, and then Sebastian took advantage of his open mouth and full out kissed him, sliding his tongue along Ciel's teeth. It was all Ciel could do not to let his shaking knees give out and crumble to the ground. He knew he wouldn't be able to stand for long, though, and leaned on the counter, unable to process what was happening. He made fists in the front of Sebastian's tailcoat, trying to balance himself, but just ended up bringing them closer together. He couldn't make himself let go, though. His cheeks were burning, and he knew he must have been blushing up to the tips of his ears, but hesitantly, unsurely, he attempted to kiss back. Before he could, Sebastian pulled away and licked his lips, disconnecting the small string of saliva that still connected their tongues.

"There you are, young master. Spotless." He turned around as though nothing had happened and started putting the desserts onto a silver rolling tray. Ciel gaped at him, still flushed and panting, his composure completely lost.

"What the—what the hell was that, Sebastian?" he demanded. He could still taste the demon inside of him mouth.

Sebastian looked back, his eyebrows raised. "I simply followed your orders, my lord."

"I didn't tell you to do—that! A napkin would have sufficed!"

"You never specified. According to our contract, I can fulfill your orders in any way I see fit, so long as it gets done, unless you tell me a specific way of doing it." He frowned, but Ciel wasn't stupid. He knew it was fake. "Why? Did it not meet our expectations, my lord?"

Ciel sputtered. It went well beyond my expectations. "Yes—n-no, wait, I mean no. No, it did not." He looked at the floor, hating how he couldn't think of anything to say. Finally he muttered, "Bring out the treats now," before brushing past Sebastian and leaving the room, ignoring the red eyes that, once again, followed him out.


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